Classification of drugs

Classification препоратов

All of the funds for the increase of the power can be divided into two main types. The rating takes into account the speed and characteristics of the action of drugs. It is distinguished from these groups:

Selective inhibitors of the.

This includes the famous Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, in addition to many others. The medications for erection of quick action. Inhibitors contribute to the activation of certain enzymes, which leads to the relaxation of the muscles of penis. It strengthens the inflow of blood to the body of the penis and it hardens. The erection begins almost immediately after taking the pill, a synagogue and a couple of hours. Then everything goes back to start his own.

Dietary supplements, homeopathic remedies. The developers of these medications taken too much of this alternative medicine, taking into account the impact of the popular media of the male power. Badi act much slower than that of the inhibitors, but in a more systematic way. Accelerating the metabolism, normalizes the blood flow, affect beneficially on the nervous system, strengthen the body in general, contribute to the improvement of the erection.

Important! Selective inhibitors have many contraindications and side effects, while dietary supplements are very safe, because its basis of natural components.

Contraindications and side effects

To those who have made a choice in favor of the inhibitors Viagra, you should know that the drugs improve the erection, can take is not for everyone. Contraindications the list of contraindications varies depending on which tool it is. But, in general, we can distinguish the following "taboo". The majority of the inhibitors is contraindicated when:

  • you are hypersensitive to the components that enter into the composition;
  • cardiovascular diseases, ischemia, hypertension, hypotension, collapse, strokes and heart attacks); damaged anatomical of the penis; poor clotting of the blood;
  • the pathology of the kidneys, the liver, the organs of the digestive tract (e.g., duodenal ulcer 12);
  • serious dysfunction of the nervous system;
  • the Crohn's disease.

Prior to the application of funds for the strengthening of the power, they should consult with the doctor. But even if it is a healthy person may experience the side effects of the drugs on the group of the inhibitors. Are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, weakness, seizures, skin rash, swelling of the nasal mucosa, disorders of the eye.

Attention! Is very common most common complication in the reception of such medicines is a psychological addiction, when without pills, the man is not his sexual life. By doing so, a physical, according to data from the tool to the erection not cause.