Thor-the rating of the best in the year 2018 funding for the sexual potency of men

What to do to improve sexual health? The majority of men do not know how to behave correctly in this situation, to what doctor to go to. According to the surveys, less than 5% of the respondents come to the appointment with the urologist. The care of the power – the care of the health.

Home remedies for the increase of the power.

home remedies

Bad habits harmful external factors (environment, stress, depression, problems in personal life) – causes of the weakening of the health of men. Reaching 50 years of aliens, many men take home remedies for the increase of the power, consider herbal methods of treatment harmless in comparison with medicines. Before you start the treatment remedies review the life style and resolve the factors that have driven the disease. The reduction of the power lead:

  • alcohol and their negative effects on the health of men;
  • the habit of smoking. Chemical components that enter into the composition of the cigarettes, have a negative influence on the production of testosterone.
  • Inadequate feeding (excess of consumption of fats and fried foods) diminishes the sexual power.
  • Stress, personal problems do not add to the health of men.

Impotence problems, will cause disease:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • epilepsy.
  • atherosclerosis and disease of the blood vessels;
  • infections of the urinary system.

The most effective home remedies treatment of the power

In the ranking of drugs for sexual potency in men ten popular media:


It is rich in nutrients, which increase male potency. A depressant of the central nervous system. The inclusion in the diet of each day — the prevention of diseases, male, cheerful mood.

9. St. john's wort

The tool for the reinforcement of the immunity, improve the sexual potency of men. Cooking it is recommended to drink half a cup three times a day. St. john's wort — the tool that strengthens, that will be necessary, laxative medicines.

8.The stinging nettle

Is used for the increase of the power. Helps to restore erectile function, increases libido. Use in the form of broths, herbal teas, added to salads. The decoction of nettle, improves the metabolism and stimulates the sexual function. Infusion of herbs is used three times a day before meals, the recommended dose is one third of the cup. Contraindications – disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

The natural dye of the honey, the seeds of nettle, red wine (the proportion of the components of the same) be taken before sexual contact. The infusion improves the erection, increases the length of sexual contact.

7. Ginkgo Biloba

The plant in china. The components that are part, improve circulation, heal the inflammatory processes. The course of treatment — three months.

Of the leaves of the culture, prepares the dye. 50 g of the leaves of ginko Biloba pour in a bottle of vodka and insist in a dark place for 14 days. Taken before meals three times a day for 20 drops.


Helps to combat impotence. Selenium, which enters in the composition, produces testosterone, molybdenum is a stimulant of the sexual function of men.

5. Honey

It is rich in zinc, vitamins B, E, necessary for the prostate. After the ingestion of honey, drink a glass of warm milk for a better result.

4. Ginseng

Stimulates sexual potency. Promote the support of the libido. Normalizes testosterone and erection.

3. Hop tea

An alternative to the pills to improve potency. 1 tablespoon of pineapple-cut, fill in with the boiling water, they survive to a simmer for five minutes. Consume three times a day, by the half of the glass.


Pistachios, walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds stimulate the libido. In the presence of iron and zinc, which you need masculine strength.



The herb of passion. The reception of the media contributes to the improvement of the circulation, the expansion of the blood vessels. Inhibits the accumulation of cortisol, called the problems with the erection, strengthens the immune system.

Home remedies for the enforcement of power is a good way to give back to the health of men.

The list of "stock of the grandmother of" methods for male enhancement of the ability more wide, are mentioned the most popular.

How to prepare safe herbal preparations?

10 recipes for the increase of the power

Recipe no. 1.On the basis quinquefolia

Roots dry, grind, flooding the 70% alcohol in a ratio of 1:5. Store in an airtight container in the dark. Stir once in a while. After 10 days strain. Taken two times a day before meals with a spoon, adding more water. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

Recipe no. 2. On the basis of ginseng

1 part ginseng root, pour 2 parts vodka. In closed vessel 10 days to keep in the darkness, in times of turmoil. How to use: in the interior, before meal three times a day for 20 drops of water.The dye we accept month.

Recipe no. 3. On the basis of nuts

Shake a cereal of nuts with honey in the same proportion. How to use: after 30 minutes after taking the food by 2 teaspoonfuls three times a day, drink milk. The medication for about a month.

Recipe no. 4. On the basis of vegetable

Mix the parsley and cilantro in the same proportions. Grind.A spoonful of vegetation mix with the food. Consume constantly.

Recipe no. 5. On the basis of garlic

Kilo of chopped garlic pour the hot water in a three-liter bank. A closed container and stored in the dark for nearly a month, shaking every day. Bred 1 teaspoon of the infusion in a glass of milk. Receive on a daily basis.

Recipe no. 6. On the basis of the onion

Pour 1 tablespoon of cream of onion a glass of boiling water, survive in a water bath 15 minutes. Filter. Reception: 2 to 3 times for 20 minutes before the food intake of half of the glass.

