Beer and power: how it affects this drink in men of the force

Some followers of the foam in the drink to demonstrate that there is a strong use, while others claim that there is only damage. Recent studies show that the beverage contains many useful substances, which influence positively on the nervous system, circulatory and other systems. However, these results will not be permanent, if you start abusing it.

the beer and the power

Even a moderate alcohol can cause dependence, with the that start all the problems. There is the risk of a hormonal imbalance, the destruction of the central nervous system, principles of impotence. To avoid this kind of phenomena, it is necessary to know what portion of the beer you can afford. Also with the data of the frothy drink, there are countless popular recipes, that have medicinal properties. If one makes use of them, you can even improve the health, and not harm.

A negative impact on the power and the body in general

Many of the representatives of the stronger sex thinks, what is the effect of the beer in the sexual power. When you drink this quality of the beverage of malt and hops, without a doubt, the use of the is. The first is rich in protein and minerals, and the second contains many enzymes, that have a pain reliever, antibacterial, a soothing and calming effect. However, when he finds a great number of dyes, sweeteners and other chemical, beneficial properties almost set to zero.

In the composition of alcohol is a small amount of toxic substances, including heavy metals. That affect the endocrine system, namely, the production of sex hormones.

The endocrine system

Systematic in the use of beer in the man of malfunctions in the hormonal background. Contains the plant hormones, similar to those of women. In them there is the gradual feminization of male body:

  1. The fat begins to burn female-type
  2. Changes the pitch of voice
  3. Increase a chest
  4. Grows the pelvis
  5. Strong is weakened or, in general, disappears from the erection

The main negative property of phytoestrogens is pathological transformation of the tissue of the testicles and the adrenal glands. Can't produce the needed amount of testosterone, which means that it reduces the potency and sexual desire. Without this hormone also reduces the quality of the sperm, leading to infertility. In the body of a woman produces about 0.5 mg of the hormone, and a pint of beer of your figure of 0.15 mg (in a hidden way). Therefore, with the sufficient dose, the man has all the possibilities of the female figure and nature.

The nervous system

Ordinary of adverse effects becomes the brain. Although the beer is not much of ethanol, enough to have a devastating effect on the nerve cells. When it occurs as it reduces the amount of energy in the body, all actions become inhibited. This, also, does not contribute to normal sexual contact.


Direct damage to the receiving intoxicating drink is in the heart. There is even a term to call this organ the abusers of the people, of bovine animals or of bavaria. In it are expanded in vienna and the wall, thinning, angiogenesis becomes bad and can't work properly. The man multiplies the risk of developing a myocardial infarction. All this is reflected in the well-being of the person. Symptoms are seen such as:

  • Heart palpitations
  • The increase of the pressure
  • Increased sweating
  • The lack of air
  • Pain in the chest

All this has a negative impact on the power, and in the majority of cases, the prognosis for recovery is unfavorable. Doctors try to prolong the life of the patient and not to let complications, but in the cases of people who die in a period of 3-5 years.

The abdominal area

Already in beer is carbon dioxide, it is very annoying of the intestinal wall, its pressure increases. The bubbles stimulate the production of gastric secretion, therefore, increases its acidity. The men with the gastritis, ulcer, colitis drinking beer is contraindicated for that. Also in this spirit have a large number of calories, leading to obesity and overweight, never positive on the power does not affect.

The negative influence of the beer is reflected in other aspects:

  1. It disturbs the work of the urinary tract
  2. The heart wall thinning, increases in size and overgrown fat
  3. Several times increases the risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver, gastritis and other gastrointestinal disorders
  4. Falls personal assessment of the person, degrade his mental capacity
  5. Due to the increase in the blood, due to the trapped in her fluid, dilate the vessels, begins to worst work valve system. In the instance results in varicose veins and heart attack
  6. It stimulates the appetite, and is high in calories, so easily lead to obesity

If you start drinking beer even in adolescence, there is every chance of 30 years of being barren. Of course, much depends on the environment, style of life, food. If the drink is drunk - his only weakness, the consequences can be, and is not so serious. To reduce even more, it is best to drink only natural alcohol, as well as to try to combine his / her receipt of useful food or herbal.

The dignity of the drink

But all is not as bad as it might seem. If you do not exceed the maximum permissible dose of beer for men's health, as to its power, there will be no threat. On the contrary, calm, alleviate insomnia, it becomes the prevention of many diseases. Receive these effects due to the substances found in its composition. We recall once more that large amounts of alcohol, and not the systems. What is the components of the drink:

  • The essential oils of the hops
  • Vitamins of group In
  • The mineral elements

The essential oils are myrcene, caryophyllene, farnesene. The first substance provides an aroma of hops, however, its main medicinal properties is anti-inflammatory. Caryophyllene has a calming effect, relieves depression and depression, eliminate emotional instability. The hops has analgesic, diuretic and antiallergic actions that had past and drink.

