Impotence problems in men and solutions

Problems with male impotence – it is not uncommon in any age. Is weak or unstable erection, premature ejaculation or absence of orgasm, the poor quality and the small amount of sperm, as well as the reduction or lack of sexual desire.

These violations are reflected in the health status, work ability, the state of mind of the men and in the life of his partner. So why the problems with impotence, and how to fix them?

The causes of impotence problems at different ages

impotence problems

Problems of impotence, of 20 years, which occur less frequently than after the 50. It is caused by this that with age decreases the immunity in the body to accumulate waste products and toxins, chronic diseases, appear hormonal disorders, and other disorders. All this negatively affects the power to the people of middle age or older.

Among the main variants of the answer to the question of why a child has problems with impotence, experts distinguish several reasons:

  • increased anxiety, emotion and stress;
  • apathy and depression suicidal mood;
  • inadequate situation in the moment of intimacy;
  • feeling of discomfort in the background of diseases, for example, sars or the flu, and the side effects of some medications.
  • mental and physical overload;
  • the frequent change of partners;
  • bad habits;
  • food is a little balanced, so it lacks of useful substances, and a lot of fast food, coffee, fatty foods, and sweets.

Impotence problems, 30 years of age, is often caused by the same reason as in the 20. But at this age on the statistics it is already possible to the appearance of the first lesions in the prostate and other inflammatory processes in the organs of the urinary system of men. And this is another reason for the appearance of erectile dysfunction and the reduction of power.

Impotence problems in the 40 and 50 years, often caused by a prostatitis, cardiovascular and nervous diseases. Also adverse in the erection and the desire for intimacy transient sex life, and monotony in the bed.

When the problems started with impotence, try to find out the cause of the occurrence of violations. More than relax and eliminate stress from the life, give up bad habits and to normalize the imbalances of the diet. If these measures do not give positive result, see a specialist.

The main ways to improve the power

Doctors recommend do not self-medicate in case any problems arise with impotence in men, regardless of age. Evening started, or ill-fitting treatment can lead to the development of complications and deterioration of health, of impotence and infertility.

The main techniques that help restore masculine strength, are these:

  1. Solution of impotence problems, with the help of synthetic drugs. For the support of the erection and the return of the joy of sex of men use Viagra. These drugs have many contraindications and potential side effects, but it does give an effect.
  2. The use of homeopathic medicines. Thanks to formulations that these medications act on the body gently, have a small number of contraindications and possible side effects, are dispensed at the pharmacy without a prescription. However, its use should be careful and only occur after determining the causes of impotence problems.
  3. Badi. These medications include in its composition only natural components that stimulate the standardization work of the whole body, strengthen the immunity, increase the flow of blood to the genitals and the intensity of the sensations during intercourse. If the husband has problems with impotence, the Badi – frequent solution that they offer to their spouses. But it is necessary to remember that these tools have the finesse to use, work on each individual organism, and must be applied strictly to the instructions.

If the young boy impotence problems, can not immediately go to the pharmacy and buy a powerful medication, that immediately going to solve the problem. This can only worsen the situation.

In addition to taking the medication and the company of dietary supplements, to increase power, endurance, and prolong sexual intercourse, specialists recommend all ways to strengthen the immunity, for example, through frequent outdoor walks, temple, the visit of the baths, saunas and steam rooms, if there are no contraindications. You can also do kegel exercises which can help strengthen the muscles and help to delay the ejaculation.

It is often that the blame for the resulting from a disorder of steel, psychological problems with impotence. Resolve your help the support of the family of the people, the relaxation and reduction of stress in your life. Also benefits will act the change of scenery or the new fashion in the fall.

If you feel that, in itself, can not handle with indecision, insecurity and other manifestations, which prevent you from having a sex life, consult a professional. Is a psychologist with experience reveal the cause of the problem of men with impotence, you tell me as fix it and prevent it from happening again.

When should you consult a doctor

how to increase the power of the

In most cases, the violations arising from psychological factors, fatigue, nervous and mental, of the surge will go by themselves after a good night's rest.

But often impotence problems, require treatment. And pick up your doctor can only after performing a thorough examination and tests. Especially important as possible to find a treatment of inflammations and infections, it is suspected the presence of cancer and tumors of the prostate.

If erectile dysfunction occurred because of heart disease, diabetes, hormonal disorders, it is necessary to a thorough examination. In some cases, for an accurate diagnosis and selection of therapy should be addressed to the endocrinologist, a cardiologist, a neuropathologist, the urologist and the psychiatrist. And diagnose the problem to help traditional and modern methods of research: ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography.

The main symptoms, when there can be no doubt, and it is necessary to go to a specialist to know how to solve the problem of impotence, experts say that the following states and of the signs:

  • the appearance of pain during urination and ejaculation;
  • decrease in libido, weak and unstable erection;
  • premature ejaculation and the inability to ejaculation;
  • the psychological discomfort associated with sex;
  • any sign of infection or inflammation;
  • violation of the regime of the urination;
  • generic of the impurities in the urine and the ejaculate, for example, pus or blood;
  • redness, tenderness of the skin, sores and itching in the penis and the scrotum.

If you do not know to what doctor to go, then go or call the front desk of the clinic, explain the nature of the breach, and describe disturbing you the signs. After the examination, the specialist will put a preliminary diagnosis and took the decision of whether it is necessary to perform the consultation of other doctors.


When you decide to treat impotence problems, it is not recommended to start with simple measures. Change your life style more healthy, it increases from a normal diet, and change, make the variety in the sex with his wife, and that is regular, quitting smoking and alcohol.

Often, these measures will help to cope not only with erectile dysfunction, but also to improve the general state of health, immunity, feel the joy and the strength. But if this has not given result, or health start to worsen, then consult a doctor immediately.