The increase of potency in men after the age of 50

With age increases the likelihood of developing diseases of the urinary system, leading to the degradation of the sexual function in men. This is especially true for people over the age of 50 years.

In this age the body is more susceptible to the development of different pathologies and disorders, the decline of resources of the agency. Therefore, an urgent issue, how to carry out an improvement of sexual potency in men after age 50.

The violation of the erection with age

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Some of the most common of the disorders that appear next to the representatives of the stronger sex, are the disorders of the sexual function.

Statistics half of people over the age of 50 years, suffers from such disease. When you do this, the older man becomes, the greater will be the likelihood of its development.

The reduction of power after the age of 50 occurs due to pathological changes of the age of nature, that are observed in the body.

With 45 years of age, in violation begin to develop faster. For example, the probability that the person will impotence, to 40 is 5%, but in the 70 years since the order of 20%. This tells the multitude of studies conducted in the united states.

The reason for the rapid decrease of the potency in men after 50 years of obeying to the following factors:

  • Age changes in the form of weakening of muscle tone, as well as the elasticity of cells and tissues.
  • The development of different pathologies.
  • As a by-product of the action of one of the drugs, that in this period increasingly requires the adoption of measures.

Hormonal restructuring

According to the investigation, after 45 years of age occurs the decrease in the testosterone in the body, due to the lower of their production. As a result there occurs an increase of the female sex hormones.

But this is just one of the reasons for this phenomenon. Another factor is the decrease of the elasticity of the collagen fibers that form a white layer on the inside of the penis.

Also there is atrophy of the smooth muscles that are part of the penis.

As a result of the replacement of collagen 3 on the collagen of the 2 also occurs the development of erectile dysfunction. Here, due to the decrease of the elasticity, as well as the sensitivity you have cavernous taurus.

Worth knowing! The decreased elasticity may cause ischemic changes in all the smooth muscles located in this area.

Change in the penis

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Other causes, due to which we observe a weak performance of the men of 50 years, are the biochemical and physiological alignment penis. It decreases the level of their sensitivity to mechanical stresses due to the reduction in the number of neurons, capable of carrying out the synthesis of nitric oxide.

In addition, we observe a deterioration of the cavernous hemorrhage. The age cannot be considered as one of the causes of the reduction of the power, which only increases the likelihood of developing diseases of the genitourinary system.

The reduction of the power of the primary cause of the hypertension, if there is that decreases the amount of NO. This substance (oxide of nitrogen) needed by the organism for the erection.

This happens due to the decrease in the activity of the enzyme that is responsible for its synthesis. Other causes include ischemic heart disease, the development of arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis of the arteries.

The pathology of the mindset, the diabetes mellitus

The category of psychogenic reasons, the main factor of the erection disorders are considered to be depression. And here is the chance of developing diabetes with age only increases, and depends on the level of sugar found in the blood.

When there is an illness, increases the possibility of damage to the nerves, as well as the small blood vessels that go to the sex and to the authority. The high content of sugar in the blood causes glycosylation of the epithelium, so that also decreases the production of NO in the body.

More than half of the representatives of the stronger sex over the age of 50 years suffer from prostate hypertrophy, which leads to impaired erectile function. Is the disease of this organ is considered the most frequent factor causing the sexual impotence and, in consequence, the impotence.

Remedies against impotence

To increase sexual potency in old age, is required to consider the tools designed to improve the formulation of the hormone testosterone and increase the income of blood to the genitals, to contribute to the erection. However, its use by physicians is assigned only in extreme cases, due to their short-term nature, the effect, and the high probability of addiction.


When the man is there of erectile dysfunction, but does not diminish the sexual desire, the doctors treat patients the use of inhibitors of pde-5. But its drawback is the short-term effect of the application. These medicines can't be used as long-term therapy, since they provide only for the situation of the erection.

The main part of high-performance drugs can improve erectile function by increasing the intensity of the circulation of the blood. This causes increased blood pressure levels, severe headaches and other negative effects.

To prevent the possible development of such reactions in the body, requires the use of natural products, or give preference to synthetic drugs.


Medicines, made from natural ingredients, even though they have little action, but it is also used to increase potency in men after age 50. But they do not allow to solve the complete problem of erectile dysfunction. This is because in the presence of serious pathologies of the drugs don't help.

Methods of treatment


In addition to the use of drugs to increase the potency of 50 years, it is necessary to stabilize the sleep mode, power, as well as periodically conduct special exercises.

If you do not have a serious illness, to improve erectile function it is necessary to perform these simple steps:

  • sporting activities (gymnastics and flight simulators);
  • the assistance to a session of massage;
  • the adjustment of the diet, the designation of dietetic foods.


One of the options of alternative medicine, with which you can restore the health of the men after the age of 50 is the of the acupressure. Its goal is the stimulation of the circulation of the blood, which is held in the pelvic area, as well as the increased sensitivity of genital.

Normally, the procedure is carried out by the specialist in the hospital, but it can be done at home, in the following order:

  • First, the order of the 5 minutes it is necessary to shred the lumbar area of the palms of the hands.
  • Next order of 10 seconds with circular movements, massage of 3 points that lie in the sacrum.
  • Then flex the palms of the hands, the feet, after that bend the fingers in the order of 10 seconds of a point, located in the center of the stop. One of them is found to the heel, and the second along with the egg yolks in the top of the foot.


Another method, that of raising the power after the age of 50 is the regular exercise. It is especially important that we discussed the muscles located in the pelvic area, and also used the exercises that cause the body's production of testosterone, that is to say, the power of the load.

To keep in good condition gluteal-femoral muscle necessary to carry out the intimate of the gym. Such exercises enable you to recover the erection and normalize the health of the urinary system.

To this end, we apply the following basic exercises:

  1. Sitting on a flat surface, stretch the legs, after you move in that position, sitting on the buttocks. You will require 3 focus, consist of 30 such steps.
  2. Foot to do 20 lifts of legs in the part of 3 sets.
  3. Do "birch", and to be in this position for 3 to 10 minutes. Perform 3 sets.
  4. Standing to make the effect of the tilt from side to side. It requires 20 slopes to do in all 4 parts of 3 sets.

Healthy eating

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In order to increase male potency in old age requires you to adjust your diet. He has a significant impact not only on the hormonal status, but in the state of the cardiovascular system and blood flow in general.

For this reason it is necessary that in the diet of a sufficient number of the following elements:

  • The zinc is part of seafood, nuts, and pumpkin seeds.
  • The vitamins of different groups, as well as fats omega 3 and 6 contained in fish, fruits and vegetables.
  • The animal protein.

Important! The portions should be small and frequent meals. When you do this, it is important not to eat in excess.

Alternative methods of

In addition, apply a variety of tools and accessories, in order to increase the sexual power after 50 years.

The sense of acupuncture consists of placing in certain parts of the body, special fine needles, which help to control the energy flows. Thanks to this, the faster you solve a variety of diseases of the genitourinary system.

If to speak about the violations of erectile function, in this case, needles are placed around the abdomen, back and extremities. Fixed issues with erectile function after return of the energy of the flow in the correct direction.

To restore the sexual function, are also used in vacuum pump. That by creating a negative pressure inside the unit causing the relaxation of the vessels of the penis, which causes it to fill with blood.

In this case, a certain time is maintained, created by the erection that provides constrictive ring. This is due to the barrier to the reflux of the blood. This tool is not a treatment, and only temporarily allows you to artificially raise the sexual organ.