Treatment of impotence

potency in men

Praesent erectile dysfunction (often incorrectly in daily life is called impotence) is known by the mankind since a long time ago. At all times, for various reasons, a certain number of men who have experienced problems with impotence. Of course, that at different times with this problem they tried to fight in a different way, from the mechanical contraptions of steel and natural aphrodisiacs, to the more modern treatments are very effective medications, and surgery. Today the treatment of impotence is not something supernatural. It is the same problem of health, and others. With a timely medical doctors can help about 95% of the patients.

The treatment of impotence in men

The pharmacological treatment

In the arsenal of medicine has a large arsenal of medications to deal with the spiritual man at all. It is not only the tablet, there are injections, which are introduced by intravenous, intramuscular, or even in the head of the penis or the urethra, are rectal candles, ointment. However, the most common are the drugs of phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

These pills take about an hour before sexual intercourse. You can not take the medicine more than once a day. The action of these drugs is due to their effects on smooth muscle, thanks to sex and authority comes more blood and improves erection. The drugs of this group, there are some side effects. Is:

  • Headache;
  • Congestion of the nose;
  • The sensation of pain in the muscles;
  • In very rare cases, the person temporarily, begins to see everything in a blue-green color tone.

Impotence treatment through lifestyle changes


In the modern world one of the most frequent causes of android weakness is the style of life. And it is not just the excesses. Our world is full of stress impacts and sex, the system is very sensitive to stress, such as psycho-emotional and physical. For this reason, the compliance of a healthy life style is not in any way a marginal activity in the fall of a man of talent. Start with a meter of the physical effort. Enough simple physical exercises that are conducive to groups of muscles of intensive use in the sexual act and, apparently, no longer achievable is in the range. The word, in medical practice have developed complexes of exercises for the curative treatment of physical education (physical therapy), which is recommended to patients with problems of power. In second place is the quality of the food. On the one hand, for the production of the hormone testosterone and sperm you need quality and a balanced diet. On the other hand, the excess weight, which plays in the case of impotence, the role of aggravating factors. One of the main requirements is the reduction in the daily intake of animal fats, as they cause atherosclerosis, and thus to the impotence due to blockage of the blood vessels that carry blood to the sexual organ. In third place are the alcohol and the tobacco. Both of these bad habits in the literal sense of "killing" the male potency. Such is its impact on sex in the system. The consumption of alcohol, especially burdened with excessive tobacco addiction is a direct path to the impotence, and at a relatively early age. The fourth position in a healthy life style experts attribute to the ability to avoid stress. Today, the stress is the key to success in the treatment of many health problems, including impotence. The experts say that man must control his emotions and not take them out at every opportunity (or not convenient). You should also pay attention to the load and the possibility to modify them according to their possibilities. Often, the fact that man makes himself more than he can physically (or psychologically) "pull" and is a major source of stress and as a result of impotence problems.


Sometimes, men of the erection is, but at the right time, why not. As a general rule, in these cases, the cause lies not so much in the physiology, but of psychology. In these cases, more than any kind of injections and pills help to visit a doctor-psychiatrist. In some cases, a doctor it is worth to go together with your partner. The doctor will help you to find the causes of the complex and will teach you how to get rid of them. Also the doctor can explain some of the subtleties of the methodology of recovery of the libido of the couple and the recovery of harmony in the bedroom.



One of the recommended in the medical practice of the methods of treatment is the massage. Of course, that the massage should be included in the complex of therapeutic measures in the treatment of impotence. In general, the massage is applied to the organs of the pelvis to increase the filling of blood. This process is key to conservative treatment options, since it increases the number of drugs that reach the organs. In addition, the massaging of the organs of the pelvis are listed in the tone, which is also important for the power. Many specialists believe that massage has a psychological impact, increasing the sensitivity of men and at the same time eliminates the feeling of stiffness and angusto-animi in the intimate sphere.

Shock wave therapy

One of the new techniques for treatment of male impotence – shock wave therapy. The essence of this innovative approach in medicine consists in the influence of waves of a given length of the blood vessels. Under the influence of these waves, the blood vessels begin to give the new branch, and this is beneficial for erection. The doctors carry out various facts, when the shock wave therapy allowed to help patients with very serious and are running forms of sexual dysfunction. Today the doctors say that the treatment by shock waves the waves of the therapy has no side effects, is not observed. In regard to treatment, the minimum should be 14 days. Such a quantity of procedures enough so that in most cases, the man has forgotten his dysfunction a minimum of a year.

Features the treatment of impotence in men older than 50 years

Approximately one out of every two men over the age of fifty years, begins to have problems with impotence. It is considered that the standard of 50 years in the foreign national is a foreign national, by which the descent of the sexual activity is the norm. But this is a decline of the activity, and not the impotence. Characteristic of the age 50+ is that at this time about themselves they begin to get to know different of the disease, "accumulated" at an earlier age and often ignored by the man. In addition, the agency produces a series of natural physiological changes, including reduction in the levels of testosterone, and the risks of developing impotence in great as they grow. As a general rule, the sexual dysfunction at this age is a companion of the disease. For this reason, the main form of treatment for impotence in men older than 50 years, is the identification of the causes of the disease and its rapid solution. In terms of the reality of the helplessness, the doctors prefer a comprehensive approach in the treatment includes the administration of medications, physical therapy, massage and respect the most of a healthy lifestyle.

