The rapid increase of the output: recommendations, recipes

Home remedies for the increase of the power were popular. If there are no drugs that can increase the intimate power of men, the recipes of folk medicine are present salvation. Therefore, until our days, the method of use of medicinal plants remains fairly common.

the grass of the power

Simple techniques

Natural medicine offers a few simple techniques to ensure the normalization and recovery of sexual function. There are even a couple of ways to increase male potency in three days. Let's see the main of them:

  • Hop.

The method involves pouring a tablespoon of crushed hop cones in a glass of water. Then, the mixture should be boiled for 10 minutes. Obtained from the decoction should be filtered. For a rapid increase of masculine strength, take half a cup 2-3 times a day.

  • The cilantro and the parsley.

The method is based on the preparation of the infusion of crushed, dried leaves of cilantro and parsley. Your pour boiling water, then insist. It is also recommended to take in its pure form, one tablespoon at a time to eat.

  • The honey and nuts.

This method refers to one of the most delicious. For increasing the male power to act, the folk medicine recommends mixing equal parts chopped nuts and honey. Take the mixture should be two teaspoons of half an hour after the intake of food, along with milk. The multiplicity of the reception during the day is 2 to 3 times. This method normalizes the power, by increasing the synthesis of male sex hormones, and replaces the need for daily minerals, vitamins.

  • The root of quinquefolia.

Applied in the form of tincture. For its preparation is popular in the following manner: a tablespoon of root fill in the alcohol. The ability with the dye placed in the dark, and preferably in a cool place. After two weeks, a drug for the rapid increase of the power ready for consumption.

  • Pasternak.

The root of this plant can prepare the seasoning, which must annoy meat, fish. Another method of male enhancement of the force involved in the preparation of the infusion of the seeds. A spoon pour a glass of hot water, through two hours of the drink is ready to receive.

  • The garlic.

In folk medicine from very ancient it is recommended to include in the diet garlic as a tool for the improvement of masculine strength. The method of preparation of this medicine for men is not complicated. To do this, finely chopped 1 kg of garlic and place it in the can of three liters to the bank. Then, pour boiling water, insist over a month. It is necessary to remember that a bank with a mix of daily shake. You should accept on a table spoon of tea per day.

  • The turnip greens.

The turnip used in cheese, or boiled. There is a way to fight against erectile dysfunction in men with the help of a turnip, boiled in the milk. You can also apply fresh or stews of roots. A good effect in three days can be achieved by eating a salad of carrot and turnip.

  • The ginger.

It is very effective and is considered the application of dry ginger with honey. The best quality of ingredients is 1:1. The tool not only helps increase power, but also exerts a reinforcing action in the body of men. You should be ok for the floor-spoon (tea) three times a day, drink water.

  • Ginseng.

This plant is included in the majority of medications to improve potency. The action of ginseng leads to an increase in the formation of testosterone and improves the quality of sperm. Therefore, it is not surprising that the folk medicine also recommends the use of ginseng for men. The method is based on the fact that the root of the plant are ground, poured the brandy. The better the ratio of 1:20. The ability with the one obtained by the mixture of the sent in a dark place for two weeks. You should accept 20 drops before meals three times during the day.

  • Carrots.

For a fast increase of the power in the men can take the juice of carrot. The greatest effectiveness is achieved by mixing with honey. Take a quarter cup three times a day.

We start with a proper diet

Talk about non-drug based methods of treatment, it should be noted the importance of a proper diet. Without a doubt, for the normal functioning of the body of men should receive all the trace elements, vitamins. Therefore, the power must be complete and balanced. In addition to this, there is the method of normalization of male sexual function, through the inclusion in the diet of certain foods. The main of them are presented below:

  • Seafood.

It is known that oysters, Rapana and mussels are an aphrodisiac powerful and capable of increasing the sexual activity. And if they still prepare them in a sauce of celery and parsley, which are also excellent stimulants, the effect of the kitchen will be even greater.

  • Eggs.

The eggs are useful in any way, since they are considered a powerful stimulant of the male potency in many nations. In this case you can use not only the eggs, but quail. The most effective way, through one of prepare the omelet or scrambled eggs with onions, which also increases the sexual activity, because it is an aphrodisiac. Although the male enhancement strength does not happen as fast as the use of medicinal plants.

  • Tomatoes.

Folk medicine says that the tomatoes can stimulate the activity of the sex glands, as a result, there is an improvement of the sexual function in men. But the best option is to consume raw, and after heat treatment. For example, bake in the oven or a little off.

The secret of the efficiency

It is necessary to remember that the home remedies for the normalization of potency in men are less effective than pro drugs. Since the positive effect of their application occurs not at once. Normally days of the course is little, need much longer for the reception of the above mentioned funds.

Home remedies for increasing potency are very popular. Its use not only himself, but also in the composition of the different vegetable rights. The right combination allows you to achieve the desired effect, even during the three days of the application. There are several explanations for the popularity popular methods of treatment:

  1. They are available and easy to use.
  2. Most of them are our regular product supply, and, having corrected the diet in your favor, you can significantly improve the sexual function of men.
  3. The increase of the power of remedies does not require significant financial costs unlike the advertising of medicines.
oil power

Despite of the security of the application and the absence of side effects of these treatments, it is recommended that prior consultation from your doctor. Since the cause of the sexual dysfunction can be a serious illness. Therefore, it is important to timely of the survey.