Which helps to increase the sexual power in men?

In the arsenal of knowledge of mankind in the field of medicine has accumulated a lot of information about what influences the strengthening of the sexual power in men. Sexual health is an important part of the integral health of the person, such as emotional and physical.

the power gain

According to statistics almost one out of every three men at some time in their life has had sexual problems associated with impotence. These symptoms can occur at any age, due to many reasons (stressors of the situation of the lesion, ie, etc). Erectile dysfunction can be as temporary and permanent. In the second case, you should consult a medical professional for assistance. If it is rare and short phenomenon, you can try to solve the problem by itself.

Factors that can negatively affect the libido of a man

Before I talk about what positively influences the strengthening of the power, we are to understand the factors that act negatively on the libido of a man. Them concern:

  • the poor diet;
  • alcohol;
  • smoking;
  • the excess of weight;
  • the exhaustion;
  • the chronic stress;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • the cardiovascular disease;
  • diabetes.

The causes can be many. If the cause of the low power it became in the stress, is the best medicine will be rest and relaxation. You can enjoy a man-scented bath or a massage. In cases in which impotence problems, are related to some kind of disease, first of all try you want to master the disease. In other cases it is recommended to strengthen the body healthy and a complete diet and reasonable exercise. It is also convenient to get rid of bad habits, since nicotine and alcohol are some of the greatest enemies of the testosterone (the hormone responsible for the sexual health of men).

Nutrition and physical activity

In the case of the power, it is very important the role played by the power. It is important, for the percentage of fat in the diet of the men was not less than 30 units. There also must contain all the necessary nutrients. The main vitamins and minerals that can influence the libido, are the vitamins E, c, b-group vitamins, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. Products that have a positive impact on power, they are the following: dates, walnuts, meat, fish, carrots, watermelon, seafood, honey, sunflower seeds, garlic, fermented dairy products, beans, nuts. Not only effective, but also a delicious popular tool for the male enhancement is considered to be a mixture of honey and chopped walnuts. Shake the same ratio of both ingredients, and receive 1 tablespoons spoon after food intake. Tea and coffee is also considered a kind of aphrodisiac, especially if you add ginger or clove.

bad habits

There are special exercises, counted in the training of the muscles of the perineum, which have a positive influence on the strengthening of the sexual power in men. The scientists conducted the study, whose results have shown that half of the subjects with problems of impotence, after a course of daily exercises and returned to your sex life. Those who previously could not maintain an erection for more than 30 seconds, after the classes have increased in length five times. Training took 30 minutes each day. In the final stage of the research, with the participation of 55 men, 40% of the subjects achieved a normal erection, and the rest is to be observed an appreciable improvement. Doctors have also confirmed favour of such exercises.

The secret is simple. First, the man should foot stretch the muscles of the crotch in 10 seconds, as if biting to urinate, then repeat the exercise in the positions of sitting and standing. These activities contribute to a better circulation in the organs of the pelvis and can become a daily part of the load.

Men of the sexual function and the sexual desire is directly dependent on levels of testosterone. The low level of this hormone in the body can be the cause of the weak potency. This applies especially to the men of middle age and older, as the level of testosterone decreases with the time, approximately 1% to 2% per year after the age of 25. Therefore, it is important to monitor the state of the hormones in the body. To increase the testosterone level works massage in the testicles and the scrotum, thanks to which even relaxes the nervous system and strengthens immunity.

Since the sedentary life has a negative effect on the power, the practice of sport and physical activity are ways to increase the libido of a man. If the job is forced to stay in a sitting position for a long time, correct the situation by using kegel exercises, which exercise the muscles of the pubic-coccygeal area. An advantage of this technique is that you can make even sitting.

Favorably in male sexual health affects Turkish: 2 to 3 times visiting the steam bath for 15 minutes, you will feel the improvement of the circulation of the blood, and the effect for the whole body. Hiking in the steam bath should be regular each week.

Stimulating effect has a contrast shower, you need every minute of changing the temperature of the water. The difference of temperatures it is necessary to increase little by little, very sudden changes can damage any organism.

The unexpected discovery was that the male power influences the ice. You must finely lace and wrap it in a gauze and then apply to different parts of the body, remaining for a minute on each plot. Let's start with the base of the skull, and then move the burden to the heart and, finally, in the area of the scrotum.

Medications to the

There are a variety of medications to strengthen the erection in men. The tablet is convenient that the effect will not wait, the habituation that do not cause side effects is almost non-existent. But it is necessary to warn about the possible psychological dependence on this type of medication. In a variant of sex without pills can leave to meet men. In another, a man who is aware of that the result achieved only thanks to the drugs, unconsciously convinces depending on the drug and in the own insolvency.

special power

The necessity of resorting to medical treatment, many stop selection at Viagra, is well-established in the market. However, taking this medicine to be careful, otherwise you can earn even more problems with impotence. Because Viagra stimulates the vessels, frequent use will result in the loss of your tone, however, in micro-doses, this drug is very effective.