Potency in men of 60 years and their increase: the correct steps

The changes in the sexual sphere should be smooth, is not the end of the intimate life, and again his step. It is important to note the problem, go to a doctor to identify the cause, to get thoughtful recommendations, avoiding the consequences in the form of impotence.

the power after 60 years

The causes of the

Age is not the reason for which is produces the impotence. The main factors that cause erectile dysfunction, consider:

  • the decrease in the testosterone age-related decrease of the functionality of secretory means of glands;
  • the bad state of the vessels that lead the blood into the penis. On the walls are plaques, which is associated with disorders of exchange substances, use diet;
  • bad habits (smoking, alcoholism);
  • emotional factors (loss of attractiveness, the deterioration of the relations with the partner, the deficit of the sensations).

Lists the causes, leading to the reduction of power after 60 years of age. Be suspicious of erectile dysfunction can by symptoms, characteristic of this state.

The symptoms of the

In the retirement age of a man to excite sometimes requires more time than in the youth. The penis is lifted with less intensity, erection unstable. Characteristics of that it is time to call a doctor, will be the following:

  • at the top of the excitation of the penis does not reach the original size;
  • to achieve stable erection has to go to the cunning, to perform a stimulation;
  • the orgasm is not so bright expressed;
  • after ejaculation, the penis rapidly fall, to subsequent sexual acts a long time;
  • the testicles lose elasticity, decrease;
  • the skin of the scrotum is bulging.

After 60 years of age reduces the function of the spermatozoa move worse, are produced in minor amounts. This means that the chances of paternity is reduced.

Ways to improve the

Therapy should be comprehensive, on the other hand, each step is important. The most effective techniques:

  • the treatment of the chronic diseases of drugs, so operational. Especially important to remove / cut the diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, liver pathology and the prostate, atherosclerosis;
  • to follow the diet, improves circulation, lowers cholesterol, takes from the blood the oxygen, supplies of micronutrients. A proper nutrition, medicine is not just for impotence, but also of other "old" problems;
  • the increase in physical activity, with special emphasis on the muscles of the pelvis. Doctors recommend to learn more about kegel exercises;
  • the normalization of the sexual sphere. To increase the power, it is necessary to train. It is advisable not to make long pauses between intimate contacts. Normally, if you go once every 7-10 days;
  • the treatment of remedies (decoctions, infusions, candles, ointments), containing natural products. The drug is prepared or bought at the pharmacy.

Network pharmacies offer a lot of medications that work actively in power, but without consulting with your doctor of the tablet of the short-term should not – have a negative impact on other organs. It is better to use more secure than the recipes that apply at home:

  • extract of siberian ginseng, ginseng. It takes the type of change. On the first day – 1 drop per 100 ml of water, the second 2, and so on, until you reach up to 28 drops. A break of 3 months and a repeat course. The long-term treatment. Contraindications – hypertension, heart disease, blood vessels;
  • a powerful tool for the power – the mixture of honey and nuts. The ingredients are mixed 1:1, taken in the morning, by the afternoon of 2 teaspoons;
  • mix 1 tbsp ground berries of the rowan and rosehip, pour 500 ml of boiling water, stand for 6 hours. Take 100 ml of the morning, in the afternoon. The course is of 30 days;
  • the regular consumption of thick juice has a positive effect on the health of men.

The prevention of the

The problems in the intimate sphere beat masculine in the self-assessment, so it is best to avoid that type of development. Doctors give recommendations of how to improve the sexual power after 60 years of age, improve the health in general:

  1. Visit a sex therapist. The doctor will establish the cause and will tell you how to remove your influence in the field of intimacy.
  2. Regularly sex. Desirable, with a constant companion.
  3. Move more, practice proper sport.
  4. Avoid physical exhaustion and emotional.
  5. Quit smoking, less drinking alcohol.
  6. Control the body weight, by selecting a proper nutrition. In the diet should be increased the garlic, seafood, eggs, chocolate, legumes, dried fruits, honey.
  7. To comply with the schedule of work and rest.
  8. Take sitting in contrast to france.
  9. The actions to take in herbal teas, gymnastics kegel.

There are a lot of drugs, the promise of the quick solution of problems of powerlessness. Choose any of them worth only after consultation with your doctor, as it depends on the cause of the problem. Medication collected with respect to age, the characteristics of the product, the presence of diseases, the life-style. It is necessarily necessary to know the contraindications, respect specified in the dosing directions.