Experience in the use of El Macho

This history has decided to share with us Ivanka of Dobrich (Bulgaria). The woman has told about the problem of her husband and told him about how the drops for the increase of the power El Macho I gave them a second honeymoon.

Experience in the use of The Male

My husband and I had been married for nearly 15 years. In the sex he never had problems. With the ideal start to each other in a plane. After the birth of the first child that couldn't even wait, when the doctor authorizes sexual intimacy. After the birth of her second child, our fervor in the bed ceased temporarily, since I'm a little gained weight. It is not that the husband did not want me slightly complete – I do hesitate, therefore, and decided to bring figure in the order. Several months of diet and regular exercise have given its fruits – I've come in the form, and my complex little by little is gone, thanks to the quality of the sexual life has returned to its previous level.

As we started the problems in bed

After about 3 years I began to realize that we have that has deteriorated drastically the sex, and in terms of quality, and in terms of the regularity. After work the husband arrived, was put on the couch, and vacation time. I hear him compliments, have disappeared, to share the leisure time, and before you go to sleep all I could of him to wait a maximum of a kiss on the cheek. I thought that, perhaps, has ceased to attract a man physically, because during these years, actually got up to 15 kilos superfluous. That is why I decided to go with my girlfriend at the gym.

For six months, my body became very tight, the excess weight is almost completely gone (a little were of mouth and in the stomach, but this is more of age with problems, that it was not possible to solve the problem). I thought that as my thinning my husband and I, are going to improve and sex life, but I was wrong. The husband of all, so I didn't want to. By the lover even I was worried, since I am a strict conservative, and disgusted, even to an intimate conversation "at the party".

Then I have upgraded the closet, went down to the beauty salon, but also to complement and nothing has happened to me in the property. My friends started to talk about that might sex are became it is not interesting due to the ordinary, who may lacks the diversity and the freshness of the senses. But all my attempts to do something new in the privacy have been completely prevented. Then I decided that the problem is really serious, so I decided to with him close to speak.

When the children went to the grandmother at the weekend, I've taken to having an open discussion. I was going to request a divorce, but decided to scare her husband out of this, for what shake it well. The husband is very scared and he began to convince me that to him there is no one, that I am the best and the only one in his life of the woman. Then I started to press him, to find out what is then the problem? It is a long time not wanted to talk, but the prospect of a divorce forced him to confess that he had an impotence problem. It is not that the erection is not lost, but has become very rare and weak. On the one hand, I was glad that the reason for the absence of sex in our family – really not the lover, but on the other hand was angry distrust of her husband and, of course, frightened state of health, and it is still very young.

The drops of El Macho it is the best remedy for the increase of the power

I'm not even going to write, what jobs I struggled to convince their visit to the doctor, but even so what I have done. In general, the doctor recommended that less nervous, quitting smoking, and less overhead itself is too high physical (husband worked as a welder, and by the nature of the activities that had to raise a lot of weights). Also the doctor prescribed drops El Machothat helped to cure their health of men. Quit smoking and your work husband refused completely, so you simply drink a drop for him there was no problem. The composition of the drug was natural and harmless, so I felt relieved by the absence of contraindications and adverse effects, although he doubted it passes with the efficiency.

In the first 3 days of no change I didn't notice it, so it has already gotten annoying, but on the fourth day, to my surprise, before going to bed, the husband began to me to disturb in the bed. The sex has a result is not the most good, and not very long, but the moral satisfaction of the sexual intimacy has occurred, in my opinion. A day after we had other sexual contact, that I have remembered for a long time: I was so bright orgasm, the younger son at the breakfast, said, "Mom, you have suffered much the tooth? You are so strong moaned at night that I woke up and I felt pity." This was the best compliment to my husband!

Sex for us became a daily newspaper, so we decided on a time to stay alone, to a maximum of enjoy one another. As well as the children were summer vacation, we sent to her grandmother for 3 weeks, and lived on the second moon of honey! The husband said that I wanted to, that counted down the minutes, when you finish the day and go home, in my arms. This abrupt sex we had before the wedding! We have even been able to put into practice all the advice of my friends regarding the way to liven up the sex life.

After a month after the reception of the drops of El Macho the husband stopped drinking, and sex, of course, became a little less (it is for the best, since that for full sexual satisfaction, we would have to give the kids the house the grandmother always), but for the quality and the duration of us all agree.

Remembering, as I have suffered from the lack of attention on the part of her husband, and as we have been able to get rid of their problems, I have decided to write our story so that other couples did not took the time of divorce, to suspect each other of infidelity, and just frankly talked about their problems and together we decide. The causes of the violation of potency can be a lot of (physical and psychological), but the decision is an effective tool for the – drop El Macho. I can say that the drug works 100%, because in this we have learned from personal experience!