What affects sexual potency in the male: causes of the reduction and ways to improve the

The power reduction occurs for different reasons. Today this problem is corrected, but the treatment can take a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to respond in a timely manner to the most minimal signs of power reduction. If before with this problem found in most men after forty, now it is much "younger" and becoming more and more prevalent in young people up to 25 years.

The causes of this phenomenon can be divided into two groups: physiological, psychological. Depending on the cause, methods of intervention differ significantly. Therefore, it is important to make a diagnosis and identify the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

The psychological causes of the reduction of the power

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Physiological causes of poor erection Methods of correction of the reduction of the power of the nutrition and physical activity Standardization of weight of the Normalization of sleep and Medications for the increase of the power of home remedies for the increase of the power

The psychological causes of the reduction of the power of the Decline of the sexual power at an early age, often due to psychological causes. The men in the age of 25-35 years are striving to reach a certain position in the society. The lack of a good night's sleep, long hours of work of day and to get enough sleep, sooner or later, will lead to a reduction of the sexual activity.

In the background, permanent overload at work exhausts the nervous system of men. First, it decreases the libido, and then and the power. In this case, not to resort to medical treatment, it is sometimes simply give up excessive loads and to establish a regime of work and rest.

To psychological reasons of the decline of the power are:

  • the situations of conflict in the workplace and in the family;
  • sleep disorders;
  • stressful situations;
  • harmful mental and physical load;
  • general discomfort;
  • complex;
  • depression;
  • the failure of the first sexual experience.

Transient sex life adversely affects the power. When rare sexual relations in the organs of the pelvis alters the circulation of the blood, which leads to a reduction of the power.

Important! The cause of the weak erection can be not only the lack of physical proximity, but also spiritual. The frequent scandals and misunderstandings between the spouses negatively in the android power.

Complex also does not allow the man to enjoy the sexual act. Too high concentration of lead partner for pleasure, can play a practical joke. In the worst time of the erection can abyss. In this case, it requires the consultation of a therapist, and he helped to get rid of the complexes.

Physiological causes of poor erection

After forty years of the endocrine system of men decreases the synthesis of testosterone, and the amount of the female hormone, estrogen increases significantly. This leads to the reduction of power.

Hormonal failure can occur in early ages. This contributes to the false image of life and the constant stress. Therefore, at the first sign of the reduction of the power comprises a blood analysis on a particular group of hormones.

Often, the cause of the decrease of the erectile function is converted into the cardiovascular disease. Neurological diseases may lead not only to a reduction of the power, but also alter the function of other organs and systems.

Physiological reasons for the decrease of the power are:

The state of the power affects the poor diet. A large amount of sugar and salt, fatty foods, convenience products and food rpidas have a negative impact on erectile function. You should also stop smoking and consume alcohol in moderation.

Methods of correction of the descent of the power

First, before you start the treatment, it is necessary to find the cause of the disorder. If the erectile dysfunction caused by psychological factors, it is enough to arrange the mode, day, and avoid stress. Often, doctors recommend in these cases, take a vacation and relax. A good night's sleep normalizes the functioning endocrine, genus and nervous system.

If the reduction of power be due to physiological causes, you must treat the underlying cause. The vascular obstruction is often resolved with surgical methods. Be prescribed a diet to reduce cholesterol levels.

Important! You must treat the cause of the disorder and do not eliminate the symptoms.

Good nutrition and physical activity

the power in men and physical activity
  • it is necessary to include in the diet foods that contain selenium, zinc, vitamins c, E and of the group;
  • not to abuse of the very acute and high-fat foods;
  • do not eat in excess.

The risk of a reduction of the power is reduced by 70%, if you exercise regularly. They are especially effective exercises to improve the erection.

With their help you train pubic-coccígeo the muscle and increases the circulation of blood in the organs of the pelvis.

Normalization of weight

The excess weight affects the production of testosterone. In the adipose tissue to form a female sex hormone ; estrogen. This leads to the alteration of the erection and the sexual desire. To reduce the weight, follow the diet and increase the physical effort.

The normalization of a sleep

Testosterone is produced only subject to the sleep mode. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Medications for the increase of the power

  • medications for systemic use .Stimulate the filling of the penis with blood;
  • the inhibitors of the phosphodiesterase.. Medications increase the blood flow to the cavernous bodies;
  • antidepressant ;
  • hormonal medications ; injections, testosterone patch, the pill.

Home remedies for the increase of the power

Tincture of ginseng root with honey. Mix 350 g of honey and half a tablespoon of root crushed. Again and middle of the week. Take a teaspoon three times a day.

The dye increases the power and the synthesis of testosterone.

The infusion of nettle. A tablespoon of dry grass pour a glass of boiling water. Drink before the meal at three in the reception. Consume immediately before intercourse. Improves erection and sexual desire.

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Mixture of nuts and honey. Mix the walnuts with honey in equal proportions. The mixture, take one tablespoon three times a day, half an hour after the meal, for a month.

For impotence problems, you should not eat well, getting rid of bad habits and lead an active life.