Potency in men of 40 years: what has to be, ways of improving the

Each adult person knows about the difference between male and female sexuality — the man always wants, but can't always be" the woman "is always possible, but do not always want to". If this abstract of the situation to define it a little and add the concept of age, it is not difficult to guess — basically, that a representative of the stronger sex older, the more difficult it will give you the intimacy with your partner. As a general rule, a kind of milestone in his life a man crosses forty years, when it starts to change the hormone status. Recently, it has been increasing the number of those who after the 45 not only reduce erectile function, but that at all after this age of "Rubicon" remains sexually incapable. In this article, we will examine, in the the causes of impotence in men 40 years of age, and as you can, if not completely, at least in part to solve the problem.

the power after the 40

To start of new with the terms, and we're going to find, what is man, the power. Below it is most often understood the ability of the men quickly become excited, start the sexual act to continue for some time (from a few minutes to unlimited) and to complete the ejaculation, that is to say, the eruption of semen. If in the day of healthy man can have sexual relations several times, it can be concluded that with their impotence, that everything is in order. You can also be assured in case of journal of sex, even if it is only once.

The causes of error male sexual system

As we know, "nothing is forever under the light of the moon", and sooner or later everything when someone comes gradually to the futility. And the reproductive systems of men is no exception. But, why is the potency in men after 40 it starts "acting up"? Since as indicate the statistics, every second representative of this category of age "wants to but can't". When it comes to the not-yet-recurring "failures" or as permanent — unscrupulous.

Not knowing the theme of the person to explain the problems started with the impotence can age, and, as its consequence, the fatigue. But it is superficial, not specific of the explanation. In reality, it is a violation of the power in 40 years, virtually directly related to this chemical, such as testosterone, and it all depends on your level in the body. When its shortage can stay without an erection, not only in the 45, or 40, but even in 30 years. Testosterone — the hormone that is responsible for the development of the musculature and hair growth, as well as what we want, determines the sexual function. Until the man has not changed third decade, in general, all well, the level of this hormone is high and even increases. But then the situation changes to the contrary.

40 years of the weakness of the, the power can be caused by stagnant phenomena in the pelvis. The poor circulation in this area is detrimental to reproductive of the authority, then, for the man had a good erection, your penis must receive a minimum of 70-100 ml of blood. In the opposite case, the penis quickly becomes slow and unable to have contact.

It is important to note that the decrease of the power after 40 is not due solely to age. Very appropriate of hormones in the blood of the men can be due to many factors. The most common of them:

  • irregular sexual acts;
  • take medications that contain testosterone (because of this the body can stop producing by itself);
  • frequent consumption and large amounts of alcohol, drugs, tobacco;
  • the inflammation of the urinary tract;
  • obesity.

It is seen that all these factors are related to the mode of life which leads the person. However, her poor granite sand in the development of impotence can make a genetic predisposition.

The symptoms of the

Potency in men after the age of 40 — each one has. But the prefix "a" to the word, without a doubt, you can add the man, which made itself felt in their life the following symptoms:

  • weak or totally absent the erection;
  • the complexity of lifting the penis;
  • the complexity of the completion of the sexual relationship;
  • increase in the frequency of urination;
  • low libido.

Methods of struggle against impotence

the causes of the power

Indirectly in the aggravation of the sexual situation of mobility and power in general affects psychological component. Worth a time to prevent "misfire" and not finish the sex act as is the possibility that in this soil is it will make complex, increases in the order. Each time the man, secure in his power, to fear contact with women, avoid. Often the fear of the symptoms of the impotence becomes a barrier, an obstacle in front of ordinary an attempt to give pleasure to himself and to the woman. And the reluctance of weak aspect of many makes the visit to the doctor, the man leaves and then, or nothing at all never resolves it. According to the statistics, when they appear the first symptoms of impotence, immediately go to the toilet, only 5% of men. Others, instead, resort to the help of the chemistry, starting to consume drugs for the improvement of the power. The truth, no asking yourself, why was the reduction of power after 40 years of age, and beginning at this of the medication, the man runs the risk of ultimately nothing not to get. Yes and not to lose is one of those memories measures — the big question. Magic pill, thanks to which the problem of impotence, 40-year-old would be once resolved, does not exist. The maximum that you can medication, discharged the man himself, is to give short-term effect, to hide any problem of time. So it is recommended to discard aside all the stereotypes and see a specialist. Your doctor will check the level of testosterone in the blood, discover the causes of the weak power, if necessary, will appoint one or the other type of therapy. It is also likely to talk about prevention, that will not have to worry about the power, and after the age of 45.

The main measures that allow you to "be in shape" and not worry about their own power, is reduced to several points:

  • healthy, living an active lifestyle (practicing some kind of sport is welcome);
  • regime feeding (diet is a good idea to include the honey, carrot, eggplant, parsley, fennel, spinach, goat milk — contain zinc, which is responsible for the production of sex cells);
  • regular classes of sex;
  • regular scans of the doctors.

There are a lot of popular recommendations in the treatment of impotence. Unlike medications, the receipt of which without a prescription undesirable, natural remedies, at least, the man will not bring any harm. So, many propose to begin to take the honey balm. For cooking, you will need, besides your own of honey, aloe, st. john's wort and the water. Obtained as a result of a careful blend of these ingredients of the dough should be put in the refrigerator for several days. After this balm can be consumed, on average, one teaspoon, 3 times a day. Another popular way of maintaining male potency after 40 to 45 years — the tincture of mummio. 2 grams of this plant is sufficient for the purpose of diluting in 200 ml of water. This tool can also take 3 to 4 times a day, but because of a spoon. In the third place of popularity — the decoction of the oak bark. The recipe is simple: 20 grams of bark pour a liter of water., the resulting solution is boiled for 40 minutes, then strain through the network. Take 1-2 teaspoon. Thanks to these media, dozens of men came back stable, high-power.

There is a certain level, it is quite simple defensive technique that does not require reception or doctors, or popular medicines. Temporary abstinence. If you do not have sex 2 to 3 days, the next time that the act of orgasm will be accompanied by a more intense than normal, the release of sperm, which will affect the supply of the penis in the blood in general.


the treatment of the power

In the modern world, with its fast pace of life, there are many factors that cause the man stress and, as a result of this, problems in the sexual life, expressed in a weak potency or impotence. In turn, in parallel with the technology develops the medicine. Therefore, when the first signs of erectile dysfunction in the man only need to use its features. She is in the arsenal there are a number of methods of treatment of the contagious disease, of the medicines before operations. The important thing is not to hide the problem and to try directed by a physician to resolve it. Only in this case, it can restore potency in men of 45 years of age. And then, on the man, you can calmly say that he "wants and can".