The 17 natural means and techniques to increase the power in the men in the home

Sexual power is the ability of the body to the men to intimacy with your partner.

the improvement of sexual potency in men

Depends on it the following:

  • the speed of onset of erection in the man;
  • the duration of marriage games in the bed.
  • the emancipation;
  • itself the opportunity to actively participate to maintain sexual relations and many other small details.

Let's see in detail our topic on how to increase male potency natural ways after 40 years of age or even at a younger age.

Because now this disease often can be found to the young people.

1. Set the list of very negative effects on your health of men

Which can adversely affect the male power:

  1. the sedentary lifestyle;
  2. frequent stress and nervous tension;
  3. weight problems;
  4. reduction of the testosterone in the body;
  5. the reception of the different steroids for building muscle;
  6. the age and the offensive male menopause;
  7. the consumption of tobacco;
  8. the abuse of alcoholic beverages;
  9. diseases of the cardiovascular system, the endocrine system, the glndula thyroid;
  10. diabetes mellitus;
  11. a lot of the withdrawal;
  12. the sudden changes of temperature;
  13. the suppression of your libido, due to the incorrect psychological beliefs about the near.

Dismantled in the cause of the appearance of those disorders, then it will be easier to resolve the questions on how to increase the potency in men after 45 years of remedies.

2. Eat foods with special needs, vitamins for masculine strength

Your body should consume enough amount of B vitamins, C, E in the day, as well as zinc, selenium and other minerals.

What products contain these substances and which is useful for masculine strength?

Are rich in zinc

  • seafood;
  • oysters;
  • squid;
  • shrimp;
  • nuts;
  • the fish;
  • peas;
  • grapes;
  • the turnip;
  • the flesh;
  • the liver.

They are rich in selenium

  • eggs;
  • garlic;
  • tomatoes;
  • apples;
  • col;
  • the corn;
  • rye bread.

They are rich in vitamin C

  • the parsley;
  • carrots;
  • col;
  • citrus fruits;
  • the berries of a dogrose;
  • black currant.

They are rich in vitamin B

  • the cottage cheese;
  • the kefir;
  • the cheese;
  • the curd;
  • other different products of milk.

They are rich in vitamin E

  • green onion;
  • vegetable oil;
  • the spinach;
  • the celery;
  • the yolk of the egg.

To incorporate into your diet these products, for less worry on the subject of how to improve the sexual power in the home remedies.

3. As is often to train the muscle of "love"

How to find this love muscle

  1. Try to stop the stream of pee in the toilet. It is precisely this tension in the pc muscle allows you to do this.
  2. When your manhood is in a position of alert is the tension of this muscle makes your authority swing.

Pros trained the muscles of love for men:

  • it appears the ability to restrain the eruption, the resistance in the bed.
  • the better blood circulation in the genital organs, are cleaned by causing congestion of the blood;
  • the amplification of the feelings with the beloved;
  • the improvement of the power;
  • the normalization of the testosterone in the body.

How to train

  1. Stretch this muscle in isolation from the other muscles first in short 2-3 seconds and gradually moving to long-on grips for 10 to 15 seconds. Intermediate relaxation lasts the same amount of tension.
  2. When your body is in a state of alert, put the top of the towel and then bounce the tension of a muscle of love. When there is a lot of fatigue, resume the compression later. It is also one of the techniques for the training of the muscles of kegel and release of experiences in the topic of how to improve the sexual power in the household after age 50 or 60.
  3. The training of the stop of the jet in the toilet.

The key to the success in the execution of these exercises is consistency and execution of the awareness.

