The increase of potency in men after 60


Sex is one of the main vital needs of men. And the representatives of the male gender feel the need to lead a sexual life at virtually any age. But the attainment of an age on the threshold of a great part of them begins to have serious problems with impotence, in spite of the advanced age is not always the decisive factor in this regard. But in any case, the sexual character of the life of a man changes with time, and there arises the main question is the increase of the potency in men after the age of 60 years. Can this be done and how, even at this age, to experience the joy of close?

What to expect in the 60 and over years of age?

According to the statistics of the power in men under 60 years of age, is maintained at the proper level only in 60% of cases. The rest is developed the so-called android the climax of the reduced production of testosterone hormone in almost twice the sexual desire to predstavitel'nicam of the opposite sex is not so obvious. Sometimes the man can still comply with its duty of marriage, but does not have what it desires and moods. But, anyway the most part of the representatives of the stronger sex is concerned is the absence or low level of power.

In the note! It is precisely the presence of regular sex can stimulate the production of testosterone. So that the sexual life is a kind of preventive measure to avoid the loss of power. Neglecting the sex is not worth it at any age – it must be regular.

What can we expect of a man, standing on the threshold of the age of 60 and more years of age? In any case, note that the sex will be more moderate, is not as passionate as it was before. The fatigue of the process will be faster. There are also other signs of age-related changes in the sexual life.

1. To excited, you will need a lot of time – sometimes 2 to 3 times more than what is in the youth. And even at the time of the caresses preliminary the erection, it will not be as bright as it was in his time.
2. The feeling to reach the orgasm will be less pronounced.
3. The size of the penis will already be very far away from those who were in the age of 20-30 years, even with the maximum level of excitation.
4. The innervation and the loss of the erection is reached after an orgasm very quickly.
5. The eggs lose their elasticity, are smaller in size, the skin of the scrotum falls.

In the note! Ability to fertilize with some men in age of 60 years and older is reduced, however, becoming a parent can be even in these years.


Factors that negatively affect

Power influences not only the general wear and tear of the body and old age. In reality influence many factors:

• smoking and alcohol abuse;
• nervous disorders, stress, psychological problems;
• problems with the endocrine system;
• diseases of the circulatory system;
• the reception of a series of different medications;
• poor diet;
• the presence of diseases of the genitourinary system;
• prostatitis;
• exhaustion;
• excess weight and lack of physical activity;
• the absence of regular sex.

Especially negatively affects the level of power that excess weight. Almost all full of men soon lose the ability to give and receive the pleasure of sex. The fact that body fat is a kind of "unity" for the male hormones, and the concentration in the blood decreases. Sometimes the excess weight is considered the main factor in the sexual power. It also encourages and psychological problems, the man is closing in on itself, it is considered unattractive for women.

Attention! At the age of 60 years, the sex life of man must be regular. A break of several months may result in the total loss of sexual function.

Can you recover your sexual power?

When the first signs of decrease in power is worth reflecting on the review of the situation. It is recommended to study the information on how to maintain a proper level, and it is also important to visit your doctor for advice, recommendations or treatment. As a general rule, resorting to the use of the prepared medicated not always – sometimes, enough to take care of your health, to respond to adverse changes to resolve the impact that worsen the power factor.

Important! Think about your male health, it is recommended not only on the threshold of old age, and at a younger age.

How to return the male power?

To recover and not to lose the masculine strength, the man should pay attention to, especially, health, and life-style. It is important to follow certain rules.

1. The control of diseases of the genitourinary system and the first of his signs go to the doctor. Only a specialist will be able to assign more appropriate and effective treatment that will help you in the current situation.
2. Treat any type of chronic illness. Above all, it is not worth leave without attention to problems with the endocrine system, the heart, the vessels.
3. Give up tobacco and alcohol, the abuse of unhealthy foods.
4. Live life sexual.
5. Grow physically, without forgetting the sport. Special attention should be given to the training of the pelvic muscles. It is interesting that the march in the bathroom of men, it is recommended to delay the urination in a few seconds is a good workout for the muscles.

The men of the age, it is recommended that the practice of yoga, and when the decision of a doctor is to give the body and aerobic load (biking, running, walking in the street, load, etc). However, yoga is able, to a large extent, increase the libido and muscle tone. Recommended pose for the learning of the butterfly and cobra.


In terms of the aerobic loads, previously to consult with the doctor and during the exercise to control the heart rate. An intense workout is recommended anyway to exclude with reference to years, as they require more physical effort.

In the note! The optimal time for the 30-minute workout per day. This will be more than enough to keep the muscles in good shape.

If the man of low self-esteem or there are a number of psychological problems, there is no doubt that it is necessary to visit the psychiatrist. In some cases, the correct therapy helps quite quick to return the power in the standard.

The diet as one of the factors that improve the health of men

For the proper functioning of all systems of the body are necessary not only nutrients, but also a variety of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the feeding of the men at any age, and especially in patients older than 60 years, should be balanced, varied, complete, and rational.

In the menu it is necessary to include products that decrease the level of cholesterol, but they improve the circulation of the blood. They are useful fruits, vegetables, protein foods. But the fat of the dishes you must leave. You must eat legumes, dried fruits, honey, herbs, berries, drinking kefir milk. It would be useful and fatty fish, the meat richly omega-3. Useful products that contain a lot of calories, positive impact on the status of the agency and directly from the power. The consumption of salt it is better to reduce it to 5-6 g / day. Increase your sexual power can be bananas, fish and seafood, onion and garlic, hand grenades.

In terms of beverages, coffee and tea, as well as carbonated drinks should be replaced partially in the water, infusions of natural herbs and freshly squeezed juices. Sometimes you can drink a small amount of red wines of the varieties.

In the note! The power mode must also be uniform. Not worth it to die of hunger or overeating, it is necessary to regulate and in the small portions, in a specified schema.

It is recommended to drink vitamin complexes, eating a doctor's recommendation, the dietary supplements. In terms of minerals, for the important men of magnesium and potassium, which are found in grapes, kabachkah, potatoes.