Products for male potency - diet, beneficial elements

If you have any problem, besides the sexual unhappiness appears the psychological stress, expressed in stress and depression. That's why, for each one of the men is very important to feel full, which is almost impossible without stable erection. In this topic can help to the products of male power, consumption that can increase the libido.

The composition of the diet for men

products for the increase of the power

In the ancient times had their own media, they reinforce the male power. In the food used certain useful products, that can help a man again to feel healthy in the sexual. In the progressive europe such products were raw, eggs, and nuts. In the east, used more exotic ingredients - rhino horn, the blood of the serpent and the seed of the breast of the animal. They talk about the old days, if you and now in china is still used dog meat and turtle blood, which, in the judgment of the same chinese are the best tool for the recovery of the masculine force.

However, it is not necessary to consume such exotic goods as the modern science has advanced in this matter. The specialists have determined that the foods that affect beneficially on the male power, must contain the vitamins of the groups A and E. in Addition, it has been shown a positive effect of vitamin B, which contributes to the better conductivity of nerve impulses.

Diet full sex of men should be balanced in order to feel in good shape throughout the day. It plays a great role in the amount of food consumption, regardless of the beneficial qualities of the products. If the person to overeat or malnourished, it significantly reduces the sexual activity and, in consequence, the power, therefore, in everything you need to know the measure.

As for food, the daily diet of the men must contain the variety of foods of vegetable and animal origin. Here's a partial list of useful trace elements which contribute to the improvement of male potency:

  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • zinc;
  • sulfur;
  • carbohydrates and the unsaturated fats of natural origin;
  • products that contain theobromine alkaloid, and also rich in antioxidants.

The health of the person, in particular, the power of men depends on the quantity and quality of nutrients that enter the body with food.

Define a list of products that contain the aforementioned components, it is not so difficult, so we're going to see are the most common, that is to say, those that are widely available to the majority of the male population.

Effective products for the increase of the power

Our goal is the selection of the best products that strengthen the sexual activity of the men. But before proceeding to their enumeration and description, I would like to say about the effective tool in the resolution of this problem. No, it is not Viagra and other pharmacological preparations, and is a natural product. It is stomach camel, which they used to many peoples of the east long before the advent of modern drugs. Used dry, or in the form of a tincture of alcohol:

  • 100 grams cured of stomach camel;
  • 0.5 liters of vodka.

Questioning the effectiveness of this useless tool, but there is a drawback: camels stomach is very difficult to achieve. Therefore, let's turn to the list of more products available, that is also fine improve the sexual potency in men.


This product occupies the symbolic second place in the ranking.The best products for the masculine force. Oysters are an aphrodisiac, so that their stimulating effect and a positive impact on the sexual organ it is very effective. Scientists have been shown useful for the quality of these inhabitants of the deep sea, having carried out a series of relevant studies. Thus, it was determined that in its composition it is present in organic zinc, as well as a series of amino acids that increase the level of the male hormone is testosterone. In addition, the consumption of oysters helps to increase the amount of sperm and increase sexual desire, which may be explained by the presence in the composition of the oysters of the dopamine.

However, abuse of this product is not worth, as they also are high enough, the amount of mercury that can affect the state of the whole organism. In addition, oysters are consumed in foods, mainly raw foods, so that there is the possibility of introduction into the organism of different bacteria.

The sole

Another product used for the reinforcement of the android of the sexual activity, it is the sole. Contains most important to the health of the men with vitamins A, B and E, and zinc, which is an similar impact. The consumption of flounder is useful, not only to the sexual sphere, but the normal functioning of the whole organism in general.

The mackerel

This fish is rich in various amino acids that increase sexual libido in men. It is fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, which participate in the biosynthesis of the male sex hormone. However, useful for the action of fish-preserved, eating them is necessary only in boiled. Useful the action of the mackerel influences not only on the increase of the erection, but also in the formulation of seminal fluid, which is caused by the presence of phosphorus in the composition of the fish.

The turnip

the turnip

This simple at first glance is a vegetable enriched with various micronutrients and vitamins, thus affecting the selection of testosterone in the body. We have already spoken of this hormone is the main against the sexual desire and erection, therefore, for the normal functioning of the male power, its presence is essential.

The consume not only the pulp of the vegetables, adding meat and fish dishes, but the seeds of a turnip. They also have a good effect on sexual potency and the libido of a man.

You can enjoy the recipes of traditional medicine on the basis of this vegetable:

  • We grated the turnips and carrots in the same amount.
  • Add to the vegetables with a teaspoon of honey.
  • We accept 1/3 cup 3 times a day.

What is even useful for the health of the men?

If you want to know what products are necessary for the sustainability of the power, then you should pay attention to the very common ingredients. In the first place, it is the normal of the flesh, which is a natural aphrodisiac. You prefer the varieties of meat are lamb, beef, and meat of horse. Also positively affect the power of the meat of rabbit, chicken and other diet varieties.

It is important that the method of cooking the meat. Roast product, in this case, it is not the best option, so that it would be preferable to the extinction of the meat, or steam cooking.

Separately I would like to say about the nuts. Of your daily consumption increases in the body, the level of zinc, magnesium, as well as vitamins E and B, that is to say, it is one of the main useful of micronutrients that improve the male potency. In the composition of the nuts is also present in arginine, a substance causing selection of nitrogen oxide, which is one of the major substances stable to the erection.

In the diet can include the following types of nuts:

  • Cedar, which is considered most useful among all the nuts. Consume better in raw, but can be a bit charred, so as to make them more palatable.
  • Nutmeg. This tool can be consumed in the form of powder, adding a small amount at the time of preparing any type of dishes or drinks. Maximum daily dose is 1/3 of a teaspoon, that is why you should not abuse this product.

In addition to these nuts, you can consume hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc, you Can consume nuts in their pure form, or combined with vegetables or fruit. They combine well with beets, banana, carrot and a little honey.

Very useful the consumption of chocolate. The case is that in its composition this is the theobromine alkaloid, as well as phenylethylamine, which deserves a chapter apart. Falling in the body, this chemical compound leads to improve mood and a feeling of euphoria, thus increasing the level of libido of men. However, this effect is only possible in the case of the food there is of dark chocolate with a fairly high level of cocoa - not less than 65 percent. Therefore, different from chocolate milk and snack bars are useless and even harmful for the organism of men.


Product useful for male potency, must be fresh. In principle, it is a mandatory requirement for all categories of products, as in rancid vegetable or a fruit, almost not the useful vitamins and substances that can have a positive effect on the body. In addition, it is very important to the way of preparing the dishes, because of the excessive thermal data processing of the substance also evaporates from product. In general, the nuances in this case, it is sufficient, but if you refer to this matter more seriously, you can see the results already after a few weeks of the addition in the daily diet products, of which we have spoken.