The increase male potency natural ways

There are many methods of recovery of erectile function... But how to increase male potency natural ways? Start eating right, exercising, and not to be subjected to stressful situations. Details - from now on!

General information

The correction of sexual function of natural modes, it is not a myth. However, the same is really only can help in case of minor problems with the masculine strength. Yes, and immediately regain the sexual power is unlikely. Much here depends on the different types of factors.

Potency in men

The main of them:

  • The age of the men. Who's to say that he didn't speak, but 30 years of his representative of stronger sex is more easy to increase the level of testosterone in the blood, that man, that already in the 60's. By the way, about up to what age it retains a natural, power - described above.
  • The cause of the disease. If the problem has arisen in the emotional background of the surge, the probability of success for correction of the power of the natural methods is much greater than when there is no organic defeats.
  • The general state of the organism. People who have a "bouquet" of chronic diseases, it is much more difficult with the help of natural ways to carry out the correction of state of any of the systems of the body, including the sexual.
  • The health of the vessels. The microcirculation in the penis depends directly on the permeability of the vessels in the roads. If a person suffers in progressing atherosclerosis, it is likely event that you need medical treatment in order to achieve the increased power.
  • The style of life. It is much easier to carry out the improvement of the sexual activity of persons who do not suffer from bad habits and lead a healthy life style, as well as eat correctly.

Taking into account all these factors, it becomes evident that the increase of potency in men natural ways rather laborious process, which requires a responsible attitude towards your own body.

The nutrition and the power

When it comes to drugs is not treatment of erectile dysfunction is one of the most important aspects of the success continues to be the streamlining of the menu. To increase libido and total sexual activity you need in a balanced way, eating. In the diet should be present in vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, cereals.

There is nothing unusual in this set do not, the main thing is to avoid (when possible), roasted and smoked foods, and eat normally. The fast-food and semi-finished products of bad friends of the power. They contribute to the obstruction of the vessels in atherosclerotic plaques and lead to the weakening of the microcirculation in the organs of the pelvis.

The food

In addition to the traditional recommendations, it is worthwhile to include in the daily menu of the following products:

  • The walnuts and the honey. In the application of these natural goodies can be quickly reset to the sexual activity, it's important to consume food regularly.
  • Seafood. The fish, oysters, squid, sources of zinc and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are responsible for the elasticity of the vessels and the normalization of spermatogenesis.
  • Camels stomach (cicurina). One of the only products that can increase the power, instantly to men in a natural way. It is considered the stronger a natural aphrodisiac which is very effective. However, eating at a specially processed as a yes and buy the product it is not always easy.

Adequate food is one of the forms of recovery of sexual activity without the intervention of chemical substances.

In addition to the streamlining of the letter, it is very important remains the fight against the overweight. The adipose tissue has the property of making special biologically active substances which are antagonists to testosterone. The result of your influence becomes in a sharp drop in the amount of androgens with the development of the characteristics of disorders and symptoms.

To avoid this, it is recommended to enroll in a gym and in parallel consult with a nutritionist. Therefore, it can be as soon as possible to restore body weight and enhance sexual potency in a natural way.

Special exercises

When posed with the question of how to increase male potency natural ways, the first thing that comes to mind is: "do special loads in the simultaneous application of the therapy methods of manipulation".

And not in vain. After all with the daily implementation of the exercises can greatly improve sperm quality, increase libido, and restore the microcirculation in the organs of the pelvis.

Physical methods of the influence on sex in the system:

  1. The power-lifting. Met almost as usual, but when the position is reached incomplete survey should remain in it for a few seconds. The back must be maintained exactly. This simple load well strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor and contributes to the tide of the large amount of blood to the organs of the sexual system.
  2. One of the exercises of kegel. Universal is a method of normalization of blood circulation in the genital area, both for men as for women. The essence of the training consists of alternate tension and relaxation of the muscles, which elevates the member (particularly to the representatives of the stronger sex), and anal sphincter. On you want to compress the "muscles", keeping them in this state for a couple of seconds. The more time you get is done, the better. With this physical activity, a lot will strengthen the muscles responsible for erection ensures the strong flow of blood to the organs of the pelvis.
  3. A great variety of angles of tilt, rotation of the pelvis, lunges. All physical loads, which involve the adductors, are useful for the power.
The sport

It is worth saying about massage testicles to increasing the power. The method that some cases can help you quite short-term to restore erectile function in men. Effective as a lightweight, and at the grave during the problem. Its essence consists in the influence of the massage on the outside of the genitals and the stimulation of the work testicle. Thanks to this exposure increases the amount of testosterone, which has a positive effect on the sexual activity of the men.

A healthy lifestyle and erection

In addition to proper nutrition and physical activity, one of the most important aspects of the stabilization of the reproductive system and of the whole organism remains the rejection of bad habits.

Young people often do not think of the consequences that awaits them after years of consumption of tobacco and alcohol. However, these were the factors that were considered to be more harmful to the sexual health of men.

Nicotine is the most powerful natural enemy. It is not surprising that they say that only a drop of the same, you can kill a horse. Contributes to the narrowing of the light of all the blood vessels in the human body, much compromising the microcirculation. The most dreaded consequences of this are myocardial infarction and stroke. The first symptom of the violation of blood circulation in the body - just as development of erectile dysfunction.

With a timely smoking cessation can restore the sexual power. The important thing is to want to change.

With respect to alcohol, in small amounts only and always of good quality that does not produce any especially negative consequences for the organism. But, as practice shows, the majority of the activities end uncontrolled consumption of alcohol. This leads to liver damage. Because she is not capable of producing the necessary for the construction of testosterone in the substrate. As a result, it reduces the amount of hormone and sexual activity. That is why the alcohol should be consumed with the mind.

The fight with the stress

One of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction it is nervous over-exertion. The modern man is constantly working and is under the influence of the chiefs, who often enough is a strong emotional stress.

Of course, it is not necessary to stop working. However, if possible, it is best to review their priorities in life and try a different way of perceiving the unpleasant situations. It is often very difficult, but worth striving to achieve.

In addition, to reduce the tension you can take a little vacation, go on a trip. After a hard day of work, it is recommended to go to relax with friends or just take a hot bath. Any activity that contributes to the diversion of the attention of men with their problems more pleasant moments, remains the best antidepressant.

The ineffectiveness of all these aspects, you can sign up to the psychiatrist. He will be able to find the real cause of the problem and advise you how to resolve it.

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that natural ways to increase sexual potency in men, there are. In most cases, to use it efficiently you need a serious will for change, that must come from the own representative of the stronger sex. All you need of men to want to!