Potency in men of 60 years and the increase of the

How to improve the potency in men in the household. Potency in men of 60 years and ways to improve productivity. How to improve the potency in men home remedies.

The decline of the sexual power after 60 years of age — the natural thing. But to feel the aging such as loss of strength male does not like anyone, so that men often fall into depression, though on special occasions often don't — so you only need to apply some efforts and thoughts about the aging of the retreat, and the body and in the 60 years will be the same as in the 40.

The prevention of the degradation of the power

potency in men of 60 years

If the problem still has not spread, and wanted to do so she was not concerned in the future, or the first signs, it is necessary to observe fairly simple ways to prevent the degradation of the power. This is the best way, how to improve potency in men in the household. These are the more simple rules and recommendations:

  • Avoid disordered of sexual intercourse and the frequent change of partners;
  • Listen to your body, avoid excess work, more move. If you to the store, where they broke the bread, just a couple of kilometers, it can be well worth to go on foot, and not bring the car? Or specifically go to the store further away, instead of going to the one that is located in the vicinity of the house? Rides very increase the tone of the agency;
  • We are not by chance led example with the bread, and not with the cigarettes or the beer — the bad habits it's also worth ruling out, because the nicotine and the alcohol inhibits the production of testosterone, and that without him you can be power?
  • Control your weight in case of obesity cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels will produce accelerated rates, what could be the erection, if the clogged vessels. So give up the fatty foods, and the more we move;

How to improve the potency in men at home

We help you to a healthy lifestyle:

  • We begin to follow his dream, we go to sleep early and keep the sleep mode. At least seven or eight hours, in our time, to follow bedtime will help you even a smartphone, not to mention the special tablets;
  • Twice a week we go to the bathroom, we use there a birch broom. The visit to the steam room will improve the circulation of blood in the body and improve your tone in general;
  • An hour before bedtime take sitting special baths — fill a cold and a hot and sit in each one for a minute, and change 10 times. Do not start with large temperature fluctuations, that at the beginning the difference will be small, gradually add the contrast, otherwise, it can cause the body more harm;
  • Prepare in the freezer of ice, we always have to have a few one pound. It will be necessary to finely lace, wrapped in several layers of gauze and apply to the body, from the head, then descending to the region of the heart and, finally, into the scrotum.
as you increase the power of 60 years

Raise the power quickly in the home is also possible with the help of physical exercises. We started out with the daily load, we are used to walking or jogging down the street, and then begin your exercises. For a start, we do the set of exercises to warm up the body, after which they begin to do the following:

  • Sit on the carpet and bend one leg. Bent the leg and the body in general, when this should be the most comfortable way possible, without tensions. We take the achilles tendon in the thumb and index finger with the hands and started to squeeze and grind for a minute, acting in the longitudinal direction. Gradually strengthen the time during the downward movement. At the end of the exercises for 30 seconds touch the achilles tendon. This simple exercise is very beneficial for the sexual system, of the kidneys and bladder.
  • We're in the belly and place the hands under the chin, extending elbows out to the sides. Sharply inhales, a little bend the right leg and getting the knee up to the elbow. Exhaling slowly, gently return the foot to its original position. We carry out the same with the left foot. Two-three approaches 10 times (going from an approach of increasing the load little by little) will improve the circulation of blood in the pelvis.

Adequate nutrition to improve the sexual potency in men at home

Good nutrition is one of the keys to the success of the sexual power in the home. We have to serve to supply of vitamins, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts. Increases the sexual potency of these products:

  • The egg yolks;
  • The raw garlic;
  • Chocolate;
  • Honey;
  • Nuts;
  • Any legumes;
  • Seafood;
  • Organic coffee (but we know that the measure not more than one cup a day).

How to improve the sexual power in the home remedies

Of course, in pharmacies there are a lot of drugs that enhance the sexual potency, but taking them without the advice of a doctor who is not worth, otherwise, you may only aggravate your condition. Yes, and are those pills usually much. Therefore, it is better to use the tested and proven by centuries of remedies to improve the sexual power in the home.

  • The tincture of ginseng and siberian ginseng. It is necessary to drink of change. On the first day dissolved in half a glass of water, a drop, on the second day or two, and so on up to 28 days and 28 drops. We make a break of three months, and again we started the course from scratch. We have been doing for a long time. It is forbidden to men with high blood pressure and diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Nuts with honey powerful tool. Mix them in a ratio of 1:1 and we accept within one month two times a day after eating in the amount of two teaspoons;
  • Tablespoon of fruits of a mountain ash and a tablespoon of fruits of rosa mosqueta sealed in 500 ml of boiling water, better in a thermos, or you will need to firmly wrap the capacity and eliminate to 6 hours in a dark place. Take half a cup twice a day for a month;
  • As you raise the power quickly in the home? We will help the cabbage juice, the regular consumption of which will give the amazing effect.

The psychological support

And, of course, the power in men of 60 years and their increase is directly dependent on and a woman who must be related to the we understand what happens with the man, to hold on and not make any of the libel in the case of "failures".