As quickly raising the power before an act?

In modern medicine the concept of power means the desire and the opportunity to do so without problems committing to have sex. This male phenomenon is characterized by a certain feeling of excitement, tension in the penis, speed of emergence of an erection, as well as the duration of the contact. Under the influence of certain factors of power, which has the property of decreasing, which is not very pleasant for any of the modern men. The relevance of the problem, such as quickly raising the power, especially when you are waiting for couple - oversteps.But there are a lot of decisions.It is a comprehensive approach, which consists in the fulfillment of various terms and conditions of restoration.

The timely treatment qualitative neural, hormonal, as well as vascular pathologies guarantee that will allow opportunity for the man to feel to the height of any situation. If the cause of the considerable weakening of the erection works of emotion, a bit of experience, as well as the exhaustion, you can use the tips that are listed below.

Light exercises

Very often the cause of the deterioration of sex work, as well as the weakening of the power are the fenmenos stuck in the pelvis. To resolve this situation, you need to undergo massage sessions and contribute in the daily programming of at least the minimum of physical exercise. This must be done quickly to disperse the blood and therefore force you to having the system fully operational.

Not necessarily to buy expensive compost in a gym, it is enough that each day to do exercises that help to quickly elevate the sexual power. If there is a chance to do it before the act is another matter. Here we go:

  1. Arch. In the supine position, lifting the pelvis, but the shoulders do not rise up from the ground
  2. The rotation. The feet are placed at shoulder width. The pelvis is made circular motions by the maximum amplitude
  3. The uprising. The feet are at shoulder width. The squat is done on the exhalation, and the return to the initial position is performed in which the inhalation

After this exercise improves the circulation of blood in the pelvis, which automatically becomes improves the functioning of the sexual organs. The use of physical exercises is the possibility of not only improving the blood circulation, but also improve the mood, relieve stress, slight discomfort, and drowsiness. This is important, since an error in power often appears in case of stress or psychological overload.

Swimming, morning running, volleyball, and tennis are all activities that are able to recover the body after stress, and quickly recover the sexual power.

the increase in instant power

Proper nutrition

The consumption of food, greatly improves the power and efficiency revitalizes sexual system of men. There are some products that can be consumed directly before the sexual act, and thus securing the flow of blood to the genitals. Are products with a large number of proteins of vegetable and animal origin. In the diet should be present in foods such as legumes, soy, lean fish or meat. Very useful to eat seafood, that make the organism useful microorganisms. Foods such as nuts and honey is the undisputed power amplifiers.

There are products that have helpful action in the body, but they also have just the opposite. So that during intercourse will not face certain problems, it is necessary to abandon the use of these products, such as:

  • Mayonnaise and tomato sauce
  • Smoked and salted
  • Sausages
  • Pre-cooked and fast food different
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages in large amounts

If we stick to the data of the rules of the power, do not consume harmful products, and to introduce in the diet of the useful, it not only can quickly recover your power, but also to prevent the emergence of problems in the sexual sphere.

Useful of drinks and cocktails to the power

Talking about the correct and useful, of nutrition, you can't point out a couple of cocktails, after the preparation and the consumption of which you can feel the quick increase of the power. The data of the drinks are of these components, which focus on the increase of the amount produced of testosterone in the blood. Drunk cocktails offers a jolt to the men of the body and for all of the sexual system in general. Here are some of the beverages, that may play a role of ambulances for the men before the night of love:

  1. A glass of tomato juice, three quail eggs and a little pepper and salt
  2. Lemon, 100 grams of honey and 5-6 things of the nuts
  3. Sour cream beer of 500 ml and 100 grams of sour cream
  4. 50 ml of cognac, 200 ml of cola, and a tablespoon of lemon

If you combine drinks with a light dinner, non-fat food, you can count on a fast blood flow to the genitals and automatically in an improvement of the power. Better fit lightweight, salads and vegetables, you can add different spices, a small amount of cheese. Useful cocktails can be used as a dessert with a small amount of alcohol.

Light exercises

Popular recipes

To make faster and more effective to raise the power and stimulate sexual desire, not necessarily to go to the pharmacy to buy the medicine. You can use popular methods of recovery. In addition to the low cost of here you can notice the absence of side effects, that does not bring recipes of folk medicine. Prepare similar home remedies of different ways, but there is an important rule for the preparation of the composition you want to use only the glass or enameled ware.

Very popular among men who suffer from impotence problems, enjoy special citrus-ginger tincture. To prepare it, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Grind 100 grams of ginger root
  2. The product is mixed with the peel of three grapefruit
  3. The mixture is then poured into 500 ml of vodka
  4. Everything is mixed carefully
  5. The tool is left in a dark place for a week

After 7 days of infusion of the resulting tool should be taking 2 tablespoons about an hour after the food intake.

Another unique way of improving power is a brandy tincture made of cedar nuts. Prepare the medication in question is quite simple. It is necessary to clean the 5 tablespoons of walnut, the mixture of them in the reduction of the dishes with three tablespoons of honey a very liquid consistency. All is poured the vodka in the amount of 500 ml, and about a month, left in a dark place. After the infusion, the tool should be grasped 2 tablespoons three times a day. Before you drink the infusion of preference shake.

The tool is prepared a long time, but given the positive effect immediately after application. If at least once there is a problem with the impotence, you can buy pharmacist tool and use it while insists medication. In any case, the fit with the treatment is not worth it, because the sooner you detect the problem, the higher, the positive outcome can be achieved.

Useful of drinks and cocktails to the power

The advantages of the fast relaxation

To make sure that in the next night of love brought positive emotions, it is worth finding the opportunity to not only take certain drugs, and the media, but also do a little bit of time in the room. As has been demonstrated by the practice, for the full recovery of a "reboot" is enough to be the day of approximately 10 to 15 minutes to sleep. It is an ideal opportunity to maintain a high level of work capacity and physical activity of the men.

Here you must make sure that the time of nap not to exceed 20 minutes, since you can get directly opposite of the result. To avoid this, you just need to install the wake up service.

Correct sleep diary can be compared with the true relaxation and meditation, is able to provide the increase in instantaneous power . For the reason that the time in the day the dream is given a little, it is worth to make some rules for the fast to sleep. It is necessary to close the eyes with a towel or a mask, to align the breathing, and relax as possible throughout the body step-by-step. At first it will be difficult to sleep and more sleep for 20 minutes, but then this relaxation technique will enter into a habit.

Correct, the short sleep is a short mental break that gives you the possibility to dismount all the emotional states tends the and the tweezers. Received from the force, it can be directed not only to increase efficiency, but also in improving the general reproductive opportunities. Therefore, it can solve the issue of how to improve the sexual power.

Before the important goodbye is a couple of hours and it would be good to know as quickly raising the power? In the video of gossip on the lungs and effective ways to improve erectile function.

Popular recipes


A question about the weakening of the power, of interest to a large number of men of the most varied ages. If there are problems, the modern man begins to address the question of how to rapidly increase the sexual power. Discouraged, here, is not worth, as there are a large variety of drugs and tools of folk medicine.

Do not forget, that for the treatment of a problem, unpleasant, and costly because of the time and by the media, because it pays special attention to certain preventative measures. It is necessary to remember that in sex the system can operate in full force for a healthy body. It is important for you to avoid different habits and maximize a healthy, active, and lifestyle.