Products for the power - that give to eat to the men to increase libido, the list of recipes

Accelerated pace of life, the refusal of the environmental situation, regulating the stress are able to break the health of even the strongest of men. Adverse factors affecting the power of the representatives of a strong half of humanity. To avoid problems in the sexual sphere will help to a proper diet. Useful products for the power and an active lifestyle will help the man to always forget the problems in the intimate sphere, directly impact the physical and mental health.

products for sexual power in men of quick action

That such a power

Since ancient times, the masculine strength appreciated for his ability to continue. Today the word "power" has a broader meaning. Modern man not only is it important to get to be a father, but sexy and satisfy a woman. In sexology, power good has the following characteristics:

  • the ability to respond to the companion and get the satisfaction;
  • the duration of the sexual relationship;
  • the speed of the appearance of erectile function;
  • the capacity of the ejaculation;
  • the quality of the sperm.

There is an increase of the power

The decrease of the erectile function not only creates problems in the intimate sphere, but collides with the male ego. However, the nature has been concerned about this problem, offering at the meal of useful products to enhance sexual potency in men. An extensive list of. To make a full sexual life, it is necessary to introduce in the diet foods that contain the vitamins of group B,E,A, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc. With the daily consumption increases the production of testosterone, which is beneficial to the strengthening of the masculine force.

Products that enhance the sexual power

Correct food for sexual power of men is not necessarily difficult in the preparation of dishes. Increase libido able to usual fruits and vegetables. It should not be forgotten that the benefits of the honey bee. The daily consumption in small amounts, especially in combination with other products, will increase the production of hormones that have a positive influence on sexual potency. It is worthwhile to pay attention to the condiments. It will strengthen the sexual activity of men, if we eat dishes flavored with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger. We will consider the natural aphrodisiacs that enhance the masculine force.


If you answer the question of which products are useful for male potency, first you should mention about the fruit. To prevent sexual impotence, it is recommended to eat each day the bananas, which are called "the fruits of the passion and sensuality". Pair of yellow fruit a day helps to regain the tone of the agency, will be given to the load with the sexual energy. Bananas are classified as aphrodisiacs that increase the sexual power. The daily diet of the men must be supplemented with another of those fruits, such as:

  • oranges, lemons, contribute to the formulation of the hormone testosterone;
  • apricots, easy to deal with reduction of libido;
  • the avocado, which is folic acid, which contributes to the length of the erection.

Dairy products

Nutritionists recommend consuming fermented milk products for the lifting power. Sour cream, curd, cream, milk and cheese are excellent helpers in the fight against the sexual dysfunction in men. Due to the presence of essential amino acids and vitamins, goat milk has an impact on the libido of a man. This tool has been tested for centuries. Goat milk, taken before bedtime, the egyptian pharaohs and the romans, the lords of war. To strengthen the daily recommended to drink two glasses in its purest form.

products for sexual potency in men fast-acting parsley


Stimulate your sexual energy and vegetables, such as garlic, carrot, turnip. Contribute to the circulation and rejuvenation of the body. Garlic works like magic of the apple from the story: increases the power, invigorates. It is rich in its composition vegetable contains vitamins D, c, B, essential oils, helpful trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids. For that the sexual impulse is necessary to include in the diet of the newly turnip. The combination of grated fresh carrot, the fruit is capable of freeing man of diseases of the genitourinary system, in just one month, the daily consumption.


It is known that the aphrodisiac reinforce and increase the libido. To refer them nuts – the products necessary for the increased power, you have to include in the daily menu of every man. They control the power of the sexual activity, regulate the mechanisms of ejaculation, of erection, excitation. In total, 50 grams of nuts a day allow man to live a sexual life. Contribute to the improvement of the sexual activity:

  • nuts;
  • almonds;
  • cashews;
  • pistachios;
  • peanuts;
  • the hazelnuts.

The vegetable

They are especially useful for the improvement of the power of celery, spinach, cilantro and parsley. They are rich in vitamin c, b1, b2, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. In parsley has apigenin, which inhibits the action of the female hormone estrogen, affecting adversely the sexual power. Celery is rich in zinc, and since this important trace mineral is responsible for the synthesis of testosterone, they can have a positive impact not only on erectile, but also on the reproductive function of men. The greens of the power the best of eating in the raw, because the heat treatment reduces the amount of useful substances.

