Causes and treatment of weak sexual potency in men

Sex is an integral part of our life. For some of us it is the most important process of life that the rest. All the world knows that thanks to the sex, it occurs the continuity of the species. In addition, it is quite enjoyable and stimulating process. The man and woman, making love, receive a great pleasure and delight.

The symptoms of a decrease in erection

a weak performance

As is known, in the sex involved two, and the violation of the main features of one of them can cause a serious psychological trauma. The man violations consist in the reduction of power and the inability of the penis to fulfill their direct duties. To begin with, one must understand how it is expressed similar disorder and in which it manifests its influence in the overall picture of the sexual relations. The main factors leading to disorders of the functions in the authority of man are the following signs:

  • the weakening of the power;
  • the impossibility of completing the act of sexual intercourse;
  • the lack of interest in sex;
  • the flaccidity of the penis.

These symptoms can manifest themselves as individually and as a group. As a general rule, the term and the development of these signs occurs gradually. First, men can and do not feel the change in the functionality and the state of your sexual health of the machine. However, with the passage of time, always and when the lack of knowledge of the main signs of the, the power starts to decrease gradually, which affects the emotional and psychological toll on the men. This can have sufficient adverse consequences. Some of us take similar problems in the sexual too much emotionally, this is expressed in the depression, the irritability, and the total alteration of all body systems, psychological, arising from human errors.

Factors that affect the strength

It is worth remembering that the weakness of men, the power is not the sentence, and the situation may change. In most cases these problems are only temporary, unless they are related to any disease, and may be completely neutralized. With proper treatment and adherence to prevention measures, there is the possibility of correcting the situation and completely restore the health of the men. Any treatment begins with the identification of the factors that led to this death. The causes of weak sexual power in men appear as follows:

  • the stress;
  • the accumulation of fatigue;
  • the total of the decrease of the force;
  • depression;
  • the lack of permanent relationship;
  • the hormonal changes of background.
  • the sedentary lifestyle;
  • the poor diet;
  • the excess of weight;
  • the presence of bad habits;
  • inflammatory or infectious disease;
  • negative external effects.

Each one of these factors may be the underlying cause, that will have an impact in the future on the android power. It is worth remembering that the weak performance does not arise from nothing. Rather, it develops and progresses under the action of one or more can negatively affect the factors that gradually affect the full functionality of the sexual apparatus of men.

Change of life-style

The management of the sedentary lifestyle in conjunction with poor diet can have several negative consequences, and one of them is the weakness of the power, which once again confirms the need for measures of prevention and change in lifestyle.

In most cases, the main reason that gives an impulse to the development of all other diseases and the emergence of various inflammatory processes, exactly as well.

More similar vulnerable to the influences of the people who suffer from immunity, leading a sedentary lifestyle. This behavior can be dictated by the employment, in which the man spends a great part of your day. The presence of bad habits, as is the abuse of alcohol or the excessive consumption of tobacco, further aggravates the situation and summarizes the development of the violations of the functions of the sexual apparatus of men.

Eating disorders are not less harmful to human health. The abuse of fried, spicy, or bitter does not pass without leaving a trace. Metabolic disorders, inevitably, has an impact on the set of excess weight, which, in turn, affects the quality and the intensity of the sexual relationship. In general, the main causes of weak sexual power in men are hidden in these simple factors.

Psychological problems

the treatment of the power

In most cases, the bad men, the power is the result of psychological problems. Because, in the case of the cause and source of first symptoms of the disorders of the power of some of the perceive that it is a fact too dramatic and emotional. After this, and begin the main problems.

When systematic back at the time of failure in the subconscious of man, it produces a certain disturbance that affects a greater impairment of the power. This peculiar emotional peak makes subsequent attempts take place under the influence of the memories of failure and their deplorable consequences. This fact could not go unnoticed. The nervous tension and the stress caused by the constant reflections of their inferiority, will lead to the weakness of the, the power becomes the norm, not the exception. Therefore, the primary task that you must decide for yourself, is the fact that the main problems are only a temporary phenomenon, and that can only be echoes of other health problems.

Recourse to a doctor

If you look at the average power, which to do in such circumstances? After having experienced major symptoms similar phenomena that you should not immediately run to a doctor, as this may be only a manifestation of the disease, because the prevalence and the exacerbation of any of the factors. Repetition of the same violation of the power that requires an immediate treatment to a specialist who can determine the causes, and also will prescribe the necessary treatment and will be a list of recommendations. Going to a doctor to determine the exact reasons and factors, as a result the average power. Also one of the important aspects is the definition of psychological aspects and detection of infectious processes that may be responsible for the deterioration of the power. In virtue of the tests required doctor will determine the presence or absence of pathogen infection, and will be of a layout-most of the medicines or preventive treatment.

To bad, the power was not really a great challenge in the life of men, we must start the timely treatment and the prevention of that, in the first place, it implies a change of style and pace of life.

Preventive measures

What to do if the style of life becomes an important factor that influences the masculine force? Some, not very try to change the habits of your life, you may be advised to cure the disease of the reception of the prepared medicated. For these people, is the panacea, that in their opinion will provide them with the healing of any disease. Changes in the life style is very suitable for these people. However, slow, the power is unlikely that you can heal only to the pills, or ointments. The profound changes in the arrangements of domestic life and of the diet help you achieve an erection firm and constant, that will be the delight of a man still for many years. These preventive measures are:

  • a proper nutrition;
  • an active life style;
  • the rejection of bad habits;
  • to avoid fatigue;
  • lose weight;
  • the permanent presence of the couple.
  • practice of the sport.


The problem of the violation of the power can be a serious problem for men. Some of these desbarajustes reach away from the retirees, and very outwardly young men healthy. The causes of this sad development of the events may be the presence of an inflammatory process in the body, but these cases are not so common. In the majority of cases, the errors ed of the functions that come as a result of completely different factors that affect the whole body of men. The presence of bad habits, overweight, sedentary life and the permanent state of stress, all of this can cause not only the power of men and damage to other systems of the body.