How to prolong the sexual activity in 50 years


As it produces sexual arousal

The power is very subtle and complex. In his training involved a number of different systems of the body. The appearance of sexual stimulation depends on the operation of such systems, such as:

• The hormonal status;
• The blood vessels;
• The circulation of the blood;
• The nerve endings.

The first, in the process activates the hormonal system. Initially, it leads to the activation of the hormone testosterone. He does to train a nervous breakdown momentum. The impetus comes from the hypothalamus. When you activate the nerve endings of the penis. The loins irritate the vascular system of men. The vessels dilate, their walls are increased. The blood flow in the inguinal artery is increasing. Under the influence of the circulation of the blood occurs the filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis. The epidermis is stretched, the penis increases. When erection occurs the compression of the sphincter of the bladder. This is necessary to prevent the entry of semen into the cavity of the vesicle. The orgasm triggers the release of testosterone in the prostate. It shows the secret of seminal fluid in semyavyvodyazhie way. The secret is mixed with the sex cells and is shown in the urethra. It appears the ejaculation.

Also in the formation of the power involved psychic system. The psychological state of men affects the sexual desire. With the presence of different psychological factors of the libido of the men can decrease or increase.

the doctor

The causes of the deterioration of the sexual stimulation

After 50 years in the body to produce significant changes. In the body is weaken the process of change. The deterioration of the power that occurs due to reasons such as:

• External;
• In the interior.

The external factors refer to a variety of reasons. The main influence of the profession of men. When long-term is in the sitting position in the organs of the pelvis breaks troficheskoe power. The circulation of the blood decreases, the transport of oxygen decreases. The work of the prostate and testicles, is not produced in full. In this case, may change considerably the weight of the body. Increased the weight that you have also the influence on the health of the sexual organs. Under the pressure of a surplus of the fat layer of the pelvic organs are compressed and change its location. Man suffers not only the power, but the overall health.

Due to the external causes is referred to, and the change of psychological state of the men. The stress at work, the increase of the mental load, a fight in the family cause the deterioration of the functioning of the brain. The man becomes irritable. With him is lost the sexual desire. Rare sex have a detrimental effect on sexual potency. In these patients, it is observed a deterioration of the blood circulation in the pelvis.

After 50 years of a frame of men is weakened. Many patients do not deal with the advanced and sports activities. To worsen the state of the muscles occurs sexual weakness. To restore the sexual power, one should lead an active lifestyle.

Internal causes depend on the general state of men's health. After 50 years, problems arise with the different organs or systems. Many of the patients observed increase in blood pressure, deterioration of work in the hormonal system, the violation of the processes of change. It is also observed the amplification of the current chronic diseases.

The interior of the reasons may be different inflammatory of sexual pathology. Special attention must be paid to the diseases of the prostate and mochevyvodyazhim to the authorities. On the sexual potency affect the prostatitis of different etiology. The risk of disease is chronic current. The symptoms appear through a large space of time. Many of the patients can be seen the development of complications, one of them is erectile dysfunction.

For the power of a dangerous and hormonal disorders. Such alterations are often detected in patients suffering from diabetes. In this disease violates the metabolic processes in peripheral tissues and in the organs. The violation of the rate of change of process, causing difficulties for the functioning of the prostate gland and the hypothalamus. There is a change in the level of hormones. The amount of testosterone in the diabetic is considerably lower than that of males. To resolve this problem will help experienced an endocrinologist.

All of these pathologies are accompanied by several symptoms you should pay attention to. If you receive an infringement of the power, it is necessary to identify the cause of the impairment.

The diagnosis of the patient


In case of violation of the power in 50-year-olds need time to ask for help to a specialist. The doctor will help establish the correct diagnosis and appoint the necessary treatment. For the diagnosis of the patient, applies an ultrasound, and they take various types of analysis.

Initially, it is necessary to identify the pathological changes in the arterial bed of a person. In diseases of the sexual glands in the patient's blood, increases the number of white blood cells. White blood cells responsible for the output of antibodies to the organism. In the normal state the number of white blood cells small.

You must also examine the state of the urinary system. For this reason, ultrasound is used. Ultrasound can detect the affected area or of an inflammatory process in the tissues. If the pathological changes are available, it is assigned an additional hardware survey.

For the correct sexual stimulation must install and the composition of the seminal fluid. After 50 years there is a decrease in the synthesis of testosterone, which affects a number of sex cells and the composition of the secretion of seminal fluid. If the man observed the change in appearance eyakulyata, you need spermogramma.

If there is a suspicion of inflammatory disease in the genitourinary system, it is recommended to give you a sample of the urethra. In the trial may produce different pathogens or products of their activity.

If the deterioration of the power that occurs in the background of pathological processes, the specialists lead to an additional examination.

How to improve the excitation

After 50 years, the experts recommend to carry out annual routine inspection. With age, the work of the organs of the slowdown, and chronic diseases increase. Many patients are not recommended to maintain an active sexual life. At the age of stagnation of seminal fluid leads to the alteration of power, in 50 years, this process turns into its opposite.

It is also recommended to adjust the following processes:

• Power source;
• The physical activity;
• Collect the necessary treatment;
• The level of vitamins and minerals in the body;
• Give up bad habits;
• Avoid strong changes of temperature.

The men of 50 years we have to make the selection of your food. It should include a variety of vitamins and minerals. The increase of the power, it is recommended to adjust the level of zinc, calcium, phosphorus, and protein in the body. Zinc is necessary for the correct operation and long duration in the hormonal system. Regulates producirovanie of testosterone. A large amount of zinc that is found in the buckwheat krupe, turkey meat, cedar, nuts and beans. Calcium helps to maintain bone and joint health the tissue. Their large number is in kislomolochnoy of products.

Protein foods improves the spermatogenesis in man. But you must take into account the presence of comorbidities. This type of products forbidden to men who suffer from the hipertensin and cardiac pathologies.


The power depends on the physical activity of the patient. In 50 years, many men carry maloaktivnyi style of life. The increased mobility helps to improve the nutrition of the tissues of oxygen. A sufficient amount of oxygen prolongs the sexual work.

If a man of 50 years have concomitant diseases, it is necessary to do the treatment. The therapy is assigned strictly professional. Must follow the doctor's directions. This will help to eliminate the possible complications on the part of the power.

In 50 years he must do without several of the habits. Alcohol drinks cause alterations of spermatogenesis. The formation of the seminal fluid is complicated. Also in soft drinks cause the violation of labour in the cardiovascular system. If you have hypertension alcohol cocktails are contraindicated completely. Smoking also has a negative impact on the functioning of the blood vessels. The assets of the smokers the filling of the corpora cavernosa turns in the middle. Repair of this is possible with the help of a total rejection of the nicotine. If there are several problems with the sexual organs it is not recommended to visit the steam bath or in the sauna.

All of these rules will help you to prolong the sexual function of men. In 50 years, the power easily breaks. The correct implementation of life-style can reduce the risk of weakening the power.