The increase of potency in men after 50: the doctor's advice


The power in adulthood

Every man wants and people of the third age of feeling with force and sexual energy. However, despite this desire on a subconscious level, we are still confident that after 50 and 60 years will come the old-age and sexual part of the life having to say goodbye. We are confident that the health of men, after the age of 50 years, the power that sure leaves a lot to be desired, inexorably falls. But if this is so?

Never think of the templates! Make sure that your power will remain with you and on the side of years, feel it is the sense unspeakable of health and energy, so characteristic of the young. And of course... follow the following tips. We'll talk about all the ways in which the increase of the power, practiced by the doctors.

Why is reduces the potency in men after the age of 50?

Factors here very shortly and delete all of them, unfortunately, can not always. Doctors distinguish interior and exterior of the causes that reduce the libido. These reasons lead to a deterioration of the metabolism. In consequence, the power in men after the age of 50 drops quickly.

External causes of the reduction of the power

The sedentary life. If you have a sedentary profession, and are forced to spend the greater part of their working day in the saddle, there is nothing surprising in the fact that soon it will break the circulation of the blood in the organs of the pelvis. The poor circulation of the blood causes lack of oxygen and the deterioration of the activity of the prostate and the testicles. And the increase of the sexual power in men after the age of 50 – the thing more uncomfortable than your decrease.

The alcohol and the tobacco. Probably, here comments unnecessary, as all the world knows what is harmful for the male of the strength of the nicotine and the alcohol. And if the nicotine acts slowly, the alcohol, always and when the misuse is capable of causing damage to your man to health very quickly.

Physical inactivity also becomes the cause of excess weight, which is a burden on the organs of the urinary system and moves. Consequently, in addition to the power, suffers and the general well-being.

The stress. "All the diseases of the nerves" - and this is really so. Permanent stress and mental load negatively affect the internal organs and the state of the back. Due to a change of psychological state of the men lost the desire for sex, and weird sex, do not save the situation. Finally, it alters the circulation of the blood in the organs of the pelvis.

Muscle of the structure. With age you lose strength, yielding to the weakness of the muscles and, as a consequence, the gender of the insolvency. It is important to lead an active lifestyle, exercise.

The internal causes of the reduction of the power


The interior of the reasons for the decrease of the power related problems with the organs and systems of the body. In the first place, they refer to inflammatory diseases of the sexual system, many are detected in their youth, but did not receive the appropriate treatment, as well as pass in the chronic form. The prostate eventually starts to extremely harmful influence on this fragile happiness, as the power. In men after 50 years of cure to its most difficult at an early age.

In addition to this, men are concerned about increased pressure, hormonal disorders, impairment of the metabolism. Last often becomes a consequence of diabetes. Diabetes causes a number of complications, among them, the reduction of testosterone levels. In this case, you must consult a technician endokrinologu, who will appoint a proper treatment.

Attention! Be the cause of the violation of the power may be herniation in the spine.

Without a doubt, if you suffer from a decreased sexual function, consult your doctor and find the cause. This will help much faster to return to the sexual life.

How to improve sexual power? The doctor's advice of

Write down some simple rules that you must follow strictly.

1. Move more and more often go outdoors. Doctors advise you to choose different types of sport, is able to improve the blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
2. Less smoke, and if possible, remove it completely from this deadly addiction.
3. Do not abuse alcohol. It reduces the testosterone.
4. Careful with the weight.
5. Do not allow to increase the level of blood pressure and cholesterol. 6. Do not take anabolic. They are able to lead to impotence, even at an early age.
7. Avoid the stress. You can't hide from stress – but you can learn how to abstract from them.

By following these points, you are going to maintain the level of testosterone in the sufficient level, and the problem of decrease of the output power you need.

In addition, there are several methods that cause the increase of the potency in men after 50 medications, exercises, and massage of prostate. Let us consider in more detail each of these points.

Contrast of the bathtub so that the power


If you reduced the power after 50, try to emulate a hot tub. It improves the flow of blood to the genitals, by the effect of the hot and cold water. Take 2 of the sink and fill each one of them the water. One cold the other hot. To begin, sit in the hot water, make a stop at her for half a minute, and then change in the cold season. Repeat this process about a quarter of an hour.

Eat... and step increase libido

It is not a secret that some foods cause an increase of the sexual power in men (after 50 also). These products are:

1. Seafood as source of zinc. In general, it is recommended to eat more protein – eggs, meat, cottage cheese.
2. Legumes.
3. Nuts, and seeds.
4. Of the grass, especially the celery and the parsley.
5. Natural unrefined oil, which is a useful dressing for salads. This can be olive oil, sesame oil, flaxseed, and other oils.