4. Perform special exercises for the muscles of the pelvis

  1. Normal movement of rotation of the pelvis (the twirl of the pelvis in the different parties, keeping the hands on the waist and the feet flat on the level of the shoulders).
  2. Get up and reposition the pelvis, lying on the carpet, and supporting the hands and feet on the floor, bend at the knees (of the hand holding along the trunk).
  3. A bicycle (rotation movement of the foot as when riding a bicycle, we rely lying on his back on the floor, arms along the body and legs rotate).
  4. The elevation of the knee to the level of the shoulders at every step. There are two angles of elevation of the front knee, when the hands on the waist, and the other side of itself towards the shoulders high up to the temples with the hands (you can help yourself, slightly crouched reference of the foot).
  5. Boat (still in the womb, in the inhalation to lift and strip, hand-in-hand forward and rear leg delay back in the opposite direction, on the exhale the hands and feet sink). When the tension in your buttocks are relaxed and relax again.
  6. Squats (feet wide, shoulder-width apart, hands to the temples as if in shock of the technique during the battle, in the inhalation position and the tension of the muscles of the buttocks, breathing, relaxation and return to the initial position).

Why is it important

You need more physical activity within the pelvis, so that blood is well distributed in this area.

The more it is filled with blood, the male organ in the bed, the longer the erection is maintained.

Therefore, closed questions about how to increase potency in men in the home quickly and for the short term.

5. Don't miss to often the seed at the time of making love

The use of the

The advantages of the conservation of the seed after the bed:

  • a lot of energy in the body, the joy;
  • the conservation of the preparation for the sexual combat of the authority;
  • the preservation of the health of the body.

This does not mean that now, in general, can not do. To know the right frequency.

As often, this can be done in function of the age

Correct the dependency, when you can lose the seed in the bed, depending on the age:

the improvement of sexual potency in men the food
  1. you are 20 years old for 4 more days at once;
  2. enjoy 30 years for 8 days more than once;
  3. enjoy the 40 years by 10 more days of a time;
  4. has over 50 years of age by 20 days more than once;
  5. enjoy 60 years — can't lose the seed.

Remember about this function, follow it for less more to say about how to quickly improve your power prior to an act with the favorite of the girl.

This does not mean that now, after 50 years of age should refrain from near to the woman and to repress their desires. No, you have to also constantly making love with her, just don't bring the liquid work until the end! The constancy of love making is important for the health of men. Do not confuse the concepts.

If fast finish is the frequency of occurrence of a problem, in our site you can learn about how to get rid of quick ejaculation.

6. Use the secret positions

This is recommended to older people and younger people.

If you have a problem with the apathy of your male organ, and poor circulation of the blood, so that it is necessary to know the secret of positions.

What position is bad for those who suffers from the disease

In the position, when the woman up, the blood from the penis is easier to descend by the law of attraction, and therefore heavier to maintain an erection.

So use the power of attraction in your favor.

What position is best to use

  1. When she is in the womb, and you are standing on the feet or in the knees, but in a position above it.
  2. When she is on four legs, and is behind the woman.

Remember that the secret of the positions, to know much on the topic of how to improve the sexual power in the home for 1 day in men after 45 years of age or younger of the boys.

the improvement of sexual potency in men exercise

7. Paralysis of the authority on the basis of the

  • An advanced tab for the preservation of blood in men, the dignity is to compress its foundation, with a moderate force.
  • Therefore, it is created as if the deck, which prevented the exit of blood back into the body. Squeeze in a circle with the thumb and the index finger and the middle.
  • For example, to save the position of fighting for their dignity, when you put the tool of contraception, you can cover the base with half of the force as described above. So the blood is not going anywhere and to preserve combat readiness.

8. Popular methods of

  1. Carrot juice mixed with honey and drink three times a day 1/4 of a cup.
  2. The cabbage juice.
  3. Nuts and honey are mixed in equal proportion and drink of 2 teaspoons after eating 2 times a day. To improve the effect of all this taken along with milk.
  4. The tincture of medicines pulmonary. Its boiled in water in a ratio of 1 cup of 10 grams and drink 3 times a day.
  5. The pure juice of aloe used before meals 3 times a day for 1 teaspoon.
  6. The pumpkin seeds. For example, in the treaty or in pieces.
  7. Pine nuts, peanuts, pistachios or hazelnuts are also useful.
  8. Honey and other bee products.

10. Perform a self-massage

The massage should be done in arranged symmetrically, points of sale, which are responsible for male potency.

In what areas are these points

  1. In the feet, Achilles tendon;
  2. To the middle of the heel;
  3. In the interval between lower back and the tailbone closer to the backbone of two parts.

