The increase of potency in men after 60

The increase of potency in men after the age of 60 years is due to the decision of three tasks:

  • offset natural the reduction of testosterone levels,
  • the review of the consequences of the systemic diseases, which in this age are heightened and seem particularly remarkable
  • the creation of the comfort of a paradigm for the active participation and effective image of life in all spheres, including the sexual.
the power after 60

All of the methods of improvement of power and, in general, the sexual function of men in this age are built around the general principles of maintain and strengthen "men's health", on the one hand, with the presentation of specific plug-ins, to a greater extent with the men, what "has happened" during the sixties, with the other party. As you increase the power of 60 years, taking into account the specific problems and how to improve sexual life at this age, as explained in the article.

Common health problems as the factor of the updated version

At any age, and of the state cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine depends on the systems of blood supply to the sexual organs, their sensitivity, and the reaction of the biochemical characteristics of the organism. However, the power of men of 60 years, especially sensitive to all the diseases of this type and organic factors of influence on the power of the people in this age in the first place with regard to the psychological.

In large measure this is due to the accumulation of functional disorders of diverse nature, which gives rise to the fact that any before imperceptible, the problem becomes the "last drop", which violates the work of the whole system. In addition, at this age the development of cardiovascular disease (cvd), can have a consequence more severe that erection problems will seem insignificant. According to statistics, cardiovascular disease every year in the world die of 17 million people, in russia both of them, 1.3 million in Addition, at 60 years, 60% of men diagnosed with benign prostate hyperplasia.

The complexity of the situation in which it has been initiated with the state of health of 60 years (if it is not related to the uncontrolled influence of external factors or genetic diseases) will be the result of the appreciated from the decades of habits and has formed an image of life and power. If the man has gotten used to over the life is varied fatty food, at the end of the lunch, tea with pastries or sweets, it is unlikely that they can easily quit after 60 minutes. The farther, the more difficult part is letting go of habits. Often, men believe that the favorite and tasty food, well-deserved reward for decades of work in the family. The fact that the food slowly kills you, not already stopped.

The situation gets worse if the retiree is, the man is not to be limited need to keep the sober style of life – he begins to drink and carry out all the days of television. In this case, only a radical change in lifestyle and diet, go to the doctor, the passage of a complete exam and to determine the expressed vulnerability of the body becomes the only way that you can return the chances of recovery of the power.

the activity

Natural changes of the physiological age of the nature

Age-specificity is conditioned primarily by two factors: the inability to maintain sufficient for having an active sex life, and compulsory need of the activity in this area.

In 50-55 years, men experience a pause or male menopause, which is associated with biodiversity reduction process of the functioning of the sex glands and the decrease produced by testosterone as a result of their work. With the hormone balance relates to the strength of sexual desire, and, as a result, the erectile function. In four cases out of five the andropause in men it is easy to during and therefore of masculine change of life known in the village and much less than that of women. However, one-fifth of the men who go through this transition period with noticeable symptoms:

  • strong pressure drops,
  • bad breath,
  • headaches,
  • irritability, feelings of fear and apathy,
  • the increased sweating,
  • the decline in the amount of semen
  • difficulties with the arrival of orgasm,
  • the disappearance of sexual fantasies,
  • bad functions of fertilization, etc

Regardless of the severity of the symptoms, the route of the revision of the shortage of the production of testosterone one: the replacement therapy age particular therapy, that for a long time applies in the West, and as the treatment and in the prevention as. In order to make it more comfortable to restore hormonal balance, has developed a variety of formats therapeutic:

  • take the extended-release tablets,
  • of the injection,
  • the testosterone patch, and others.

The period of transition – the andropause – lasts for about 5 years and to 60 years, as a general rule, the hormonal state as it paves. However, in the late phase of the onset of andropause can begin with precisely 60 years of age, who, in addition to physiological problems, it creates a serious psychological burden. It is considered that, despite the limitations of the "ease of use", men in general, is a more painful experience a decrease in libido, which only exacerbates the overall situation of impotence.

If the old age (due to their life style and medications that increase the production of endogenous testosterone or a substitute for the lack of testosterone) men is maintained relatively good functionality, appear confirmed statistically the chances of keeping the sexual system and beyond – up to 70 and 80 and more years. One of the methods of renewal of sexual life and the ways to increase the sexual power after the 60 becomes the conservation of the sexual activity.

High level of activity is the basis of the power of men over 60 years of age

proper nutrition

The soviet sexologists still in the middle of the 20th century have reiterated the need for old men to have sexual activity. In particular, that is to say, Square, Porudominsky in the work of 1960, indicated that the man of advanced age, due to various reasons stop active sexual relationships, and therefore contributes to a deterioration of the maintenance of the sex glands and aggravates the state of erectile function. In the practical result of this was unambiguous: the recovery of the power after the age of 60 years, depends on how much time the man is going to follow your sexual life.

The need of sexual activity researcher point, and in the cases in which the age of the patient have already been observed, disorders of sexual potency and erectile dysfunction in varying degrees. That is to say, the sexual act in itself for men after 60 it becomes a kind of cure of impotence or of any of its manifestations. If transfer dependence of maintenance of permanent employment in the social sector, there is a clear analogy: the person who is going to the board to be active in the life-professional, fast, "deals", if you do not find alternatives of application of the energy out of your work.

With the retirement of associated psychological and stressful factor that also influences directly in the power in men of 60 years and their gain-reduction. When the reallocation of the habits of the social roles, the man begins to find his place in the new as a pensioner. This, in principle, gives you more freedom and options to do one, of relations with other persons, including to increase the diversity, quality and quantity of sexual interaction partner (two couples). Indirectly of this sexual activity is improved and organic factors to maintain this style of life of a man have to take care of your health, go to doctors, to quit bad habits (smoking), more walking, instead of sitting behind a desk.

On the other hand, there is the risk of not finding a new role as retired, and due to the reduction of the common social value of falling of the usual rhythm of life. Similar to the deceleration and the transition from one phase of life can lead to decreased physical activity, which itself affects the health, but at the same time and psychologically can "change" the man, causing the resignation of all the systems of the body, including the sexual power after 60 years of age.

In other words, the consciousness that life in the pension does not end, but continues throughout the spectrum of manifestations, including sex life, said help to maintain the power and in old age.

Similar to the requirements of a man that you want to restore the sexual power, has arisen not yesterday and not today. Your best way to keep the masculine force in ancient times discovered the world of taoists, which is in principle not considered to be problems with the erection intractable, and analogous term "impotence" to knowingly drew out of consideration. The methods that improve the man the possibility of that is based on a deep study of the nature, the knowledge of the needs of the couple and the interaction with her and the environment. According to a variant of the doctrine, using proven breathing exercises and the delay of ejaculation (which will remove the forces of life, if not directed at the continuity of the species), the man can prolong their sexual life at an advanced age.