How to restore the sexual potency: medications and home remedies

Sooner or later, almost any man is faced with the problem of the descent of the power, and often this unpleasant surprise can happen to quite young men. Representatives of a strong half of humanity in force many of the conventions are in no hurry to go to the doctor and try to find the answer to the question of how to regain sexual power, with friends or on the internet. In reality, a consultation from a specialist might help to resolve this problem and set calling to his cause. The best way to restore the sexual power?

to restore sexual potency

The object of the exhibition

The recovery of sexual potency in men is impossible without the establishment of the causes that led to the sexual dysfunction. If the power reduction only occurs in isolated cases, it is possible that the man needed to relax, or to eliminate the stress, but the systematic reduction of the erection or the ejaculation point to the impotence, that requires little treatment. The main causes that influence the decrease of sexual potency, are the following:

  • The endocrine diseases.

A common cause of the reduction of male potency is a hormonal imbalance, in the body there is the decline in the production of male sex hormones, especially testosterone. The cause of the decline of this hormone responsible for sexual arousal and erectile function, can be tumors of varying etiologies, injuries, chronic diseases. Establish the cause of the reduction of the power and assign the appropriate treatment in this case, the help, the endocrinologist.

  • The action of some medications.

The reduction of the power can be the result of the reception of certain medications, the oppressive activity of the nervous system, especially if the drugs are taken without control. The deterioration of erection and reduction of sexual stimulation can occur due to the intake of anti-depressants, sedatives, as well as the medicines required in the treatment of oncological diseases.

  • Diseases neurological.

Pathologies related to neurological diseases, may also be the cause of the decline of male potency, especially if they are related to the violation of the vascularization of the spinal cord and the brain. Such diseases include:

  1. Epilepsy.
  2. In the multiple sclerosis.
  3. Problems with cerebral blood flow.
  4. Parkinson's disease and some other.
that affects the potency of the

Impotence caused by neurological disorders more difficult to live the correction, since many of these cases are incurable diseases, modern medicine only technical, able to alleviate the condition of the patient.

  • The psychological factors.

The reduction of power in the background of the constant stress, tiredness, poor relationship with partner is very characteristic of the men, especially the young. Frequency of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are linked to the different complexes, insecurity, the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. To correct this state it works in an interview with the psychiatrist.

  • Other factors.

Problems with impotence can occur after various injuries, and after operations-related system problems, as for example after prostatectomy or the removal of the dilated veins of the seed of the umbilical cord. Also the decrease of the power can be the result of problems with the vessels or heart disease.

Also serious detrimental effects on male potency have bad habits: smoking, alcohol abuse, bad eating behavior. In the great majority of people, the power depends on the correct way of life, physical activity and the environment.

In any case, the cause of erectile dysfunction should determine the specialist, he himself designates, and the treatment of the diagnosis was carried out and the results of the analysis.

What needs to be eliminated

The reduction of the power you can have as a single payment and permanent, to do this, the state is characterized by the following symptoms:

  1. Decreased sexual desire.
  2. The weak erection or lack of it.
  3. The premature ejaculation.
  4. Reduction of sensations during orgasm.

These symptoms may occur in one or in whole, and if the man for a long time observing all the symptoms when you try to the sexual contact, the specialists speak of the impotence, and this situation requires urgent treatment to a sexologist or a doctor-andrologist.

To restore sexual potency can these proven methods:

  • The pharmacological treatment.
  • Physiotherapy procedures, and an invigorating massage.
  • Home remedies the increase in power.
  • Consultation sexologist and a psychologist.
  • Change of life style, the rejection of bad habits.

To quickly restore the power possible with an integrated approach to the application of these methods, but choose the best course of medical treatment can only.

medical therapy

Medical therapy

Modern pharmacology offers a wide range of medications for the increase of the power, in any of the pharmacies for which these funds are dedicated whole of a display case. Many of the medications thanks to the aggressive television and print advertising all in the rumor, but doctors have always warned that you can not believe blindly announced to the media, as no trailer does not tell about possible side effects and contraindications. Any medication to increase the potency must be assigned by the physician taking into account all the individual characteristics of the patient and the causes that led to the decrease of the power.

That refers to the aphrodisiac

To aphrodisiac applies a large amount of funds in the natural basis, able to significantly increase the power and improve the quality of the sexual relationship. The most effective aphrodisiac are the drugs manufactured on the basis of the following plants:

  1. Yohimbe – african wood, the cortex, which is considered the most powerful means to improve the sexual power. Drug-based extract of yohimbe can significantly improve the erection and increases the sexual desire, it is possible the rapid recovery of power.
  2. Pumpkin seeds – medicines that contain the extract of pumpkin seeds, not only increases the sexual power, but who are able, to some extent, prevent the occurrence and development of prostatitis and the general improvement of the resistance of the men of various infections.
  3. The absinthe – aphrodisiac known since ancient times, the oil of wormwood is used for the increase of the power, especially effective in combination with oil of anise. To base of absinthe are manufactured several home remedies for the increase of the power.

Not traditional in the direction of medicine

Home remedies for the increase of the power at all times enjoyed great popularity thanks to its availability, authenticity and minimize unwanted effects.

In the answer to the question of how to retrieve the masculine force, and the officer, and the non-traditional medical unanimi in the opinion that the best tool to enhance and restore power is the ginseng. Pharmaceutical dosage forms based of ginseng are widely available in pharmacies, but if there is the possibility of purchasing natural root, it is better to prepare on your own. Home remedies ginseng-based are prepared on a basis of alcohol, in water or in honey. The traditional way of preparing the tincture is in the mix of the root with the vodka, this resource is ready for consumption after 40 days of the infusion in a dark place.

Folk remedies include a number of decoctions and infusions of st. john's wort, ginger, thyme and many other herbs.

popular methods of

The recovery of the power of the media, in addition to the use of a variety of medicinal plants consists in the application of baths with herbs jars, as well as different recipes. For example, a good effect has a mixture of nuts, figs, flower of linden honey and white raisins, such tasty, the medication should be taken on an empty stomach for a month.

Fully restore the power of the remedies unlikely, but in combination therapy, all of these methods have a very good efficiency.

As to the question of how to quickly restore the power, it is necessary to rely on the opinion of a specialist, only he can correctly determine if you can use one or the other tool. Arsenal of methods is wide enough: pills, home remedies, treatments, physical therapy, and other. At the first sign of impotence problems, do not self-medicate and drink without control of the tablet, it is best to consult a doctor and get the help you need.