The most effective means of quick action to boost sexual potency in men

Medicines to increase sexual power in men are divided into several groups depending on their composition. They should be chosen strictly doctor on the basis of the results of the analysis. Relieved to the drugs may aggravate the problem and cause diseases of the heart, the liver, and the kidneys. For the full recovery of the power recommended that you undergo treatment, that is a different duration, but am glad a guaranteed result.

medications for the increase of the power

The right choice

Each year the number of men with erectile dysfunction is increasing rapidly. This contributes to the false image of life, bad habits, malnutrition and the frequency of stress factors. To get rid of the problems of character of the men who give themselves the drug, and dealing with self-medication.

Cure impotence independently, without consultation of the specialist impossible. Only a doctor can establish, which was the cause of the erectile dysfunction, and pick up an efficient scheme of treatment. Medications for the increase of the power of prompt action can only result acceptable result, and without the proper treatment, the problem worsens.

The long-term use of medications for the enhancement of the erection can cause a number of side effects – headache, vision problems, and of the internal organs, as well as with the nervous system. To avoid this you can just visit by a qualified professional, who will pick up the product in function of the individual characteristics of the body.

The problem of impotence is relevant, if every 3rd sexual act in the period of six months is not exceeded. The treatment takes care of the doctor, but also should be subject to the following professionals:

  • The cardiologist.
  • The urologist.
  • The endocrinologist.
  • The psychiatrist.

After that, it appears the cause of the erectile dysfunction, your doctor will prescribe medications to increase the blood flow in the genitals, but cure the underlying disease. The treatment will be long, but the result after him, it will be in the next few years and will allow to enjoy all sex acts in the old age.

The types of drugs

There are a lot of drugs for powerlifting. Can be divided into 5 groups:

  • Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5. Increase the blood flow in the genital area. Are the most effective fast acting medications.
  • Activators of the NO-synthase. Increase the activity of endothelial NO-synthase, which contributes to the smooth muscle relaxation and increased blood flow. Require the consuming application.
  • The alpha-adrenoblockers. The preparations of phentolamine have an impact on the peripheral and central receptors, which leads to the dilation of the arteries of the pelvis. Stimulate the sexual desire and make the sexual act longer.
  • Synthetic analogues of prostaglandins, Drug-based alprostadila are introduced orally or by injection. Suppress adenylate cyclase and relaxes smooth muscle cavernosum directory are Sold in pharmacies with a prescription.
  • Testosterone. The male hormone, which is named gp after a study and identification of a low level. It can be applied in the form of pill and the injection.

To raise the power sometimes use natural drugs that possess tonic properties. These include:

  • Ginseng.
  • The lemongrass.
  • Ylang-Ylang.
  • Eleutherococcus.

Note the effect after the application of the natural remedies is possible only through a long period of time. In the same way they act Badi and homeopathic remedies, that can not provide a strong erection immediately after application, and its composition confirmed only the certificate.

The most effective way of the drugs, which ensure erections almost immediately after its application, are inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5. They have expressed the result, but to apply to for a very long time forbidden.

how to increase the power of the

List of the best medicines

Best medication you can assign only one specialist, depending on the causes that led to the pathology. It performs a complete study of the body and develops an individualized treatment plan. In it you can include a great list of medications for the recovery of the male body and the treatment of the impotence. This treatment will allow to overcome impotence and lead normal sexual life.

Very often men without prior consultation used for the reinforcement of the power of quick-relief medicines - inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5. They are the most effective and powerful means, the action can be observed already after half an hour after application, but are dangerous and often cause unpleasant side effects.

The inhibitors of the phosphodiesterase type 5 to achieve an erection, but the effect is of short duration – up to 4 hours or some days. The cause that caused the impotence, are - and after a time, when the active substance leaves the body, the man will face again with the erectile dysfunction.

Media security without side effects

Insurance of money with no side effects, guaranteed instant an erection immediately after application, does not exist. The medications should be applied throughout a course, designated by the doctor or use the medications in the form of injection or solutions.These include:

  • The prostaglandin analogues. Is inserted into the urethra, or tissues of the penis. Used directly before the sexual act, since its duration is 30 to 60 minutes (a solution of Alprostadila).
  • The different antispasmodic agents. Are applied differently, and the effect of the prolonged erection is achieved by the removal of spasm of smooth muscles (Papaverine).
  • The adaptogens. These include plant extracts, designed to improve the metabolism and the effort (ginseng, Eleutherococcus, dwarf palm).
  • Activators of the potassium channels. Produce relaxation potassium channels and expand the lumen of the blood vessels (solution Minoxidil).
  • The vitamins and minerals. The use of vitamins of group b, A, c, E, potassium, and zinc is necessary for the normal circulation of blood and the erection.

For which the drug was not the cause of the unpleasant side effects and has not worsened the state, should be formed by your doctor. Not worth without the guidance of a specialist to introduce in the sexual organ of the injection, or to take announced the tool in the form of pills, to eliminate the risk of allergic reactions, and impotence, which does not respond to treatment.


Medications to strengthen the erection, you have a lot of contraindications, therefore, should be the primary care physician. In most cases, the drugs of this group are prohibited to diseases:

  • the nervous system;
  • the heart, the blood vessels and the blood;
  • the liver;
  • of the kidneys;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • glaucoma.

The funds of the impotence are contraindicated in children under 18 years, and women and if you are hypersensitive and hypersensitivity. At the time of application, undesirable abuse alcohol or alcoholic beverages, and for the treatment gave positive result, it is necessary to carry a healthy life style.

tools for the power

There is a big list of fast acting medications to have an erection before the sexual act. Over a long period of time, is used men of different ages and has a lot of positive and negative comments. Allow you gain self-confidence and enjoy of the quality of the sexual act, but in a short time the problem of impotence back, which requires a treatment under the supervision of a specialist.