How to increase potency in men by the media


Many men are faced with the problem of the power. Age, bad habits, harmful external factors, such as stress, bad environment, the difficulties become the cause of the decrease of the power. Not always the men go to the doctor with a sensitive topic, therefore, the issue is not resolved, the delivery of a man many problems. The initial phase of impotence treatable remedies, so that before the first symptoms, you can resort to this method of treatment. Home remedies for increase sexual power in men quickly resolve the problem.

How to prepare for the implementation of the means to increase their power

Before starting treatment, you need to review the style of life, to abandon bad habits. You need to solve a negative factor, which has been the onset of the disease. To do this, it is necessary to know that it can be the cause of the decrease of the output:

• Alcohol affects the masculine force. Alcoholic beverages have a powerful influence on sexual sphere. The regular consumption of alcohol leads to loss of sexual capacity. Therefore, to get rid of the problems, you should leave this harmful habit, if any.
• Smoking is the cause of many diseases, affects and is in power. In the modern cigarette, there are many chemicals that are used to improve the aroma, the strengthening of the effect and so on. In addition, cigarettes contain toxic substances from the resin, which affect the male hormones. To get rid of the negative effects of smoking, it is best to leave this addiction.
• Poor nutrition, namely, the consumption of fats and fried foods has a negative influence on power. In the grilled foods contain cancer-causing substances, which reduce the masculine force. Plant food, fermented dairy products should regularly attend the men to the letter.
• Stress, nervous disorders, depressive states, which complicate the problem of power. It is about developing the stress, learn to productively cope with their problems and difficulties.

But we must understand that the impotence may develop under the influence of some chronic diseases, such as:

• diabetes mellitus;
• epilepsy.
• atherosclerosis and disease of the blood vessels;
• parkinson's disease;
• inflammatory disease of the prostate, bladder, testicles.

The presence of such problems, some means of traditional medicine can not cope. Requires treatment with medicines, which will focus on eliminating the cause of the problem.

The methods of folk medicine for the increase of the power


Natural medicine offers several effective means that can help to bring the power in the standard. The increase of the power is used in the following home remedies for sexual power in men:

• medicinal plants;
• honey;
• the propolis;
• osinovaja the cortex.

On the basis of the above tools, you can make drugs to increase the potency.

Medicinal plants

Home remedies for the improvement of the power include the herbal treatment. Using intelligently selected herbal medicines can increase the power very quickly. Masculine strength in the majority of cases is reduced due to inflammatory processes, or circulatory disorders. The medicinal plants help to resolve this problem. With its help you can adjust the circulation of the blood to expand the blood vessels to reduce inflammation.

The stinging nettle. Improves the metabolism and stimulates urogenital function. For the preparation of medicines you should be taking 100 grams of the crushed grass, and pour 300 ml of boiling water. Ready tool that take three times a day before food intake.

The ginseng root is the best stimulant of the power. You will need: crushed root of ginseng – 0,5 tablespoons; honey – 2 tablespoons

This medicine is taken by mouth, 4 times a day by spoon of tea in a dose.

Pumpkin seeds contain a large amount of useful components that help to quickly restore male potency. The seeds should be eaten raw, grind, mix with honey in equal quantities and taking the medication 5-6 more than 1 tablespoons of Very efficiently helps to get rid of the sexual power in men tykvennoe oil. The oil contains a high amount of zinc, one of the assistant to the increased power. For the recovery of the power, it is recommended to do enemas with medicinal tykvennym oil. It is recommended to perform this procedure 2 times a day – morning and evening. Must be introduced per 100 g of oil. This is sufficient for a good functioning of the prostate and improve sexual potency in men.

Thyme has amazing properties, can be used to cure many diseases. Helps to this herb in the fight against impotence. In its composition enters the selenium, which contributes to the production of testosterone, and the molybdenum, which is equipped with the thyme, stimulates the sexual function. It is useful to prepare tea using thyme. He will help you cope with the spiritual man at all, and prostatitis. The tea prepared in the following manner:

• black tea – 1 tbsp;
• the flowers of thyme – 3 units;
• to improve the effect of adding honey or mint.

With these ingredients prepare the tea. You should insist on the time limit of 7 minutes. Then the tea filter and drink.

St. john's wort helps to restore sexual potency in old age. To prepare the medicine, take 100 grams dry of raw materials and pour a glass of boiling water. The liquid you drink 30 grams four times per day.

Normal garlic is an excellent means to increase male potency. To achieve the effect can only consume raw garlic every day. And you can prepare the medication. Recipes there are many. One of the effective means – garlic with milk. 250 ml of warm milk, take a tablespoon of minced garlic. Received the tool are maintained at a low heat for two or three minutes and then filter through a sieve. The dose of 2 tablespoons, which you must drink before each meal.

Honey to the increase of the power


Honey remedy for many ills, it has a positive influence on sexual potency. The effect is remarkable, even if you eat one or two tablespoons of honey a day. For the preparation of medicinal products in the honey add the garlic, nuts, grass.

The most popular popular tool for the power-lifting at the base of honey, is honey with a peanut butter mixture. To prepare this medicine, take 100 grams of chopped nuts can be walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, and mixed with a tablespoon of honey. It is a powerful tool that will give you the results after a week after starting the treatment. Medication take one tablespoon before going to bed.

If you mix equal parts of honey and ginger root grated, you can get an effective, popular tool for improving the power. Take half a teaspoon before meals, three times a day.

Properties of honey are unique. Using natural honey, prepare the different medications that help to maintain the masculine force in the coming years.

Chudodeistvennaja the strength of propolis

Propolis heals the whole body, enriches its usefulness in vitamins and minerals. Contains trace elements that support the power in the norm, this is:

• iron;
• chromium;
• the copper;
• zinc;
• vanadium;
• titanium;
• tin;
• the silicon.