The best products for the power

No less important are the foods to increase sexual potency in men of animal origin. Exclusively to the vegetarian food does not give you enough energy. Dishes of fish and meat, must also be in the diet of the men. The saturation of the body of the nutrients it is necessary to distribute the time of day. Thus, to increase the libido in the breakfast, it is necessary to consume foods rich in carbohydrates. At lunch it is better to get protein from food, and at dinner – easy vegetable. Complete nutrition designed to enhance the male power, is not possible without the inclusion in the diet of complex vitamin-mineral.

The meat

In the diet of men need not only in plant proteins, but also to animals. The meat is a product, which is the main element that generates the fabric. It is necessary for the health of the men, trace elements, vitamins, minerals (phosphorus, potassium, iron and others). The best option will be low-fat varieties: rabbit, chicken. What is the meat, well digested, contains a low level of harmful cholesterol, so I recommend to eat in many diets medicinal.

The stomach of a camel

In the east the stomach of a camel takes the 1st place among the products that increase the sexual power. This earned him, since the effect is not worse than Viagra, if this is not harmful to the body. Strong effect on the sexual function has the stomach of a camel arid special recipe. For the power this product is recommended to consume immediately before you start the sexual act. To increase the moment of libido, you should eat only 3 grams of camel stomach (a part with a small pea).


The best product of the sea, able to increase libido, are considered to be the oysters. Molluscs are known to stimulate the effect on the male organ, since that is contained in the composition of the dopamine is a substance that is able to raise the production of sex hormones. The most suitable for the men of the oyster, caught in the spring. Scientists have determined that at this time of year the concentration of zinc and amino acids of the shellfish is very high, since they are actively multiplying.

Quail eggs

In the protein of raw eggs, species of hunting of quail contains much more protein than hens ' eggs, so they are most useful for men of the body. The presence of interferon, to protect against the inflammation of the prostate, helps to increase sexual stamina and improve sexual desire. It is desirable to use raw quail eggs, as the omelette is already the product has been subjected to a heat treatment, so that it has lost much of its useful substances.

If you drink varied of the testes (in 3-4 months), the orgasm will be more crisp and bright, it will reduce the recovery period between sexual contacts. However, it should be remembered that it is allergenic product, so abusing them is not necessary. To avoid allergies, it is recommended to make drinks lemon juice (15 g), quail eggs (3 pieces), honey (15 g) of cognac (20 g) and mineral water (100 ml). This cocktail is useful to take to the power of 2 to 3 times per week for 3 months.

Products the power of quick action

Eating shellfish and marine fish is recommended for a fast solution of sexual problems. Of all the varieties of dietitians distinguished:

  1. Mackerel. Contains easily digestible protein. The mackerel are concentrated, iodine, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus. Regular inclusion of this fish in the diet ensures the improvement of the erectile function in men.
  2. Solla. It is famous not only for its exquisite taste, but fast, and the influence of the erection. The most useful is considered the sole, steamed. Salting and drying of fish lost half of its useful properties.
  3. The mussels. As oysters are rich in useful for the men the power of micronutrients. Thanks to its high content of protein and zinc, the consumption of shellfish facilitates an erection, to the improvement of the quality of the sperm.
products for sexual power in men of action quick egg

Recipes for the sexual potency of men

The most simple dish to the increase of the power – nuts with honey. This combination of products that will serve as excellent dessert for each day. The daily consumption of dried fruits with honey after the main reception of the food because after a month will help you to solve the problem of sexual violence. To prepare the dessert it is necessary only to mix the product in equal parts. Other useful items to the power that the plate of the eggs of the ram. It is the favorite food of the male population of the caucasus region. Cook the eggs simply must be fried with the onion in olive oil for 15 minutes, and a delicate ready.

To increase the production of testosterone works the tincture of ginseng. Cooking is not difficult. Cut the root, then add the vodka or alcohol (1:20). Then, place the mixture in a dark place and let sit for 2 weeks. After, shall, in the period of a month before you eat, drink 25 drops of infusion. The drink will not only help to increase the amount of sperm, but it also normalizes the psychological state, which is also important for the health of men.

Of what's worth the stop

Power increases not only the presence in the diet of the right foods, but the refusal of the bad. It is recommended not to include in the menu of products, impacting negatively on the health of men:

  • fatty types of meat;
  • canned fish;
  • butter, margarine;
  • liver pate;
  • fatty varieties of cheese;
  • sausages;
  • sausages;
  • cakes;
  • sugar-sweetened soft drinks;
  • fast-food;
  • caffeine;
  • the consumption of alcohol.