Tools for increasing power in old age: methods of treatment, prevention

The funds must be prescribed by the doctor. Only he knows how to increase the power, improve the erection in man.

the increase of the power

The natural methods of

If you look at the weakening of sexual desire, review your life-style. Influences a lot of time sitting, bad habits, lack of physical activity. You need to find to generate factor and get rid of it.

Often with the problem of the improvement of the power that is faced by people of age. Your sexual desire decreases, under the action of hormones and diseases.A healthy lifestyle is a good factor to increase the effect of the therapy.

What is a healthy lifestyle

The concept of a healthy life style, everyone understands in their own way.

Therefore, the doctors have drawn some basic rules:

  1. The step of a regular medical examination. Need time to diagnose and treat any type of disease, especially those that are transmitted by sexual intercourse. Sexually transmitted infections of the pathology negatively act on the reproductive system, oppress their functions, causing impotence and inflammatory processes. To medical care, it is worth resorting to any medical condition.
  2. The excess weight also influences adversely the sexual power. Avoid obesity and not the irony and the radical regimes, if you write the extra pounds – relief is necessary little by little with the help of exercises and nutrition.
  3. The rejection of bad habits. Smoking causes a violation of the circulation of the blood, the alcohol does not stimulate the sexual function, and press. If you believe that a glass of wine will help you relax, end the night of the sexual act, it is not so. Is absolutely contraindicated the use of alcohol with prostatitis.
  4. When the hypertension is necessary to be attentive to the pressure, drink prescribed by the doctor drugs.

The physical activity

The exercise can be done with the stagnation of blood in the organs of the pelvis. In addition, we must maintain the activity during the day. Recommended:

  • run;
  • the bike rides;
  • hiking;
  • the gymnastics of breath;
  • yoga.

Every morning, it is necessary to make a series of simple movements, overclocking the blood. You can include family members of course of the school of physical education exercises. At night, walking 10-15 minutes.

The fight against chronic fatigue

Any experience that can inhibit sexual function, so it is necessary to make all efforts to deal with the stress. Can act by the rules:

  • not to give of himself to drag the scandals and the actions;
  • take a night time dip with the addition of infusion of chamomile or laurel;
  • set sleep for 8 hours, she spends this time in darkness and silence;
  • at the end of a week looking for – do not invent themselves cases, to spend time with the family;
  • try to avoid conflicts with family members, speaks with frankness about the problems;
  • avoid negative communication, are excluded from the environment of the people who complain constantly.

These rules will help you to manage stress. It is recommended to adhere to all without exception, even to young people who have no problems with libido.

the power

The modification of diet

The first thing you must pay attention to the problem with the sexual attraction – the eating habits. The abundance of fast food and the chemicals work negatively on all systems in the body, you should improve your diet. Optionally, you can use products that are natural aphrodisiacs (natural amplifiers of sexual desire):

  • nuts: nuts, forest, nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • bananas, papaya;
  • ginger;
  • the fish oil;
  • plaice;
  • citrus, especially lemon;
  • mackerel boiled form;
  • seafood, oysters;
  • chicken;
  • the flesh of veal;
  • the turnip;
  • vegetable oil: flax seeds, olive oil, pumpkin;
  • eggs, quail or chicken.

Necessarily, in the day of eating a handful of nuts is one of the vitamins A and E, a large amount of protein, selenium, magnesium, zinc, iron. Trace elements stimulate the synthesis of ejaculation, improve semen.

In the diet of the men must be a lot of greens, vegetables, fruits. Every day to eat cereals, low-fat varieties of fish and meat. If you have excess weight, health problems, of the goodies, you must select the honey and the dark chocolate.

Home remedies

For the strengthening of the masculine force, you can use infusions and decoctions. Best of all, if the recipes of folk medicine advises the doctor. Tools are recommended based on medicinal herbs:

  • the root of ginseng;
  • lemon grass chinese;
  • st. john's wort;
  • thyme;
  • the hawthorn;
  • the stinging nettle.

When small mismatches enough to spoil dishes of fresh parsley, also has an effect on sexual potency.

Take the herb you need long change of 2 to 3 weeks. You can drink in place of tea or small portions of instructions (if you have bought a ready infusion).

Top 5 ways to increase male potency natural ways

There are techniques that improve muscle tone pubic-coccygeal area, and return the sexual vigor. Many of them, therefore, are more effective. By these means one can enhance an erection without the use of pills. It is not worth to apply, if it is not active sex life.

Manual impact at the base of the penis

The technique that leads to an increase of the erection, is the impact on a special point in the base of the penis. She, as a member of massage, improves the flow of blood to the bodies. The technique is applied by the rules:

  1. attaching the member to the base as if it requires the deck;
  2. press at the time of putting the condom on before friction does not release the catch;
  3. release the fingers and proceed to act.

The moment you begin the act of sex, your penis will fill with blood. This method does not work, if the penis does not respond to the prelude, if there is no sexual desire. When you complete the impotence, you need other techniques.

