How they relate to alcohol and the power

Very often, before the occupation of having sex a pair of lovers drank alcoholic beverages, without thinking about the fact of the relationship between alcohol and power. Respond to this and even some of the issues that we will discuss in this article.

The alcohol relaxes, the man adds to the confidence, the releases. However, we must not forget that the use of alcohol can be, only if consumed in very small doses.

effects of alcohol on the sexual power in men

When the non-compliance of the dose and the abuse of alcohol is a very negative effect on male potency. Especially notable is the effect of alcoholics. Among them, a very large part of the men are impotent or have serious problems with the function.

It is necessary to understand what are the processes that occur in the male body after the entry into him of alcohol. In a small amount that really is able to relax and set a mood-romantic. However, exceeding the safe dose, can have negative effects, not only the power, but also for health in general.

Admissible, is considered to be the dose equivalent to two glasses of wine. Even a small excess of this amount constitutes a violation of the functionality of the heart and cardiovascular system, other organs, sexual disorders.

The alcoholic beverages have on the body have such an effect:

  • After absorption into the blood, the alcohol very quickly gets into all the organs. By acting on the central nervous system, it causes blocking of the nerve impulses, reducing in parallel and the sensitivity of the penis. This contributes to the prolongation of the sexual relationship.
  • A low level of sensitivity is reflected negatively in the ejaculation, the semen quality, as it contains toxic compounds.
  • When the stage of drunkenness serious enough, the blood flow decreases, there is an inhibition in the work of all systems of internal organs, respectively, and the sex also.
  • When the consumption of alcohol, the blood in great quantities runs genitalium to the authority. The result of this, it makes a quick erection. However, already after a time, a narrowing of the vessels, demonstrating the opposite effect.

How alcohol affects the potency of the

The majority of men do not believe ill skip the bottle of beer after work. They don't even realize what damage their health.

By sex, the strength of the men responds to testosterone, a male sex hormone. It is necessary for the very existence of the stronger sex. And here is the sexual maturity of the woman in the response of the other hormone, estrogen. Here is something rich and beer.

Found in the male body, estrogen has the property to accumulate. And the concentration of testosterone is reduced inexorably. For this reason, the men not only manifest feminine traits, but also develops impotence.

Erroneously thinking that the beer is a piece of the drink. In effect addictive of the beer leads to nothing less than a more than strong drinks. It is worth noting that in order to cure the alcoholism, brought on by the beer, it is much more difficult.

effects of alcohol on the power of the

Alcohol and potency in men after 40-50

Effects of alcohol on the sexual power is especially evident if consumed frequently and in large quantities. Negative points when it comes to increase as that increases the amount of toxins in the body. To 40-50 years, this process is disastrous.

Accompanying the following signs:

  1. First stop dreaming erotic dreams. The standard is considered 1-2 in the dream with sexual connotations in the month. This happens due to the decrease of the libido.
  2. Sexual contact without a logical conclusion – of the ejaculation, or with a large part of your delay.
  3. The effect of the toxins contained in alcohol consumption contributes to the development of the apathetic state. The man becomes indifferent to all of this is referring to sex.
  4. The drink causes narrowing of the blood vessels, reducing the ride height. It is pumped to the occurrence of the stagnation of blood in the pelvic area and, as a result, it causes prostatitis.
  5. If the man does not take in the hands and does not removed, a custom is harmful, this does not exclude the complete impotence.
  6. Surprised not a bar for the system. The serious consequences felt in himself the liver, the cells with the passage of time simply die.

The men, for which the alcohol enters the chronic stage, not excited and do not experience satisfaction in sex. And 9 out of 10 alcoholics are sterile.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages provokes in man the loss of self-control. He does not choose the sisters from near to participate in communication activities. This trend leads to an increase of the risk of getting Aids, hiv and sexually transmitted diseases.


It is the state and the disposition, when alcohol is absolutely contraindicated for use if:

  • there are families who suffer from alcoholism or other dependence;
  • there are other factors indicative of alcohol problems in the family;
  • your family and friends concerned about the amount of alcohol that you consume;
  • in total, consumes a greater amount of alcohol they had planned before dinner;
  • the availability of stocks of alcohol "warms the soul";
  • the thought of drinking becomes obsessive;
  • after the consumption of alcohol is present the feeling of deterioration of state of health;
  • have liver disease;
  • the disease is diagnosed of peptic ulcer or gastritis;
  • are present in the cardiovascular disease.

Why drinking before you have sex

Why did the man drink?

More often the assistance of alcoholic beverages is addressed by the representatives of a strong half of humanity, that on the surface, the sexual experience. They believe that, after having used a little bit of alcohol, become more attractive and sturdy.

The situation, when men prefer to enjoy:

  1. the feelings of discomfort that accompany the sexual contact;
  2. the exhaustion;
  3. depressive state or voltage surge;
  4. fear of failure in bed.
as does alcohol affect the potency in men

Often, the use of alcoholic beverages gives the opposite effect and contributes to aggravate the situation. Therefore, the choice of this method as a relaxant, it is important to properly weigh all the pros and the cons.

Consume preferably before you have sex not more than 30 grams of alcohol. This amount is to deal with the extension of the vessels, will set up in the process and works faster to experience the excitement.

It is recommended to take 1 a glass of brandy of good quality. When consumption of this drink no sudden narrowing of the vessels, therefore, there are no adverse effects on the heart.