Vitamins of group In positively on the functioning of the nervous system, normalizes the digestive work, increase stress, reduce the level of sugar in the blood. Of their work depends on the state of the immune system and the processes of cell division. Deficiency are loss of appetite, stiffness of the limb. In terms of power, they improved the synthesis of testosterone, and nerve endings begin to function better. Therefore, increases the conductivity of the fibers, and the erection comes faster.

The minerals in the beer also is sufficient. The most useful to erectile function is zinc. It is necessary for the education of the testosterone, the normal functioning of the prostate gland, the reinforcement of the immunity. This is important, because it reduces the risk of getting an infection or a virus. Magnesium strengthens blood vessels, makes the process of filling the penis with the blood of more than coordinated. Copper and iron are involved in the process of hematopoiesis, therefore, are also very important.

Positive properties of the beer are also a beneficial effects on the whole body in general. The man becomes more and more easy to resist colds, speeds up the metabolic processes and faster rejuvenation of the fabric. The drink allows it to maintain bone density and joint elasticity, stimulates the selection of gastric juice, it cleans the kidneys, removing the stones.

the dignity of the drink

What makes the excessive consumption?

We realized that the beer and the power they can have both a positive and negative relationship. Now we will learn how to that takes the abuse of the drunk in the drink. Evidence that man is worth giving up your reception, are:

  1. The consumption of beer often and much
  2. Each time that your dose is increased
  3. Appear faults in the memory, as in the case of drunkenness
  4. In the morning, after the drunkenness of new urge to drink
  5. At night it's hard to sleep, and the day is concerned about the drowsiness
  6. The beer only elevates the mood
  7. Attempts to reduce the consumption end in failure

The alcohol in beer is as dangerous as drug dependence. Often compared, as both are developing very fast and difficult to cure. In 0,5 l of this weak alcohol of approximately the same amount of ethanol, such as in 50-ml of vodka. But for many liter is too small, that will not stop. When the morality of the person does not consider that it gives to the drink, because this phenomenon is associated only with beverages with a high grade.

The abuse of the beer leads to the formation of a large belly. Specifically to this carry the carbon dioxide and starched of the connection. Irritate the wall of the stomach, very increasing the appetite. Excess weight negatively affects sexual features of the stronger sex, threatening the development of diabetes mellitus (reduces the sensitivity of the nerve endings) and the decrease of the synthesis of sex hormones (directly affect erection and ejaculation). Other consequences of its reception may be:

  • Hepatitis and pancreatitis
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • The pathology of the spinal cord
  • The violation of auditory and visual system
  • Death of brain cells

Very often, men, infinitely drink the drink, drunk times of apathy and stupidity. He's too much of it acts on the nervous system, not good at thinking, affect memory. First manifested psychological part of the unit, and then to the physical. And if the other can be deleted, but the fight with the first, it is very difficult.

Useful dosage

Modern scientists have shown that around 2.5 litres of beer a week damage to the body can not, and the power not going. Those who had drunk more than 7 litres a week, 2 times more evolved of the stroke, and began the death. But it is worthwhile to pay attention to the strength of the drink, the weight of the person. For someone and 3, l will not be detrimental, and the other 2 will be critical. Give preference to the best dark varieties, as they contain more iron.

Even the soft drinks types contain the hops, which are phytoestrogens, so not worth to abuse it.

If you drink more than 1 l of beer, you can secure 20% of the daily requirement of vitamin b2, as well as the 30% of the vitamin b6. Also the dose will have a good vasodilator effect, which can be compared with the training, when the circulation of blood improves due to the loads. Start drinking better later that the adolescents and young people are too high chances of winning the infertility.

Recipes to increase the libido with the beer

After that, as we have seen how the beer affects the potency and how this influence can be reversed in the positive side, can you give some tips on how to drink to make this the healing tool. One of the most effective for the potency of the recipes are:

  1. Buy natural beer (the expiration date – not more than 2 weeks), fat sour cream. In 300 ml of foam of the beverage of the add 200 g of kislomolochnogo of the product, and then carefully stir. Cocktail drink during the day. Throughout the week you can take no more than 2 servings
  2. To increase the power of the beer you can add spices. Take 1 litre of liquid, pour on a few teaspoons of sugar and the lemon peel, a little cinnamon and clove. The mixture is put on a slow fire, after boiling (immediately, so it is best to prepare in advance) add whipped to foam the yolks with the sugar. Keep on the heat until the drink will not be thick
  3. Another popular recipe of the beer with quail eggs. Optionally, you can add the honey.

Quite unusual dish, ideal for the increase of the power can get to be the soup of beer. For the preparation is boiled 1,5 liters of beer with bread crumbs, then add mixed with the sugar and the egg yolks to the sour cream (400 g 3 eggs). For taste add salt and sugar, spices.