The improvement of the power - exercises for the strengthening of the erection

The complex of special training easy to perform and does not require much effort, the main rule is regularity. But if you met all the requirements magical a result of improvement guaranteed, even without the receipt of the drugs! Treatment of impotence was never so easy – the men are getting the result of simple exercises to strengthen and improve progressively the level of well-being.

exercises to improve power

Advantages and disadvantages

Exercise for the increase of the power, described below, are available to a man of any age and physical. Exercises are easy to do by yourself – you don't need a coach, attend meetings, is not necessary. This provides a rapid improvement of the state and the strengthening of the moral.

The advantages of this methodology is much. The main

  • It strengthens the muscles. Thanks to this, you will improve the reproductive health.
  • Developed the endorphins and testosterone. It is possible to recover the body, improve the manifestation of masculine strength.
  • You will find the "output" of the adrenaline that causes stress. Additionally, it is recommended to do that improves the health of concentrate.

The only drawback is that the regularity is the basis. The strengthening of the status of the power after 50 years, it is also possible to – help exercises to increase including the erection! The effectiveness demonstrated by the numerous customers of the efficiency of the improvement of the masculine force.

The principles for conducting

Exercises for the recovery of the power it needs to perform properly. To do this, it is recommended to find examples in the photo or video (especially home made) – will be displayed, as well follow for the treatment of the rules to be respected, there is in them, and practical tips. You must visit a specialist, which would make a precise diagnosis, and tell you, so did the impotence.

Perform physical activity in any other case, for example:

  • Select the stairs, not the elevator, and even in the 5 or 6 of the plant.
  • Go to work on foot.
  • The time moves forward and does not ride a car or public transport.
  • The load in the morning, it must become a habit.

You don't have to feel the pain and other unpleasant sensations. Exercise to strengthen the erection, gently, gently – the power is what is needed. For positive effect (gain), we must proceed with care, slowly increasing the work load.

Correct the medical complex for men

The data of the best home workout for strengthening of the power and performance, it is recommended to perform twice a day – morning and evening. Not persecution by the amount of approaches, try to create the optimum conditions for the maximum of warm up and stretch the body to increase the power, of profit and of its improvement.

Learning step

Straighten the back and lower the arms along the body. Can be put on the belt. Gently lift flexed at the knee of the leg – it does not matter, to the right or to the left. Then, with the same care as lower of your back, for after a few seconds of doing the same movement of the second leg.

Alternating lunges, be careful with the rate increase. The first time it is recommended to follow the average of the speed of execution. In the process it can connect to home exercises with barbell, if you are already experienced in the movements.

The exercise creates the optimal conditions to improve, strengthen and increase sexual potency in men. Also instantly it stabilizes the blood flow in the sexual organ, which guarantees the improvement, strengthening of the erection.

The stone

The initial position is the same as that in the previous home exercise "Learning step". To make the slightly bend the knees and tighten the buttocks, to the present, if you are trying to keep the stone. Attentive to the breath, follow the steps until you feel a slight fatigue in the body.

Through this exercise, the increase of the power in the home becomes the best state in the anus, its improvement, strengthening of the capacity to procreate, ensuring the stable operation of the male genitalia.

In four-legged

Note that the effective exercises to increase and strengthen the power they do only because of the diligence performed, so be careful! The knees should be touching the surface of the ground clearly in front of the pelvis, place the palm of the hand, in such a way that the face of him that can pass smooth of the line. Feet pull – a mandatory condition.

Gently slide the body backwards, slowly being made to sit the buttocks on the heels. The hands should stay the same. Hold that position for a while, feeling as the muscles relax, stretching the vertebrae, the deterioration of well-being.

Exercise to improve sexual of the qualities of the men warns the stagnation of blood in the lower part of the body is a positive action for the power-lifting. Warm the joints of the back, house a light prostate massage.

The muscular control of the strap

Man must rise gently, suspended in the air towards the back, dropped his hands along the trunk, relax, and look directly. The exercise of the power (increase) consists of the following steps: you should make the normal breathing and remain in the exhalation, at the same time the tension of the muscles of the anus as strong as you can. After 4-5 seconds (in the first time, a long time to soak in) breathe out gently, relaxing.

Repeat the exercise several times, but don't forget to make a pause to breathe fully, or at least partially recovered. An important point! The buttocks of strive, do not try to touch only the muscles of the anus. At first it seems complicated, but with time you will learn how to – good training guarantees the immediate strengthening of the erection thanks to that environment.

exercises of power

The influence of power is as follows: homemade, natural, increases the strength of massage and state control of the muscles reproductive improvement.

Special squats

This gymnastics for the power that guarantees the strengthening of the organs of the pelvis. The muscles of the buttocks will compress and loosen and, therefore, massage of prostate. Thanks to this, it is possible to effectively address the problems in the home.

Open your legs a little wider than the shoulders, stretches the back, and then follow the soft bend on the exhale, not creating a strong tension (this is especially important in the first few times). Coming to the end goal, pull the hands out as far as possible between the legs. Then a brief pause, and then start gently climbing again to the exhalation. Upright, at once to make several breaths calm-exhalations, to quickly restore the breathing. The progressive increase of effort.


Lie on the back. Bend your knees, gently squeeze the feet to the buttocks, not creating tension. The palms of the hands touch the knees. As you exhale slide your fingers apart by the force of the movements of the hands. Until, again on the exhalation try to reduce the knees together, but now resist the hands. Repeat the exercise for the reinforcement of not less than 3 times.

Training to improve and increase the masculine force is easily done in the home, for the execution, it requires only the attention. You are training the muscles of the perineum, which only has a positive effect on the increase of the power of men and the stabilization of the erection. In addition, actions are performed against the arms and the chest, which develops these parts of the body.

Autogenic training will not be superfluous. Focuses on the rapid elimination of nervous tension, fatigue. One of the exercises of strengthening of the control of breathing. It is recommended to start in a special, relaxed posture, cover the eyes and feel the warmth of the hand, the state of matter around you, you feel, as you breathe, the noise, as it builds up the power.

Exercises to improve power and improve given above, easy to make at home. Does not require materials and time, guarantee the improvement, strengthening, improves the condition of the men, they are available at any age and at any weight category. For the implementation of training, you do not need a coach, and expensive drugs that often only kill the health.