In how many years normally begins to decrease the power

There are different opinions about the age at which the rate of deterioration of the power that is manifested with a new strength. Someone thinks that this capacity is maintained until old age, and some realize they already in the middle ages, the years will produce negative change. So why is this happening? What are the causes of the reduction of the power? How to improve it? What factors can negatively affect the health of the men?

When the function is reduced

when the function is reduced

Every day, the man is exposed to the external factors that most influence negatively on their wellbeing. The power reduction is mainly related to hormonal background. When you reduce the level of male sex hormones can reach the menopause.

Not all men can boast of his fertility in old age. Even so you can sometimes hear the news that someone has become a father in the 70's and 80's years. In most cases, the power reduction is carried out after the age of 50. In the speed with which will lead to impotence, many factors come into play, and more often that the man can have an impact on this indicator.

The causes of the reduction of the sexual activity

As has already been mentioned, that of men comes impotence, when changes occur in the formulation of the sex hormones. Even the healthy of the representatives of the stronger sex after 30 years of age each year, the level of testosterone decreases by about 1%. If the man does not save himself and is subjected to some risks, the changes occur much earlier, and does not come from the impotency. Age is not always a key factor.

Having examined the causes of the reduction of the power, you can prolong considerably the duration of a normal sexual activity. Impotence in men can begin by the following factors:

  • wrong image of the life;
  • the disease of the body;
  • stress and obesity;
  • did the job well.

The influence of life-styles

the influence of life-styles

Sometimes men little watch their physical health and enable you to regulate the overload. Lack of sleep influences the hormone level, and gradually this leads to the reduction of power. If you have problems with the sex life, it is worthwhile to pay attention to your schedule. In it, the load should be alternated with rest and sleep should be drawn due attention!

Man, the power also depends on whether there is life in the place of harmful habits.

The smoke of tobacco, drugs and immoderate consumption of alcohol affects health of men. Especially often impotence problems, are developed in the beer lovers. In large measure this is because this drink increases the level of the woman and reduces the concentration of male hormones.

To delay the onset of impotence, we need to make sure of what medications you take the man. The reception of artificial testosterone gradually blocks normal production of the hormone. This makes the age of the impotence occurs earlier.

The disease

Erectile function affects not only the disease of the genital organs and hormonal disorders. Often, the problems of impotence, occur in men, that even old age away, but suffer from these diseases:

  • acquired diabetes mellitus;
  • a stroke;
  • vascular problems;
  • inflammation of diverse organs of the urinary system.

Not to mention the sexually transmitted disease. Because some of them, the power can be not only faster and lower, but and to disappear completely. The sharp drop in sexual activity can also occur due to the irregularity of sexual contact or in the case of the disease of arthritis.

The impact of stress and obesity

For senile impotence came later that soon, the man due to the young age to ensure their emotional state. You should not allow the failures of nerve, prolonged depressions. You have to be able to focus on the positive.

If the work elicits strong negative emotions, it is worth remembering that health is more important and, perhaps, change the nature of the employment. The right mood will affect not only sexual sphere of life, but in the whole state of your body.

Despite the power and age are closely related, plays an important role in the feeding style of the men. Obesity makes the body is more weak. The important place that must occupy the moderate exercise. You must avoid the sedentary lifestyle and the consumption of large amount of fatty foods.

As influenced by the type of work

as influenced by the type of work

Problems with impotence often begin in men, who have long worked in the production, where they had to deal with chemicals. Due to the influence of the toxins can be seen the activity of the whole organism, including the work of the genital organs.

What are the symptoms of the disease

About knowing at what age begins the impotence, the problem can be observed at an early stage. The man should listen to your body, to the time to help you. As you know, a little bit of power-lifting as possible, even in old age.

If the man starts impotence, symptoms may include:

  • the weak erection;
  • the disappearance of morning erection;
  • the delay of the arrival of the ejaculation;
  • diminishing sensations;
  • incomplete increase of the swelling of the penis.

Begins advanced age should not be the sole cause of the decrease in sexual activity. To maintain the capacity of fertility depends in great measure of the man, and impotence may be postponed until old age. Knowing the number of years for men to often problems arise and, by realizing which of them can be avoided, it should be competent to take care of your health.

The recovery of sexual activity in old age

As has been demonstrated by some studies, the increase of the power in old age is possible! This is due to the decrease of the power can begin, not only by the changes of age, but also by the lifestyle improper and ill habits of the person.

Many men do not seek to get closer to solving the problem with the professional point of view and not directed to the doctors. They believe that the impotence has the right to exist, and she can't do anything. In reality, there are now techniques of treatment to help the man to support the health of the sexual system, thanks to which it retains the power.

Knowing what is the minimum age you can maintain the ability to have sexual intercourse, the man must take care of your way of life. To maintain health, it is important to lead an active lifestyle, exercise, wise eating, and lead regular sexual life. Keeping the general tone of the body, you can feel safe and fully every day until the old age!