Products for the increase of the power — of the men of the diet

Among the products that increase sexual potency, it is important to note proteins. This and seafood, meat and eggs. There are dishes that are rich in vegetable proteins, are also useful for the prostate.

protein foods

Not all protein foods are equally useful for the power, that is to say, those that give you the advantage:

  1. Seafood. Is oysters, squid, krill, some types of fish (mackerel, sole);
  2. The flesh. The biggest advantage is noticed in the beef, horse meat, lamb, dietary rabbit, chicken, turkey. Some specialists nutritionists point out special favor of the stomach of a camel;
  3. Plant protein useful for the power. For example, replace the protein you can with the help of legumes, including soybeans.

What foods increase the power stronger and faster? For example, oysters. Oysters are rich in proteins, micronutrients, and therefore are at the same time a material of construction for the hormones of the sexual system, spermatozoa, and ensure your mobility. Zinc and selenium are involved in the production of testosterone.

involved in the production of testosterone. When buying oysters should be careful. Experts say that some of the mollusks in certain habitats accumulate mercury. This fact makes the oysters eaten in large amounts dangerous not only for health , but also to the reproductive system. The second is the danger that haunts the lovers of the oyster, is the presence in shellfish vibrio, which can cause several diseases. In healthy people, the oysters can give rise to gastritis.

However, the austrian doctors believe that these molluscs are useful to the power, but it is recommended in another in the form. You have performed the experiment with average time of stay of the patients bathroom with hot water, filled a third of the oysters, has shown that the power increases considerably, and after 5 sessions of disease was able to get rid of most of the men.

The flesh and the power

The meat is high-energy products, and for men it is in the present of an aphrodisiac. The consumption of meat involved in the production of the hormone thyroxine, which supports normal excitability of the nervous processes, and also accelerates the processes of oxidation.

The abundance of micro-and macroelements in the meat dishes, and also rich in vitamins composition of meat a must-have product for men who suffer from the disease of the prostate.

The biggest advantage of the diet rabbit, turkey, chicken and beef lean varieties of meat of equine animals. The meat that is present in your dishes, helps to produce gastrin, and the gastric juice, it awakens the appetite. Thanks to this reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, and this is directly related to impotence, more exactly, with the supply of blood to the organs of the pelvis.

For the use of the meat was maximum, what is necessary for steam or with the help of extinction. The flesh is useful to the athletes, but people with moderate physical exercise or inactive way of life is not worth to eat in excess. This leads to a set of excess weight, removes calcium from body, the burden of the kidneys large amounts of protein.

Other protein foods for the power

Products to increase sexual potency in men are very varied. Your diet can diversify protein products of plant origin, as well as eggs.

When the consumption of eggs is worth to respect some rules: no more than 2 pieces in day, if you eat more, this should be only protein. Eggs contain a large amount of fat, cholesterol, so that incorrect use can lead to atherosclerosis, degradation of blood supply to all organs.

However, eggs are rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, so the diet not be ruled out.

What other products increase sexual power? One of the most useful of fermented foods is koumiss, or milk. The milk of mares helps to restore sexual potency, thanks to the improved metabolism, the regulation of the composition of the blood, a positive influence on the functioning of the heart and of the vessels. Koumiss increases the body's resistance to infections, therefore, useful in inflammatory diseases, male sexual system. Journal of the average rate of koumissa is a glass half an hour after breakfast. Individually, the dose may be reduced or increased after a consultation with a specialist. People who suffer from diseases of the stomach and intestine, as well as the lactose intolerance, you should refrain from treatment of the milk of mares.

To improve the power you can use legumes glorious in your diet. Legumes contain large amount of protein, which is easy to digest, because it has the vegetable origin. Protein is the basis for the synthesis of all hormones, semen, as well as for the development of the quality of the sex cells. Legumes are also rich in chemical elements, therefore, have an influence on the composition of the blood, the transmission of nerve impulses, as well as through the content Of b-complex vitamins act soothing on the nervous system.

You still have to eat to maintain the sexual potency of men

products for the increase of the power

Some of the products do not fall in the standard of the ration of each man. But, however, you'll need to include in your diet for a fast recovery of the power and the level of immunity. Product useful for male potency: honey, dried fruits, dried vegetables, dried fruits and natural fruit juices such as vegetables and fruits, ginger, celery.

The best foods to increase sexual potency in men are nuts. Each type of nut useful in their own way. For power we recommend consuming nuts, cedar, hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds. How are they different nuts? In the first place, the abundant composition: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, sulfur, manganese, zinc and selenium. In the second place, it is rich in vitamins composition: all the vitamins of group b, c, A, D, E and K. Unsaturated fatty acids provide a healthy state of the blood vessels, protects against cholesterol deposits. Minerals selenium and zinc affect the production of testosterone, helps to increase the amount of sperm, in the functioning of the prostate gland.

Almonds causes the blood flow to the genitals, due to its content of amino acid arginine, which normalizes the circulation of the blood. Therefore, the kernel can safely be attributed to the products the power of quick action.

Some types of nuts, for example, cedar, help to combat the immune deficiency.

Don't forget root vegetables, such as celery and ginger

The celery in the first place with other products for the male enhancement strength, because it contains in itself an analog of the male hormone. The hormone responsible for secondary sexual of the signs, of the libido, of sexuality. Celery specifically has aroma and taste, they can diversify the kitchen. Just three times a week to add in salads and soups, to ensure its normal hormonal state. It is especially useful celery men who have a low level of power associated with hormone deficiency. In the treatment assigned to them vicarious therapy male sex hormones, therefore, androsterone in the composition of celery clearly benefit.

Ginger is useful not only vitamin and minerals in the composition, but also the influence on the circulatory system. With the hand is felt a wave of heat, as the vessels dilate, blood flow increases, and the genitals. Ginger is shown to people who suffer from obesity, deposit cholesterol in the vessels, as well as the blood pressure.

Products that enhance the sexual power, are fairly common and accessible to all consumers. Therefore, do not neglect your health, don't take the need for medication therapy, use the natural remedies. If you have not been helped popular methods, you can use the best drugs for potency of the various groups, aimed at increasing the power and improving the quality of the sperm.

We do not recommend self-medicating. In any situation, consult with a specialist. This will save you time and allow you to get rid of the disease.