What foods increase sexual potency: tips, products harmful

Let's see what foods increase sexual potency? If the man does not want to have problems with the impotence, he is simply obliged to respect the good food for the maintenance of masculine strength. Since the products that are used in the food, affect the genital organs. Food containing large amount of fats, preservatives, carbohydrates, affects the whole body, not to mention the detrimental effects on sexual potency.

products improve the sexual power

It is necessary to include in the diet?

To avoid this problem, start a correct and balanced diet now. Be sure to include in your diet these products:

  1. Seafood, fish (flounder, some varieties of mackerel), oysters and squid. It is recommended to apply in boiled, baked or prepared in a couple of the way. These products contain zinc and amino acids that influence the production of testosterone and the stimulation of education, a greater amount of sperm. Useful for potency considered the cod liver. Vitamins play an important role in the regulation of sexual relations. The fish has plenty of vitamins, zinc and sodium. Pretty well stocked omega fatty acids mackerel actively synthesizes the hormone testosterone, and contains the phosphorus increases the sexual power.
  2. The rich dopamine oysters limited rapid ejaculation. Oyster best quality advise to consume in the spring. As at this time have a large number of useful for the power of the elements. Your advise to use raw to enhance the taste add lemon juice. Less - is strictly prohibited the consumption of the representatives of the stronger sex, suffering from gastritis, diabetes and impaired immunity.
  3. Cicurina (the stomach of a camel, will not cause any harm to the person, and causing the erection is not worse than that of Viagra. The problem is only on its availability. Cicurina improves the composition of the semen, with their help, even the men, who celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company may become parents. Enough to eat 2-4 g of product.
  4. Stimulate the immunity of the feature have vegetables. These are: garlic, all types of onions (bulb, green), various greens (dill, parsley, celery), cabbage, beetroot and many others. Rich carotene carrots improves the strength of male. The onion and garlic, are more useful in their raw form. Use in the preparation of salads or as an aperitif.
  5. The meat dishes. Basic composition of the flesh - of course, protein. He gives energy to the body, which helps to form the desired substance and maintains the high excitation. Very useful for the body is the lean meat, horse meat, chicken, beef, and rabbit. For people with a taste advised to eat frog legs. An excellent recipe for the improvement of the power consumption of fried rooster scallops with eggs of a ram or bull is mixed with the minced meat of a pheasant. The effect of these products is impressive. For a better strengthening of the power of the meat should be consumed in fried or stew. As in the cooking of all the substances useful for the men to come out in the broth. Important to keep in mind that consuming meat products of energy must be in moderation, not overeating.
  6. The eggs are considered especially useful quail eggs. To get all the vitamins present in the egg, it is recommended to consume raw. The egg is adorned in such vitamins as A, E, A, D, and micronutrients: phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc. Raw quail eggs to reduce the cholesterol level. Another advantage is the low probability of infection by salmonella. The main thing to remember that the benefit will be only of the consumption of fresh egg. And if you mix the onion with the egg, you can get an excellent "pill" for the power. Add to your daily diet tortilla.
  7. Of course, do not forget the vegetables, the primacy among which occupies the turnip. Rich in vitamins and amino acids turnip of a beneficial effect on the improvement of the composition and the production of sperm. To increase sexual desire used the seeds of this vegetable. Use the turnip cooked as a side dish once per week, and the result will not wait. The mixture of cooked carrots and turnips with the addition of honey will have a good effect on the state of your body. Consumption of turnip greens hotel if you have diseases of the nervous system, hepatitis, and acute cholecystitis.
  8. Almonds, chocolate, dates, honey is a delicacy for the weaker sex, but the great favour of bringing in male body. Increase the sexual desire and help to awaken feelings of love.
  9. Several types of nuts increase the sexual power. Higher content of zinc, magnesium, and of the whole complex of vitamins have a positive effect on all sexual activity and the system. Figure in the nuts arginine is formed in the body of the nitrogen oxides, that trigger an erection. To get all benefit of consumption of nuts worth mix with honey and dried fruits. Use as an additive to main courses of meat or fish. The best of the properties is considered to be cedar and walnut. It influences favorably in the increase of the power use in raw form. Men who consume nuts every day are less likely to suffer a violation of the erection.
  10. The honey, especially in combination with nuts, gives you the power of a great burden. Can be used in the composition of other dishes (for example, lamb stew with honey).
  11. Royal jelly helps to increase the sexual desire, adorned by the hormones.
  12. Sour cream, cheese, cottage cheese, the cream and the curd - milk and dairy products, which work in male potency. But not all dairy products have the same effect on sexual potency. For example, the milk will be useful only natural, that does not lend itself to the pasteurization. The yogurt also, it is not a good restorer of all potentialities. Use to your diet fresh and homemade dairy products.
  13. A good instrument for the improvement of the power is considered to be the wheat.
  14. Rich in content of iodine col marine influences benficamente on the state of the power. The limited intake for people who suffer from diseases transmitted by the.
  15. Koumiss, which contains lactic acid bacteria and milk yeast, exerts on the body a good medical action.
  16. Different berries and fruits. Improve the production of hormones such fruits, such as tangerines, pears, grapes, melon, and other Grenades provided to the agency of the action of the Viagra enhances the erection and arouses the sexual desire. The content of the substance, of the expansion of the vessels, in the watermelon manifested the unusual properties in the increase of the power.
  17. The content of nicotinic acid, beta-carotene, and the multitude of minerals in the pumpkin, allows you to maintain your tone is sexy in men. Special beneficial properties of this plant is the treatment of the prostate and in the prevention of inflammatory processes that lead to different diseases in men. For the stabilization of the power you have to start the consumption of the seeds of the pumpkin.
  18. The special features has the sauerkraut.
  19. The rye bread and bran-rich in vitamin A, which is very useful to the erection.
  20. Beans are products that are carried in the body of the protein. Increase sexual activity. But soy is better to leave that contains the female hormone, negatively influences the sexual power.
  21. Eat breakfast cereals. Give preference to buckwheat and other cereals.
  22. The cocoa affects the increase in the body of the endothelial cells that does not harm the sexual power.
  23. Natural fruit juices improve the blood circulation of the pelvic organs, are rich in vitamins useful to the body.

