9 simple and reliable ways to increase power without pills

Every man there comes a moment in all its possibilities sex drive, and cause doubt in the future success of intimate relationships. Often, the same thing that happens with pretty young still for the people, but most often this problem faced by men, of middle age.

Add the cardio

cardio for power

For the erection pleased with the perseverance, it is necessary for a healthy cardiovascular system. We're not going to talk in detail about how closely the quality of the circulation of the blood and the levels of testosterone, as well as the health of the testes and the brain (which, by the way, is also an important element of a good sex). Just keep in mind: cardio — a great way to increase the sexual power. Aerobic workouts even cure the erectile dysfunction, to talk about prevention.

Therefore, select at least 30-40 minutes a day of exercise. Run, swim in the pool, play tennis (at least ping) or walk a couple of stops to walk. The heart and what from the waist down, will thank you for it.

Try to reduce stress

Stress is one of the greatest enemies of the erection. He prevadid violations of heart rhythm, increases blood pressure, affects the mood. This psychophysiological cocktail, causing serious damage to the sexual desires and decreases your work capacity. And he is exhausted man will hardly prove to the height of the spirit in the bed.

Output: look for ways to reduce the negative effects that mental stress. The yoga, the intensification of the communication with the punching bag, the psychotherapy, the conversations with the beloved of the souls of the variants to reduce the stress is enough.

How to get rid of bad habits

That's not rest with the aid of cigarettes and alcohol. Otherwise, you run the risk of winning the spasms of the vessels and to say goodbye to a normal erection.

However, if the consumption of tobacco it is necessary to establish clearly, in the field of hot beverages, there are some nuances. Moderate (moderate!) the consumption of alcohol does not harm the power. In some cases, even improving.

For example, a glass of red wine 3-4 times a week is a good way of keeping the male sexual health system. Thanks to all the flavonoids — antioxidants. that strengthen the walls of blood vessels and affect beneficially on the condition of your heart.

Eat the garlic, pepper and bananas

Some fruits and vegetables have magical from the point of view of the power of the property. As cardio improves the flow of blood. American medical resource HealthLine recommends more frequently is:

  • The onion and the garlic (well, if you close your eyes in your specific b.). Stimulate the circulation of the blood.
  • Bananas. Its high content of potassium, which normalizes blood pressure and increases the libido.
  • Acute peppers, including chile. Also improve circulation and help to cope with hypertension.

And products with high content of omega-3 and vitamins of group In

The omega-3 fatty acids also help to improve the blood flow. Search in salmon, tuna, avocado, olive oil.

Vitamin b1 improves the passage of nervous impulses from the brain to various parts of the body, including the penis. Especially a lot of special vitamins in the flesh of pork, peanuts and beans.

Well, and the whole range of vitamins of the group you have to look at chicken eggs the eggs — like raw and cooked. In the kit is so efficient in balancing the hormone levels, reduces the negative effects of stress and, ultimately, creates a longer-lasting erection.

Drinking coffee

Researchers from the centre for health research at the university of texas in houston, texas, discovered a curious thing: the men, drinking 2-3 cups of coffee a day, complain of the erectile dysfunction less frequently than those who avoid caffeine.

Thorough investigations have shown that the caffeine acts on the sexual function as viagra: dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. And are two significant key to powerful erection.

Turn on the light

In the dark and in the dim light agency starts the production of melatonin. This hormone helps us to calm down and fall asleep, but however, the "moments of stillness" and the libido of a man.

Less melatonin — on top of the sexual desire and enhance erection. Therefore, do not forget to receive the sun and try to have sex with the light.

Lose weight

the training of the

Everything that is bad for the heart, the evil, and to the erection. And the kilos of more advanced load of the cardiovascular system, and this affects the sexual function.

Do kegel exercises

These exercises heard many, but most often it is recommended for women. And in vain.

At least some men, regular kegel exercises help to:

  • improve erections;
  • to increase the intensity of orgasms;
  • prevent the premature ejaculation.