The recovery of sexual potency in men at home

The weakening of the erectile function often the modern man. This phenomenon is due to different causes, but is most common after the age of 50, because with the years the human beings are delayed by the processes of change, bother chronic pathology. The recovery of sexual potency in men requires an integrated approach: the reception of the prepared medicated and homeopathic medicines, the review of the food and the regular execution of special exercises. The recovery of the power they contribute to and popular recipes.

the recovery of sexual potency in men

How to restore sexual potency in men

To return an erection, it is first necessary to understand why it has been lost. Often, after you fix the irritating factor health of men is normalized automatically. What are the reasons which can decrease the sexual power in men? The most likely factors of reduction of the excitation pulses is:

  • smoking;
  • of drugs;
  • alcohol;
  • obesity;
  • diseases of the urinary system, prostatitis;
  • the violation hormonal;
  • inappropriate behaviour of the woman (the sexual partner);
  • the cardiovascular disease;
  • the presence of depressive states;
  • lesions in the brain;
  • the inflammation of the prostate;
  • wrong sex education.

Home remedies to increase sexual potency in men

Before taking an interest in how to increase potency in men through the media, you should consult with your doctor, as the decrease of erection can be a symptom of some disease (diabetes mellitus, parkinson's disease, epilepsy and others). In addition, the components of infusions and broths tend to be the reason for allergic manifestations. Well help you cope with a bad impotency in house conditions for therapeutic baths. The essence of the process consists in the alternation of the hot water and cold water to the bottom of the body. The duration of the session is of 15 minutes.

Effectively the recovery of sexual potency in men, historical and popular recipe. Ingredients honey and nuts. A tablespoon of product of beekeeping is mixed with 100 grams of chopped walnuts. Of honey with a mixture of peanut butter can be used not only as a medicine for the recovery of the erection, but also as a treat or a snack at tea time. For the treatment of the power that men should take the tool before you go to sleep by 1 tbsp

The grass of the masculine force

Herbalists say that the application of the plant components in the treatment of any illness, it is more natural to the body than the use of chemicals. The nature offers to men a lot of herbs, have a positive influence on sexual potency. Them concern:

  • st. john's wort;
  • hawthorn;
  • chinese lemongrass;
  • thyme;
  • the stinging nettle;
  • the sage;
  • the rbano silvestre;
  • the cumin;
  • the aloe.

Natural medicine offers to prepare infusions and decoctions of the most varied recipes. The most common form of receipt for the recovery of the power – on cooking. Stimulate the prostate in men better than Viagra. They are made of the drug in the classic scheme: several herbs taken in equal amounts and then 1 tablespoons of the mixture of sealed cup of boiling water, insist 20 minutes, then cooled, filtered, and used during the day. The course of recovery of the power herbal – up to solve the problem.

Products that enhance the sexual power

the recovery of sexual potency in men drug

Improve sexual creditworthiness will help some products which include vitamins and trace elements that improve the sexual power. On the menu men must always be present in the fish and seafood and vegetables. In the biosynthesis of testosterone involves the fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, which in large quantities contained in the composition of the mackerel, flatfish, salmon, oysters, shrimp, squid. Among the vegetables for the recovery of sexual potency in men, deserve the attention of:

  • col;
  • carrots;
  • asparagus;
  • arc;
  • the celery;
  • radishes;
  • the beet;
  • the garlic.

Pharmacologically, the increase of the power

Medicines for the recovery of the power like men more. To take pills easier than to lead a healthy life, and the result is reached more quickly. The list of medicines market represents a large amount of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They are distinguished by the manufacturer, the price, the time of exposure and the dose, but the principle of action of all the tablets, contribute to a rapid excitation, regardless of the age of the men. Popular medications for erection recovery:

The treatment of impotence, homeopathy

How to return the power with the help of alternative medicine? Homeopathy is especially recognized for solving impotence caused by stress or other psychological factors. The technique of exposure homeopathic remedies is characterized by the regular use of the minimum dose. Same drugs are obtained through the synthesis of substances of minerals, plants, and animals. The recovery of sexual potency in men through of them occurs, as a rule, in the period of 1-2 months.

The methods to increase the power

The modern medicine recommends to restore sexual potency in men to apply the psychotherapy. Strong decrease of the erectile function in 20% of cases can be explained by nerve disorders. The main goal of the therapy helps for the man to get rid of the failures of sex through the overcoming of fear. Psychological correction of problems is more effective in the physical complex of the exhibition. The doctor often sends a patient to a massage of the organs of the sexual system. The physical impact improves circulation, increases the sensitivity of the penis.

A healthy lifestyle

As to quickly restore the power by reviewing the systems of life? To restore the health of the men does not necessarily cooking broths and taking pills. The power influences the ecology, diet, physical activity and hygiene. There are five rules of a healthy life style, which will help to restore erection without the intervention of the doctors:

  1. Bad habits. You should take the minimum amount of alcohol, stop using drugs and smoking.
  2. With proper nutrition. In the diet of men should be sufficient amount of potassium, magnesium, proteins and carbohydrates.
  3. The physical effort. The sedentary life leads to impotence, since it causes a restriction of blood flow to the organs of the pelvis.
  4. The level of cholesterol. It violates the circulation of blood in the genitals and clogs the vessels.
  5. Less fat. Fatty foods in the man causes atherosclerosis, the main symptom that is the lack of power.
the recovery of sexual potency in men which cannot be

Exercises for the recovery of the power

If all the days do special exercises, the recovery of the power happens faster. During the time of execution of a complex of movements raises the tone of the muscles of the whole body of men, what causes a positive effect on the reproductive system. Exercises for the recovery of the erection:

  1. Stretch all four legs. Take the proper stance, with the hands at face level support on the ground and the hips, place under the pelvis. As you exhale push the hips to the heels, without bending the hands, on the inspiration back again.
  2. The uprising. Stand up with falling down with the hands. The legs separated, to inspire slowly, without stress, without bending. The maximum bend down, lean forward, take the hand between the legs. After a pause, exhale slowly back to his position.
  3. The pendulum of the pelvis. Legs apart widely and flex to the knees and the buttocks do not become a level. Then a pause, and then perform the movement of the pelvis forward and backward, changing speed.

Penis prosthesis

In severe cases, the doctors suggest man penile prosthesis. It is a surgical operation that, in the structure of the tissues and muscles of penis are introduced implants. On the characteristics of the prosthesis are divided into elastic, semi-rigid and hydraulic. The most affordable is the first choice. Elastic silicone set on the inside of the penis. If the man does not need to aroused by the authority, it is pressed against the thigh, underwear, bed linen. Most modern – hydraulic implants, which work under pressure. In the adductor installed the pump, and in the scrotum – water pump.

Empty the recovery method of the power

There are several instruments for the recovery of the power. Good is considered to be the vacuum treatment. For the erection of treatments change. The essence of the method: the penis is put in a container connected to the pump. When the air is blown to the pressure in the flask, a vacuum is created. The penis of the men of the internal pressure of the blood swells, it creates an artificial erection. After several sessions of the blood vessels in the of men in the body to clean, they are elastic, restores the power.

The diet for sexual power of men

Proper nutrition plays an important role in the recovery of the power. Men and women need to choose products with the least amount of animal fats. Special influence on the sexual power they have vitamins of group b, included in the requesn, egg, wheat, buckwheat, rye flour, lots of fruits and vegetables. Men for the recovery of the power of the dietitians recommend that you reduce your meat consumption, replacing animal protein in vegetables. In place of the meat, it is better to take in the food of legumes, nuts, dried fruit, cereals, fruits and vegetables.