The vegetable oils and the power

The strengthening of the erection and the increase of the power - the main merit of the oils that affect the production function of the prostate prostaglandins. The content of vitamin E improves the functioning of the sex glands and increases sexual desire.

Products with a content of vegetable oils for a long time are used for the preparation of the dishes, improve the sexual power.

For a better performance of the power must include all the listed products dosed, otherwise you can get the opposite result. Do the diet, try to combine in the diet of meat and vegetables, once a week eat fish or any other seafood. As seasoning to their dishes, select the green and red pepper.

Products - the enemies of the power

Man, watching your health, you should know that alcohol is an enemy of the number one power. Briefly increase the power, the only thing that can be done with alcohol, which eventually lead to impotence. The damage of the power it brings ordinary mint. If the way of his masculine strength, to reject the consumption of mint chewing gum.

the increase of the power

Try to reduce the amount potatoes, and pasta. Exclude from the diet white bread. The content of chemicals in sausage and sausage also, you will not have any effect to the power, and will only lead to obesity. Do not snack on junk food and other fast food. Delete from your diet mayonnaise. Reduce the consumption of sugar, salt and coffee. Don't be fooled by the smoked products, contained in it the liquid to smoking causes damage to the testicles.

Do not drink energy drinks. Give preference to natural juices instead of coca-cola. The consumption of such beverages leads not only to the violation of the power, but also to the load on the heart, which ultimately can lead to a heart attack.

Some tips

Make sure content in the products, harmful preservatives, nitrates and other additives that affect the sexual power. Forget about addictions, no electronic cigarette is not worth your health. Begin performing a series of exercises special physical, that will lead to an increase in blood flow to the organs of the pelvis. A lot of time this is not required, but the effect is good. Take a bath with herbs, use to the bath of cooking laurel, nettle or pine cones.

Do not forget about the correct and a healthy lifestyle. Less sit - move more, instead of smoking and alcohol - exercise, do not sit for the night near a computer - is. And, of course, be careful with your diet.