The causes of the reduction of sexual potency in men

Virility, strength, reliability, trust, and so can be written up to infinity. All of these qualities are characteristic of a strong half of humanity — men. Always firm, are similar to the olympic gods, real men of today are an object of desire of women. Each person is special and is not similar to the others, but there is a common problem that unites almost all the men of our planet – the reduction of impotence.

the reduction of power

The interruption of the penis causing all kinds of psychological disorders in men. This has a great impact on all the processes of his life and often leads to problems in your personal life and at work. Some men do not give, why this kind of disorder, as the reduction of power has been touched to know of them, and they begin to disappear into himself in search of an answer. And some live of him after, as if anything and has not occurred.

Man, the power and its features

The main feature of the sexual capacity of men is that, to get the maximum of excitation must be psychologically returns to the sexual contact. Emotional and mental calmness contribute to the quality and prolonged erection and intercourse normal. The sexual activity of men depends on processes in the body that are responsible for the production of testosterone. Is the level of this hormone in the blood of men that determines their activity in bed. Some scientists postulate the theory that the male in the body there is a limit to the number of sex acts for life. In part, this may be true, as it has been observed that men with a brilliant, fickle and frequent sexual life, impotence problems, starting before the men, who throughout life rational used their powers, sexual and have not paid attention, excessive activity for the affirmation of the self, or to satisfy his own Ego.

For reasons of masculine strength weakens

The years pass and, with them, and sexual activity. Begin to show health problems, affects the frenzy of youth. Already after the third decade of testosterone begins to be produced in small doses, and this fact is the main cause of the decrease of the power. Hence the number of contacts low. The greater part of the men start to really worry about this, the panic to fall into depression and to sound the alarm. Always and in such cases it is necessary to go to a specialist to discover the cause and prescribe the necessary treatment.

So perniciosamente on sexual potency can affect the unhealthy lifestyle that led to the man. Unlimited amount drunk alcohol, used in cigarettes and burgers with fries – another of the causes of the reduction of sexual potency in men. Sedentary not fans of the sport and recreation of the same threat with the decline of the sexual power at an early age. If the person with negligence refers to your body, then and, in turn, will begin to fail and lose its activity before such period of time.

Risk group

There are a number of factors and causes that can lead to the early loss of the sexual ability of men. In the group of risk of erectile dysfunction may fall:

  • Men diagnosed of disorders in the functioning of the genital organs that affect the quality of the erection.
  • The inhabitants of the region, which has problems with the ecology, in the same way the men who work in the harmful effects to the health of the industrial production and factories.
  • The victim's permanent mental pressure, the men, who are continually confronted with stressful situations, and receive moral and psychological injury.
  • The supporters of the passive and sedentary lifestyle.
  • Regular visitors fastfoods, lovers of the semi-finished products and the other is not very helpful, food in unlimited quantities.
  • Even in the reduction of power affect sexually transmitted diseases, that a sick man, they have a place, and other diseases of the penis, which were in a state of neglect or that have not healed.
  • The abuse of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and other harmful drugs that cause violations and problems of impotence, disease-causing sexual and other organs. Very weaken the immune system and are disastrous factors to achieve full erection.
  • Infringements in the work, or of a disease of the endocrine system, which may cause problems with the production of hormones in men.

Medications that return the sexual activity of men

how to increase the power of the

The causes of the reduction of the different power, such as the methods of treatment. All men to understand and remember, that if you had problems in the sexual activity of a member, it is necessary to identify the reasons that have appeared in the life of men. To do this, it urgently needs a medical examination. The specialist will prescribe all the tests and procedures that can accurately determine the reasons you started to have problems with impotence.

The first mode it is necessary to change your lifestyle. Say goodbye to the bad food, the guarantee, the favorite of sofa and other harmful food, and manners of conduct. When weighing the food and increase the amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet, you fill the body with vitamins and fiber. The nature is rich in products aphrodisiacs), which may well influence the potency and contribute to an education of quality of the erection. For example: parsley, mint, walnuts, sesame seeds, honey, seeds, avocado, nuts, fermented dairy products, dark chocolate, oysters, strawberries, etc

Reduce psychological pere load and a great amount of stress. Put in order your nerves and psyche, and only then you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of full intercourse and the improvement of the quality of life. Of the disease, the problems of violations in the work of the internal organs, the endocrine system is needed to cure and to ensure the normal functioning of the body.

In addition to the natural factors that will help you to solve the problems of impotence, of a process to attendees, who regain the sexual powers of the authority and in the time that improve the quality of sexual life. These medicines in the pharmacies were sold in different formats (tablets, candles, ointment), and have their own features and properties.