Try to emphasis on these products and eat daily some of them. You will notice results very quickly.

Several popular recipes

In addition, fitoterapevty advise to try several of the following recipes which will help improve the health of the entire body in general and prostate in particular.

The honey and nuts. Connect to the equality of proportions small nuts and honey. This mixture of coma within a month to 2 teaspoons half an hour after the intake of food. Store the mixture in the refrigerator.

The red wine and nuts. Take kuragu, plums and raisins in an amount per 100 g, add the sugar (1 tablespoon) and to taste, sprinkle the mixture of cinnamon, cardamom and gvozdikoi. Pour the composition of red wine and simmer for about an hour without a lid. Then, the same amount of time with the lid closed. The syrup should drink 1 tbsp 3 p/day.

However, there is more "chemistry" a way to raise the sexual power.

Drugs for the improvement of the power

Currently, in the sale had a large number of drug-based Viagra, which rapidly increases the sexual power.


The mechanism of action of these tools is based on the expansion of the vessels. This causes the blood flow to the sexual organ and durable the erection. Also have the list of the side effects. The main side effect is the tide of blood and the other organs and tissues, which may negatively affect their work. As a result, the intake of this medicine can cause a noise in the ears and headache, congestion of the nasal cavity and shortness of breath.

People with heart problems, it is important to know that nitroglycerin and other nitrates, which are usually prescribed by cardiologists, do not combine Viagra and their equivalents. Simultaneous reception of these tools is able to cause a drastic decrease of the blood pressure.

Massage and the increase of the power

That increase potency in men after 50 years of age, in addition to the aforementioned means? Of course, massage! But the massage of the discord.

Relaxing home massage. For its realization certainly need the help of a beloved woman. Ask your massage you foot and the calf – this removes the stress, helps to relax and lead to sexual arousal through its effects on certain points. These most beloved of point (3) are:

• at the base of the thumb;
• on the set of the feet;
• between the little finger and the heel, on the outside of the foot.

In addition, the acupressure points on a great number of them are in the back and in the abdomen. For its realization it is best to consult a massage therapist professional, that will reboot your body (and not just of the sexual organs) to a full recovery. The massage relieves the stress and helps to become necessary to the subsistence of the energy. The women notice that after having a massage of their men become successful.

That is to say, can help not only the chemicals - the increase of the potency in men after the age of 50 is a safe method, like massage.

Doctors also advise to follow the course of prostate massage at the time. Make desirable that a specialist in a medical center. Prostate massage is a good prevention of impotence, however, if you have prostatitis, help pretty badly, although doctors recommend actively to patients. If you had prostatitis, so that should not be transformed into one of impotence, to cure the inside, lifting of immunity, and the destruction of their arousal.

Exercises to improve power


Exercise for men after 50, the power that have been marked, with the object of improving the blood supply of the organs of the pelvis.

Important! The exercise that you want to do regularly, otherwise they will lose their effectiveness. On average, after a month you will notice results. However, it retains more of the effect after application of the pads for the power.

1. Potyagivanija on four legs. Become a four-legged, with straight back, arms outstretched. Then, slowly, take the buttocks at the temples, leaning on the sex of the person. The arms are extended forward.
2. Become the rectum, to inspire and to tighten the muscles of the power. Wait a few seconds, and exhale gently relax.
3. Do squats, the effort of the buttocks, and running in the last position for a few seconds. The arms are extended forward.
4. Lie down, hand-in-hand connect to the back of the neck, inhale, lift the leg in a vertical position and the description of it in circles in the sense of the needles of the clock (2 to 3 turns) and then to the left.
5. Lie on your back, bend your knees, place the palm of the hand on top of them. Slowly separate the hands from the knees to one side, offering a tangible proof of the strength of the muscles of the legs.
6. Lie on your back with your legs bend the knees, the arms extended along the body. Lift the pelvis above the floor and stay in this position.

Many say that maintaining the sexual power at the appropriate level, with the help of strengthening exercises with the iron. And since that is the best medicine, the power after the "reception" of the which increases.

To lead to an increase in the sexual potency in men after 50, the medications, of course, accepted, but there are more safe and even effective methods. And remember that the most important thing to stay young in the soul, and then your body will try to adapt to your mood. Do not forget to sport, with regard to adequate food (and men downside is much more difficult for women), try where possible to give up bad habits. And, of course, loves his wife!