Do the regular massage of these points to the male enhancement of the strength.

To know at which points should influence, you complete your stock of practical knowledge on how to increase male power in the home, in 50 years or any other age.

Example massage of the achilles tendon

the improvement of sexual potency in men popular methods of
  • In a comfortable position, sitting take one of the legs to perform the massage of the fingers and the thumb of the achilles tendon.
  • Start to shred and massage you from top to bottom, a little to strengthen the pressure for about a minute.
  • Perform similar to friction with the second foot.
  • Then you must make slight pinching in the achilles tendon of both legs alternately around a minute. All of this stimulates the functioning of the sexual organs.

11. Use the ice method

  1. The idea is that they take a one pound normal ice, grind the ritalin, and ground.
  2. Then small pieces wrapped with gauze, and applies this to the different areas of your body and have 1 minute.
  3. First applied to the base of the skull, then the heart, and end up the area of the testicles. I have here an interesting approach on the topic of how the same increase in the power of 65 years of age of older or younger guys. About other similar on the subject of the methods which we have discussed in the article on the causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

12. Get rid of excess weight, if it exists

One of the main problems of the power is the excess weight of the muzhik.

It leads to obesity

It leads to obesity, belly fat and weight issues:

  • it decreases the level of testosterone in the body;
  • they produce the female sex hormones in the body;
  • appear to cardiovascular diseases, and poor circulation of the blood;
  • and all in all, a detrimental effect on the erection.

Therefore, be sure to be in the tone and observe the physical form.

13. How to get rid of bad habits

A negative effect on erectile function are:

the improvement of sexual potency in men bad habits
  • smoking;
  • alcohol, beer;
  • different psychotropic substances;
  • is harmful the coffee!

Get rid of these bad habits.

It is necessary to make a choice: do you want to eliminate the problem or continue to destroy yourself?

Make the right choice, you will know the answers to the questions on how to increase the potency in men, remedies, and what type of products it is best to use for this.

14. Take contrast showers and walks in the bathroom

  1. Hiking in the steam bath about two times a week will help you eliminate the problem. Goes into the steam bath every time during the walk in the bathroom, sitting in it for 10-20 minutes, 2-3 times, which will improve the circulation of blood in the body.
  2. Contrast shower before bedtime also improves the circulation of blood. It is better to change the temperature slowly and do not make sudden changes of fall of temperature.

15. Note of sleep patterns, and sleep well

  • The lack of sleep and drowsiness can negatively affect the health of the men and shakes the human psyche. Therefore, it is important to have a sleep of around 8 hours to sleep as it should.
  • It is known that there are different phases of sleep, and best of all man stack, if they serve a 22-or 23 hours.
  • Make sure that the windows were well-pelles, and did not leave the excess of light from the street. Scientists showed that in the darker part of the room, where there comes not a ray of light, the dream is sometimes better.
  • Sometimes it will be useful even for evening dress of a bandage on the eyes. This will help you to sleep well and will be removed restless thoughts about the way in which herbs increase sexual power in men or what tablet is best suitable for this.

16. Do not forget the natural ways of solving the problem of the

An active lifestyle and sport will improve the circulation of blood in the genitals. Especially it is recommended to that the fact that working on a computer or a lot sitting at work.

For example, the one that will be useful to you:

  • the cross-fit exercises;
  • running in the morning or at night;
  • the yoga;
  • the swimming;
  • jogging;
  • the massage.

17. Make sure emotional component, not to fall into a negative or depressive state

What you should take into account for a correct psychological setting:

  1. The fact that the negative, the stress and depression inhibit the reproductive function, and press.
  2. The essence of reproduction in the sense of comfort, inner harmony and excellent conditions for the seed are the main criteria.
  3. Choose your state. Take your state from the inside of itself, and not of the environment (state of around of always chaotic and messy).
  4. Gives more positive to the people, and will have to receive the same in the response (and if you are inducere in the world that is more negative, it is very deplete itself energetically).

And this is all. Now that you know the 17 instruments in the topic on how to increase male potency remedies and the power of attraction towards women.