Exercises for the training of the pubic-coccygeal muscles

Strengthen the muscles of the groin, and normalize the blood circulation in the organs of the pelvis may be through exercises. The best is considered the methodology of physiotherapists of the structure of kegel. A list of exercises to increase sexual power:

  1. Classic squats up to the ceiling, or incomplete with lying on the shoulder width with the feet.
  2. Walking on the ground, in which the knees are elevated as high as possible.
  3. "The bicycle".
  4. The relaxation and compression of the muscles of the perineum in the supine position and with legs. When doing this exercise do not grip the buttocks. If you are going to do the movement correctly, you will see the heat in the area lobka.
  5. Running in place.
  6. During urination, place the stream, and then continue with the excretion of the urine.
  7. Long and short of muscle tension lobka can be done at any time and in any posture. This is a good exercise taken from a complex kegel. It is necessary to do several times during the day.

The posture for sex without the reflux of the blood

Will it be a strong erection, depends on the position. If during intercourse is down, problems can occur. Best of all, at the time of contact of the placement of a body vertically, then the flow of blood is not broken. To do this, you can use the posture:

  1. In the back – couple it is worth to four, and the man behind her, kneeling or standing.
  2. Face-to-face, when the couple pulls of the legs on the shoulders of the men.

In these variants, the reflux of blood from the penis are almost non. In particular, it is recommended for elderly men who suffer from the first signs of sexual impotence.


walking barefoot

On the feet are the points that handle the functioning of all human organs. Can be stimulated in several ways:

  1. often, walk barefoot, especially on grass, the stones, the sand;
  2. closer to 10 minutes to the soles of the feet soaked in warm water and mustard (from the top, place the warm socks);
  3. after contrast soul crushing plant feet roughly with a towel.

Travel tip-toeing

Another of the taoist technique of strengthening the masculine force recommends that a man standing on tiptoe during urination. Rules:

  1. to maintain the correct posture;
  2. do not twist your back;
  3. show the urine of a slow exhalation;
  4. bite the bullet;
  5. stretch the buttocks and the abdomen.


To use medications independently, can not. Despite the fact that the medicines are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, before your reception, you should get tests and exams.All drugs have side effects and contraindications. You can get the opposite effect, if you do not know.

Inhibitors of pde-5

It is considered the best medicine against impotence. They increase the flow of blood to the corpora of the penis, causing an erection. It is remarkable already after taking a pill.

Hormonal medications

The lack of testosterone causes a deterioration of the power. Therefore, doctors often examine the level of hormones in the blood, and then prescribed medication, able to adjust.

Synthetic hormone of the tool cannot be taken without medical prescription, as well as its reception, can lead to serious violations of the functioning of the systems of the body. Medications may be buy pills, in the form of gels and ointments.

Dietary supplements

Herbal preparations run more smoothly. Can be a supplement to the main therapy, but independently, are not very effective for the improvement of the power.

The prevention of the

Men prefer not to go to the doctor, and when the first problems drinking powerful drugs. First try to respect the methods that restore the strength, to help to prevent psychological impotence. The preventive measures include:

  1. The change in the diet. The ingestion of large amounts of natural aphrodisiacs.
  2. Respect the rules of intimate hygiene. You can wash the penis sosa, this prevents your mushrooms, the defeat.
  3. The reception of vitamins of the complex, fortified with zinc.
  4. The restriction of the consumption of tea and coffee, drink more of the potion.
  5. Regularly walk outdoors, exercise.
  6. Temple and regular barefoot, will help strengthen the body in general.
  7. Forget the bad habits.
  8. Normalize the imbalances of sleep and rest, get rid of stress.
  9. Regularly come into sexual contact with a steady partner to reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Not worth the abuse of pharmacological drugs that can be reset quickly the erection. A healthy lifestyle can prolong the sexual intercourse, eradicate the problem of premature ejaculation.

When is it necessary to be on their guard? The recommendations of the doctors

Warning signs:

  • the lack of sexual desire;
  • difficulty urinating;
  • the lack of erection spontaneous;
  • the lack of reinforcement of the erection during intercourse;
  • weak erection, the instability, the laxity of the penis at the time of the contact;
  • the inability to complete the sexual act.

In this case, you should consult a urologist to determine the cause of the violations. The self-categorically it is not recommended, as that in the adenoma or prostatitis can do damage. After the diagnosis, the doctor will pick up for you the medicines, capable of amplifying the power and the plan of treatment of physical or hardware methods. If the doctor will take of recurrent causes, you will be directed to the sex therapist.

The medical optimism with respect to the conservation of masculine strength, even in old age. If you have a problem, it is important to establish the absence of the disease, which affects sexual function.


The recovery of the power must be treated in a responsible manner, is an important part of the health of men. Describe the technique you retain your erection and improve the quality of life. Are suitable for people of all ages. Most of the exercises that man can do by himself, without anyone's help.