The most effective home remedies for impotence

In folk medicine a special place assigned to fight against the impotence. There are a variety of different recipes of recovery of the power. Among them are worth mentioning such as:

  • The ginger tea. To prepare this truly unique drink worth taking a teaspoon of chopped ginger or a piece of root of this plant, the length of two to three inches and pour a glass of boiling water. For the flavor it can add to the tea a bit of honey. Another option, add the powder of ginger already prepared the black or green tea. It is recommended to take this drink two times a day. The effect occurs after two weeks of duration of the course;
  • The tincture of ginger. For its preparation it is necessary to take a kilo of root ginger and a litre of vodka. After the mixture rise in a warm place two weeks of the mass they take in 100 grams of the tincture, and added to 300 milliliters of alcohol. After this procedure, dye will continue to insist another 2 weeks. Accept the dye before you go to sleep by 10 drops in a tablespoon of water;
  • Ginger bath. For its preparation take three teaspoon of ginger powder and pour a liter of water. The mixture is brought to a boil and let boil for at least 10 minutes, after which they are added in the bathroom and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and useful for the power of the procedure;
  • The tincture of the root of ginseng. This is one of the most powerful tools to combat impotence. To prepare the tincture take loin long, 2 cm (low-quality root of the length of the spine to customize increase up to 4 inches). The back is poured to 3.5 liters of vodka. Already on the day following tincture of drinking. The recommended dose is of 30 grams of the tincture three times a day before meals. When a vessel remains not more than 200 grams, in ware added another 3.5 liters of vodka. This procedure can be repeated up to two times, after which it you must take it back to the back of ginseng. The healers say that the man recepit of impotence, so that never more will you have problems in the sex;
  • Ginseng tincture, the recipe no. 2. For its preparation, 20 grams of ginseng root it is necessary to pour 300 grams of pure alcohol. Insist medication over three weeks, shaking the mixture in the time. Take 25 drops of the tincture three times a day half an hour before eating. The course is two weeks, after which there is to do 10 days of rest and return to repeat course;
  • Walnuts with goat milk. The recipe is very easy. Floor cups of nuts, eat simply and take all this is the floor of a litre of goat's milk. The procedure is passed two times a day for a month;
  • The pumpkin seeds. Good effect give simple pumpkin seeds. It is necessary to simply take three times a day for 40 grams each time. Course of treatment of one or two months.

Treatment of impotence sosa

Immediately it should be mentioned that the baking soda is not an aphrodisiac and erection of the receipt of the sosa does not occur. However, the sodium bicarbonate can contribute to the purification processes of the organism, which without doubt will impact on the power. More easy and fun to use the soda for the treatment of the power is to take sun baths. Bath gets through the day for two weeks. For the bathroom you need the package of soda to 500 grams. Add to water for multiple servings with the addition of hot water. The bathroom time of 20-30 minutes. The bathroom is worth taking before going to bed. After taking the bathroom to wash the rest of the bleach on the skin in the shower. In the interior, it is recommended to drink a soda with milk. In the glass of milk you should add the soda at the tip of the spoon. Drink this milk with soda is necessary in the course of 10 days, but in no case more than a month, every day. To better prepare for taking the hot milk. In case of negative reaction of the caustic on the part of the digestive system of the reception of the milk with the bicarbonate should be stopped.

How effective is the treatment of impotence in the home

Define what to do with the problem of being in a home, or to go to a doctor, it must be remembered that any type of treatment in the home should not be considered as an alternative to the official medicine. Traditional medicine can be an additional form of treatment, as an auxiliary component of an integrated approach, but in no way is not a panacea or an alternative. With all due respect to the folk medicine of the likelihood that the treatment will be successful, does not exceed 50% (if yes, no). At the same time, the treatment by a specialist, which has a 95% guarantee of success. From these data, the choice is clear.

Which doctor should be consulted

In the case of impotence problems, you must go to the doctor. Often, men experience a feeling of shame, but shy and not doing anything is much worse than having the courage and ask for help to a specialist. In the large centres of attention should be directed to the andrologist or doctor sexologist (this is usually the same person, at the health center). The doctor andrologist carried out an initial survey and determines the treatment strategy. If the patient is detected, serious problems may be sent to the patient consultation to other professionals, for example, a urologist, endocrinologist or a psychologist.

The prevention of the impotence

To avoid problems with impotence and the preservation of the masculine force in the next few years should be serious about the prevention of impotence, which includes:

the prevention of the
  • The abstinence of alcohol, in any form, as the main enemy of the masculine strength;
  • The renunciation of tobacco. According to the medical statistics of the data, the probability of being in a completely powerless man who has addiction to smoking cigarettes, almost two times higher than that of a human does not smoke;
  • The restriction of excessive psychological and physical (including sexual) loads;
  • The renunciation of the use of contraceptives, and help to interrupt the sexual act. The doctors say that, in this harsh method of preventing pregnancy impotence time will not wait;
  • The waiver of the bad administration and the unjustified receipt of the drugs, especially the drugs have side effects of sexual exposure in the system;
  • The resignation of the fat and spicy food. This is because animal fats include a large amount of cholesterol, which may slow down in the walls of the blood vessels in the form of plates, which leads to a decline in the viability of the blood through the blood vessels and, therefore, leads directly to the decrease of the erection.