The increase of potency in men after 50: advice, diagnosis, treatment

In the age of men experience impotence problems. The increase of potency in men after 50, must occur on the basis of the age of the character imperative.

the increase of the impotence after 50

What information should consult the men of this age group?

In modern medicine is developing a research program, adding new and effective medicines to increase the power and to confront a sexual problem.

Men of power after 50 frequent in the pathology of the strong half of humanity. This large number of factors, often have an easy solution. The reduction of the power after lived the half of a century, is often associated with excess work. However, it is not the only reason. The problems of men with impotence, 50 years old, who sometimes are associated with serious health problems. It is not necessary to forget and do without the way of life correct.


  • the pathological changes in the cardiovascular system;
  • the disease is endocrine in nature;
  • of the infection, the viruses, the bacteria, which have penetrated into uric or sexual in the system;
  • the bad diet;
  • the conducting style of life inadequate;
  • the abuse of addictions.

The most common problem of the power after 50 years are related to the deterioration of the body. At an early age, it was observed a persistent erection, however, in spite of the age category of men, of any age, they want to satisfy their sexual needs, despite the fact that the health of an organism. It is an irresistible desire to make strong the half to take the mountains expensive and of dubious medicines. And, the few men interested in the question, why have lowered libido. The reason of search needed.

The weakness of the power has a number of reasons why it is necessary to identify and restore sexual functioning. Even men after 50 years of age should remain active. If it reaches the impotence – this means that there is a serious problem. The health of men must be subjected to a permanent control. Inspection urologist may not be necessary or of a temporary nature are the norm. With the first of the sexual intimacy should shall be held annually for a routine exam with the urologist.

Sexual health after fifty years

The lack of normality of the sexual power in men after the age of 50 lies in the lack of production of testosterone (male sex hormone). The lack of production of the hormone can manifest at the age of 27 years, is a phenomenon that does not stop. In the years of youth, this process does not feel, but with the arrival of the middle ages and the situation is more clear, sad manifestations. Doctors call this the term androgen insufficiency.

The sexual health of men depends in great measure of the irreversible changes of the vessels. At the age of fifty are getting thinner and with less elasticity, which leads to the decrease of the microcirculation, which may reduce the erection. The aging of the body that does not neglect the heart muscle, it becomes weak, reducing the intensity of blood flow to the internal organs of the pelvis. Each year, in spite of the age must take into account the health of the heart, as well as the uninterrupted supply of the circulation of the blood increases the duration of strong erection. The power in men over the age of 50 years, depends on the health of the heart.

Recommendations for the treatment of impotence after 50

The sexual health of men depends in great measure of health in general. If the erection started to come out, then, the matter in a serious problem.

Initially, it is necessary to review your lifestyle:

  • as much has taken alcohol;
  • how many cigarettes smoked;
  • what type of diet has prevailed over many years;
  • active time (sport, physical exercise, hiking etc);
  • if there is excess weight;
  • if you have an injury and of any nature;
  • as often happened the casual sex.

To improve the sexual power and maintain it all the time in the standard helps to regulate the sex life. With one condition – the couple must be a constant. When the problem has been approached too fast you need to define and decide. We must not think that to strengthen the erection, it is recommended the use of various medications, checking its action. In fifty years by the council are directed not by a pharmacist, and a urologist. Profile, the doctor will listen to the patient in an object of your complaint, will make the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. The therapy is adjusted in each case individually.

The diagnosis of sexual dysfunction

Man, that increases the potency of the drug, should know that the drugs give temporary efficiency, and the cause remains unknown, because, and problem solved, can not be.

The diagnosis happens primary care physician. A rectal examination is performed of the prostate, the method of palpation, assigns the gathering of evidence, it is recommended to perform new surveys. Men are difficult to persuade to step of the inspection with the urologist. This is due to a kind of discomfort and shyness. The improvement of the power will not come by himself, and sitting all the time on tablets, believing in their miraculous strength, will not give expected results. The therapy should be appointed only by your doctor.

The recovery therapy of masculine strength after 50

How to increase the sexual power after 50 years? The main cause of the sexual dysfunction of men in the media and age it is a hormonal imbalance, and, therefore, the therapy must be directed at the stimulation of testosterone production or increase your medications. (replacement therapy, androgen therapy).

Sometimes the recovery of the power that achieves the identification and solution of diseases, which produces the impotence. Many of the patients will apply the home remedies for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. The positive effect of the therapy is achieved natural the increase in the level of the male hormone.

In modern medicine there is a large number of different pharmacological drugs in the form of ointments, pills, helium. Recommendations on the use of drug must give the professional profile. I am injections, patches, creams, that increase testosterone naturally.

The specialists, in response to the question of how to raise the potency, a special place in the curative treatment of the therapy give the balance of the diet.

Thanks to the connections of practice of nutrition, you can resolve the hormonal imbalance without the aid of drugs.

Useful the diet should be of products with a large amount of selenium with zinc, vitamins E, A, C. the Main rule for the improvement of the power is the struggle against being overweight. The excess weight causes the decreased production of testosterone, which leads to a processes in the cardiovascular system, which directly leads to the impotence.

For the standardization of the development of the men, the sex hormone you only have to enter the moderate exercise. For example, this can be the sport (running, gym, swimming pool). Masculine strength, depends in large measure on the activity of life style.

The men who refuse even at an early age from bad habits, much later, faced with problems of sexual dysfunction. A healthy lifestyle is useful in the prevention to improve the health of men.

The therapy remedies, improve the sexual power

To increase the power of older adults is recommended the decoction of the roots of ginseng. The preparation of drug: the rhizome of ginseng (100g) are crushed, pour a pint of hot water, set up two days. Infused with the cooking of the tormented in the small fire for about four hours, before removing the tool from the fire, add 50 grams of honey and cinnamon powder (10 g). After the preparation of the tool from the penalty of 72 hours. The reception is performed twice a day for the glass.

Similar properties has the chinese lemongrass. The berries of this plant are designed to prepare the infusion. A teaspoon of raw, soaked in 200 ml of hot water, prepare the broth, insists a couple of hours, taken 4 times a day. You can use the alcohol tincture of this herb. The dye is accepted by 25 drops twice a day.

Good effective also possesses properties of fenugreek. Older men and middle-aged took the medication of fenugreek for the recovery of sexual activity. The seeds of the plant are crushed, they fill with milk (warm). In the glass of milk, a tablespoon of seeds. The tool is taken once a day.

Drugs for potency

in the popular medicine

Selecting medications for the treatment of the male power of men of older age (after 50 years), it is not necessary to test in your body at all what is sold on the net. What works one time, may have an impact on the health of another.

All medicines for impotence, almost the same effect. Are designed to increase the filling of plasma erectile tissues of the penis from the authority. Their difference is the different length of effect, the intensity of the exposure. In addition to all the differences, there are a number of contraindications for each medication, therefore, before application you should carefully read the regulations.

If a man correctly picked up by the drug for the increase in power, changes of age not afraid. The active life of older adults is going to be a pleasure, as well as in the years of youth. Men who follow the way of righteous life, lead an active lifestyle, have regular sex, rarely seek professional help. His life is full of vibrant sensations, voluptuous and deep moments of sexual intimacy with your partner. They don't know what is sexual dysfunction, live life to the full, satisfactory and that of their loved ones.