How to increase male power in the home quickly

The power for each one of the men – one of the main aspects of life, which is directed not only to the physical stability, but also psychological. But, unfortunately, problems with sexual function may begin at any time, and the reasons for what the most different. For example, even the stressful situations can affect the sexual potency of men. Therefore, the question arises of how you can recover or increase the power by itself? There are a multitude of methods that promise to in the shortest possible time, improve the erection and make the sexual act longer. But, to begin with, it is worthwhile understanding the causes by which it is produced the sexual dysfunction

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That affects the sexual power?

A significant reduction of the power can affect not only physiological cause, but also by external factors.

  1. Psychological causes. Nerve disorders affect sexual health. Regular stressful situations, the suffering, the fight will attack the psychological state, and that consequently is reflected in the quality of the sexual relationship. These include the fear of having sex, sexual failure, repulsive aspect of the companion, frequent stress, etc
  2. The sexual abstinence. When the man a long period of time had not had sexual intercourse or also irregularis, increases the likelihood that the temporary power reduction. To solve this problem is very easy through regular practice of sex
  3. The effect of the medicines.
  4. Cervesato. Due to the hydrodynamics of the life of men may experience stagnant processes of the blood
  5. Bad habits. Without a doubt, the addiction to nicotine, the regular consumption of alcoholic beverages and the use of drugs not only impair the health, but also affect significantly to the power of the
  6. By the age factor. According to the statistics, found that, after forty years of the masculine strength starting to fade little by little, therefore, can experience problems with sexual dysfunction. At the age of fifty the body of the male begins to produce testosterone, in much smaller measure, which affects the erectile dysfunction

Note! The specialists claim that the time alteration of the function of the timely diagnosis resolves the problem at the time of delivery quickly by yourself. On the contrary, disorders of the potency, which are of a permanent nature, require a comprehensive treatment.

The warning signs

the symptoms of the

On the treatment, you must reflect, when the problem of erection occurs not for the first time. Cheerleaders should be the following signs of reduction of the libido and the libido:

  1. The lack of interest in the process of sexual intercourse.
  2. The lack of erection spontaneous.
  3. The lack of erection.
  4. The erection not is reinforced throughout the sexual act.
  5. The inability to complete the sexual act.

If you are considering this, the symptoms from the point of view of the male anatomy, this is enough filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis. Consequently, the authority lost the hardness during erection. In parallel to erectile function may affect psychological factor.

After the identification of these symptoms, you should immediately consult a specialist to determine the exact cause of the dysfunction.

This is very important. If the exact cause of sexual impotence is not installed, self-medicating, is strictly prohibited. Because incorrect treatment can cause impotence.

Can increase the power in a day?

When the loss of the normal ability to perform the sexual act, the man stirred the only question of how you can quickly improve the sexual power. It is very possible, that it is not only the effect will not be long (3-5 hours). To do this, it is recommended to use special tools. May be, as a local, and for oral administration. The action of the gels and ointments, it occurs at the expense of the active substance, which is absorbed into the tissues of the penis, increasing not only the erection but also the sensitivity of the authority. As a result, there occurs the sexual desire, the duration of the sexual relationship increases. The same effect has a and in tablet form.

That is only to select the incentives of the funds it is worthwhile to pay attention to the composition. It is worth remembering that only natural ingredients are not able to do damage to the overall health. One of the most cost-effective are the preparations based on extract of ginseng. Apply the data of the tool should be ten-fifteen minutes before starting the intercourse, examining in detail the instructions and all kind of contraindications.

The power gain and the increase of penis with exercises


As a result, there is a group of exercises that is not only able to solve the problems of impotence, but it also has a sexual organ a bit more. This exercise, stretching the nature, reminiscent of the masturbation. As a result of regular exposure to a member of significantly improves the circulation of the blood, which leads to a greater power and a growth of the tissues by the supply of cells in the cavernous body by the blood.

The rapid power gain remedies

Today, the methods, which includes natural medicine and alternative, very effective and completely safe for the health, therefore, can be applied men at any age. The exception will be the intolerance of an individual substance.

Non-traditional therapy for the improvement of the power of that money to herbal rights (tea, decoctions, tinctures), and with regular use, you can observe the following effect:

  1. Stimulation of the normal circulation of the blood.
  2. The prevention of inflammatory processes (may also be the cause of the lack of an erection).
  3. Stimulate the protective functions of the immune system.
  4. Normalizes the hormonal status.
  5. Improve the psychological state.

Collectively, these indicators have a positive influence on the health of men in general, therefore, eliminating any possible erectile problems.

Attention! Special herbal complex are able to increase the production of testosterone – the hormone that depends directly upon the sexual force.

Help of herbs

  1. The stinging nettle. This herb is applied separately to the raw materials, as well as in the composition of the complex. To positively influence the state of the urinary system, it is necessary to steam a small amount of grass (100 grams) and to insist within an hour. By the fact of the preparation of the infusion taken three times a day a cup.
  2. Ginseng. The grass is defined as a strong sexual stimulant. For the strengthening of erectile function is used as the main component in the composition of many drugs. Self-service for the reception can be used in its purest form. To do so, take the fresh root, grind it and mix it with the honey. What is the tool you take over ten days. In the day should be three of reception of a spoon. After treatment, we observe a strengthening of the libido, the normalization of the functioning of the endocrine system (depends on the production of male hormones), improves erection.
  3. Thyme. It is very useful herb for men's health. But, for the stimulation of the more power-productive to take in the form of infusion. To do this, in the dry of the inflorescence (100 grams) is poured into a sufficient amount of water (one glass) and is deposited to your infusion in an hour. This drink is recommended to consume throughout the day, instead of tea.
  4. The hemp seed. It is used to improve the circulation of the blood and the normalization of the rate of change of process. To do this, take a small amount of seeds and is used in the amount of a teaspoon of fifteen minutes before the meal. This method ensures a considerable increase in the sexual energy to the three days of the receipt

The prevention of male power

Men who suffer from impotence problems, more often than not leave the diagnosis to the doctor, and begin to self-deal with the problem, using a variety of medications. Without doubt, the result will not wait, and already after a few minutes of the men of the force, is completely restored and is ready to satisfy your partner. The medicines sufficient and have virtually no contraindications, only after you stop eating, you can stay on the psychological dependence and the fear to win the defeat. Therefore, it is important not to block the pathology, in fact, to resort to measures of prevention. For the prevention of:

the prevention of the
  1. More demanding referring to the diet, as there are a number of products that are able to act as an aphrodisiac.
  2. Taking vitamins with a content of zinc is a element of a beneficial effect on the production of male hormones.
  3. Replace the tea and coffee in the decoctions of herbs (listed above).
  4. The regular practice of sports.
  5. The ride in the open air.
  6. Walking barefoot on the dew in the grass (new physical sensations greatly improve the circulation of blood in the genitals).
  7. Abstinence from bad habits.
  8. The normalization of sleep and rest.
  9. The regular sex with a constant partner.