Propolis successfully applied as a popular tool for power-lifting, can be used both as a preventive agent of prostatitis. In addition, the propolis increases the effect of the treatments to the use of other drugs that are prescribed in the prostatitis and the adenoma of the prostate.

Propolis is a powerful biostimulyatorom, which helps to increase the sexual power. The drug has the following properties:

1. it relieves inflammation;
2. it kills the microbes;
3. strengthens the body;
4. stimulates the immunity.
5. reduces the sensation of pain.

For the treatment of impotence it is possible to prepare a dye-based propolis.


• propolis – 20 gr;
• the alcohol or the quality of vodka – 80 ml

The propolis is necessary to grind, place in a glass container and pour the alcohol. The packaging is necessary, cover and store in the cold, dark place. Medicine insists a week, in the course of this period of his you'll shake. Finished tincture take a few drops in a glass of water you will need 40 drops. Take the tool before you eat, 30 minutes before sitting down at the table. The duration of treatment is two weeks.

The bark of poplar – the best tool for the power

the alamo

This crust is the best by means of increasing the power, which also helps to get rid of the prostatitis. This remedy is known since a century.

For the preparation of drugs, you can use:

• the kidneys;
• the cortex;
• the leaves.

The medication of the bark of the poplar are a good tool for a good power, is prepared in form of infusion, extract or tincture. In addition, the cortex may simply chew and rassasyvat', therefore, therapeutic essential substances enter the body in pure form.

In the treatment of the costs of care, the incorrect dosage can cause side effects:

• the sensation of pain on the part of the gastrointestinal tract;
• cramps in the stomach;
• constipation.

The infusions to the increase of the power prepared as follows:

• kidneys, the aspen – 2 tablespoons;
• boiling water – 1 glass.

The kidneys pour out the boiled water and insist about half an hour. Medicine taken before meals. To enhance the taste, you can add the ready tool of the teaspoon of honey, this would only increase the therapeutic effect.

Two members of the tool: the bark of aspen and propolis can be combined and get an effective medication which helps you to recover male power.

The tincture of the bark of poplar prepare in the alcohol or the quality of vodka. The bark insist two weeks and drink before each meal, 50 grams.

The results of the treatment will not wait the effect of a treatment visible already after a week. Home remedies for sexual potency of men in the forum unanimously came to the conclusion that the cortex has helped to regain masculine power.

It is an old and popular Russian tool for increasing the power

Ancient Russian herbalists contain very effective, tried the recipe. In addition it is very useful medicine, and has a pleasant taste.

To prepare the drug take 200 grams:

• prunes;
• raisins;
• the dry fig.

Of all the nuts you need to remove the bones. And you will also need nuts in the amount of 12 units.

All the ingredients required with care, grinding, after which, mix and bring to the cold. The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator. Every day eat 2 tablespoons of the mixture prepared, washed down with milk or curd.

Bathroom to the increase of the power


Home remedies for increase male power supplement the medicinal baths. They can help you a good service in the fight against this disease. It is a very useful tool that can be used for the increase of the power in the home.

In the first place, pay attention to the contrast of the baths of the lower part of the body. Its essence lies in the alternation of cold and hot water. The duration of the procedure is approximately 15 minutes. For your you will need two large in the pelvis with hot and cold water, in which you must immerse yourself in an alternate way.

Toilet, bath with bay leaves will help in the fight against the disease. Previously prepared and insist the leaves of laurel and, below, the infusion added to the bath. To strengthen the effect, you can also add an infusion of chamomile. The bath should be taken before going to sleep.

The reception of the bath can be combined with aromatherapy. The essential oils of some plants, increases the sexual power. In aromalampu place the oil, ginger, cumin, cypress, thyme, rosemary. All of these scents have the property of increasing the male potency. A similar procedure can be used, such as the popular tool to increase the power before the intercourse.

Foods that increase the power of the

Methods of treatment of the power is necessary to supplement the correct diet. This means that in the diet must be present in the foods that increase the force of men. This applies especially to the power after 50 home remedies must be supplemented with a complete diet.

Such products are vegetables and herbs of a dark green color:

• the broccoli;
• parsley;
• the cilantro.

A good action in case of low power are nuts and seeds, especially:

• nuts of india;
• sesame seeds;
• nuts;
• pistachios;
• almonds;
• seeds of nsrds.

Fruits and berries must be included in the diet for men. Fight against the low impotence, help:

• apples;
• kiwi;
• lemon
• grapefruit;
• strawberries;
• blueberries.

And also in the table must always be present with onion, turnip, garlic, eggplant, horseradish, beans, tomato, paprika.

The fried fish comes with useful minerals: magnesium, zinc, and selenium. These substances play an important role in the support of the libido.

It has been shown that cholesterol contributes to the formulation of male hormones. Therefore, it is important to have time to include in the menu of fat and fried meats food. In this case, it is necessary not to forget that the norm. Excess fat can cause serious diseases of the heart, which is very desirable, especially for men in the age, in which the risk of developing diseases related to the heart and the vessels is very high.

Men of the diet, it must necessarily include the consumption of meat products. It is especially useful for beef, and contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins D3 and E. the Structure of these substances have a positive effect on the sexual health of men. Popular topics in the media for the increase of the power appear very often in the forums, which shows the great interest on the part of men in this regard.

There are a lot of recipes that you can use to increase male potency. Not worth fuck all at the same time. To get a good power of the remedies, it is better to choose one or two most appropriate options that will help you cope with the disease. The appropriate choice of the home remedies for the increase of the power to quickly rid of the disease and return to their former strength.