We must not forget or overlook the fact that, even in insignificant quantities of alcohol has consequences very undesirable action in the sperm. Therefore, the planning of the conception, the consumption of alcohol should be completely avoided.

How to restore the power of the chronic alcoholism?

Alcohol dependence is a serious disease for which under force only to the alcoholic. Without your sincere desire to abandon the abuse of alcohol is not going to work. If someone is willing to take such a difficult decision, and return to a full life, you will have to go to the query to the profile specialist.

Usually, the therapy includes:

  1. Absolute and unconditional prohibition on the consumption of all types of alcohol in any amount.
  2. The passage of a complete exam. You must determine the degree of intoxication of the organism, the level of the defeat of the sexual system, and disorders of the reproductive function.
  3. The excretion of toxins from the cells and tissues. This is done through drugs.
  4. The establishment of a regime of sleep and rest. Only a complete and continuous sleep can increase the effectiveness of the treatment. At the time of removal of the alcohol dependency, it is recommended to take a long vacation.
  5. After the cleaning of the body and establishing a healthy lifestyle for the recovery of erectile function and the normalization of sexual relations should begin taking stimulants. They are characterized by the brevity effect, the poet the take is necessary before initiating the sexual act. Before the use of medications, it is important to familiarize yourself with the list of contraindications and consult about the possibility of receiving with the primary care physician.
  6. Not the last value in the set of measures of restoration of the relegated to the healing of the diet. The diet should include varied and balanced food. It must increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables contain lots of vitamins and minerals. Pay special attention to the products that you have in the composition of zinc is an element that contributes to the restoration of the power. These can be: the fish and the nuts.
  7. The style of life it is necessary to make more active to include in the daily routine of walks in the fresh air and feasible for the practice of sports. This will help eliminate causing congestion of the blood in the organs of the pelvis.
  8. To get rid of bad habits. Smoking puts on the body however, the detrimental effect that alcohol.

Only the rigorous monitoring of the recommendations of your doctor will lead to success and help to normalize sexual life.

The recovery of the health of the men can help the recipes of traditional medicine, because here we are only using natural products from the natural components.

Most effective recipes:

  • Honey with onion. Onion seeds are mixed with the natural flowers and honey, in similar proportions. The tool make for 1 h. the spoon two times a day. Effective is this method and in the inflammations of the prostate.
  • The tincture of garlic in the water. Use in the slurry of 1 kg of garlic. Put in 3-liter glass bottle and pour the boiled water to room temperature. Tightly close the wrapping of the cover, paper wrapper or a piece of cloth and put in a dark cool place for a month. Periodically, the bottle should be shaken so that the garlic does not mentitus at the bottom. After months of duration of the infusion is ready. Receive need the following way: in the cup slightly warmed milk add 1 teaspoon of the tincture, and mix. The consumption of a time with an empty stomach.
  • A mixture of honey with walnuts and the juice of agave. Finely finely chop 300 grams of nuts, preferably walnuts. Add 200 grams of fresh, honey and squeeze of the leaf of aloe 50 grams of juice. All the ingredients carefully to mix, add the juice of 4 lemons. Re-mix, and take three times a day for 1 tablespoon tablespoon before meals.

Alcohol is not good for the body, therefore, it is not worth, chose this method to improve the self-esteem and relaxation. If you have fear of failure in a subject, the better to speak frankly this time with the couple. Together necessarily to overcome this bad time. A loving woman will always find a way to maintain trust in your man, and, if necessary, and help you. And the alcohol, it is best not to use.

the influence of the habits of the potency in men


Vyacheslav, 36 years

In student's years we spent a lot of time in". To those who do not has done? Naturally, alcohol was the river, and nobody thought about its dangers. In this period of time I had my first serious fascination of the girl, we met, spent time together, often sitting in general of the company. Sex almost always happened in deprimitur of alcohol to the head. And in the morning was repeated.

I did not realize, as the alcohol became part of my life, if only for an encounter with a friend or going to the store, I'm buying a bottle of beer. And it didn't seem like this is a tragedy.

Time passed and I began to realize that if you do not take it before sex, can I goof. I started to be afraid of it and of the mountains more. In sex everything was working, sexual acts, was of short duration, and the girl completely satisfied. As time went on.

Think I made the case, when in the street a child, had with his mother, asked in a voice loud enough: "Mom, this is the kind of guy – a drunk?" Involuntarily I looked in search of degrade element, only next to no one was there... the Boy asked me. And was only 29 years old.

When I got home, the first thing that he looked at the mirror and saw for the first time, in reality I see it. Awareness pricked me electric shock. By this time I was firmly sat in the consumption of alcohol, drink not less than 0.5 litres of vodka a day. The girls are not

The rehab took about 8 months, but I decided to change my life for the better, for what turned out to be. At this time I don't drink since 6 years. Married, two children. The alcohol not consumption anything. In the sexual life of all the good, love is the best drug.

Oleg, 49-year-old

I would like to express its support to the glass of cognac. The question is not in the improvement of the power, or the quality of sexual relations. This drink has a powerful effect on the body. It expands the blood vessels, helps to quickly reduce the blood pressure, increases appetite, good been struggling with the disease, and encourages it.

Well, and taki yes, the sex after a dose of brandy really qualitatively another level. The main thing is to know the measure. You should not abuse alcohol, in small doses, alcohol is a drug.