Recipe no. 7. Based thyme

Prepare tea using 3 pieces of dried inflorescences of the plant and 1 tablespoon of black tea. Pour boiling water, insist within 7 minutes.Filter. By I want to add the honey.

Recipe no. 8. On the basis of honey and aloe.

Prepare the balm. Take 500 g of honey and red wine (16-17°). Grind the leaves of 3-5 years of aloe, not water until srezki 5 days. The ingredients are mixed and stored in the refrigerator for 5 days. Before the use of the filter.

Taken 1 hour before meals three times per day for 1 teaspoon. After a week gradually increase the dose to 1 tablespoon. The course of treatment – month. Interruption of treatment is 10 days. You repeat the treatment.

Recipe no. 9. On the basis of the choir

the aira

Crushed 2 tablespoons of the root of calamus, pour vodka (150 ml). Insist on a period of 3 days. Consume three times a day for 10 drops. It is recommended that after 50, 60 years.

Recipe no. 10. On the base of the pumpkin

Pumpkin seeds, grind. Add the honey. The equality of the ratios of the products. Reception: 5-6 times per 1 tablespoon.

Improving sexual potency or treatment without medication

The increase of the power is used not only for medicines, the therapy without medications. Nutrition, vitamins, recreation and practice of physical culture will reflect positively on the sexual health.

The power in the increase of the power

The treatment of the power without medications combined with a diet. In the diet to the availability of the products, improve the health of men. Are divided into harmful and helpful. The coffee belongs to the first group. Cocoa.

The power to protect the potatoes and the pasta, muffin. The excess calories will not be consolidated, the men of opportunities, and exhibits kilograms superfluous in the hips and the abdomen. Sausages with the E-additives will not improve the sexual ability. The consumption of sodas, energy drinks is the cause of the development of diabetes, heart problems, obesity. Alcohol dependence leads to erectile dysfunction.

In the menu available:

  • nuts, vegetable oils, oil seeds;
  • the vegetable;
  • berries, vegetables, fruits;
  • dairy products;
  • the fish and the seafood, the meat;
  • an egg.

Boletus employ mismatches sexual. Recipe: grind 500 g of white dry mushrooms into powder, pour 2 tablespoons of vodka, add 2 tablespoons of sugar. Add the water, so you have a thick puree. Take two times a day for 1 tbsp Recipe is counted in the course of treatment.

We do not forget water. Drink 1.5 liters of purified water per day. Remember: juice, lemonade, sweet drinks – not water.

Attention! To make a man of sexual exploitation to prepare a cocktail: add the peppers (red, black, chili, white) in a glass of tomato juice, add the garlic, the horseradish, and mustard. Stir well. Cocktail acts with safety.

Vitamins for masculine strength


The vitamins and minerals that help to strengthen the body and improve the functioning of the various organs. Contribute to the normalization of male sexuality, regain the erection. Vitamin a — To strengthen the immune system, in the resumption of the intimate life. Source — pumpkin seeds and chicken egg yolk, cod liver and carrots.

Vitamin B1 – for the stimulation of the cerebral circulation, the resistance, the normalization of sleep. Contains in meat of pork, beans, bran, and potatoes. Vitamin B6 – stabilizing the activity of the nervous system, it produces the serotonin is the happiness hormone. Found in eggs and bananas, fish and seafood, and carrots, and sunflower seeds. Vitamin B3 acts in the brain activity, circulation of the blood. They are rich in sugar beet, peanuts, marine fish. Vitamin B9 — responsible for the normal sexual life. Source — citrus fruits, the cheese, the parsley and the celery.

Vitamin C feeds on the blood of the sexual organs, strengthens the libido. Employing the vegetables and the tomato, cabbage and citrus fruits, rosehips and black currant, paprika. Vitamin D helps produce testosterone, which is responsible of erection and quality of sperm. High content of dairy products, eggs and cod liver oil fat.

The vitamin E makes that the norm for sexual health. Allows for the production of testosterone, and the aging of the sperm. It is obtained from flour, meal and bran, milk and meat, spinach and vegetable oils, nuts, and seeds. Minerals: calcium and magnesium, selenium and zinc contribute to the solution of problems in male.

Physical education is a tool of activation of the power

The physical exercises help to improve and / or restore sexual potency. It normalizes the blood supply of the pelvis, improve the production of sex hormones, reduce the capacity of development of atherosclerosis, improves the sexual power of men. Serve it swimming, running, yoga, walking. Strengthening exercises of the muscles of the pelvis. Not difficult exercises. Perform a circular rotation of the pelvis tilts towards the underneath part of the strength of each man.

The rest is a tool of stabilisation of the power

If a man is tired or in a state of stress, sex can be forgotten. The decreased sexual desire negatively to the negative power, so remember to full rest. Steam and the fishing, the trip out to sea or on a journey, a walk in the woods for mushrooms and berries, all the changes in the sanatorium. It is not a complete list, as rest and regain his strength.