These products increase potency in men at the moment

These products increase power instantly

In the fast pace of modern life, man is surrounded by a number of factors that can negatively affect the power output. Be at the height in the bed — it is extremely important for the establishment of solid relations with the opposite sex, the feeling of his dominance and importance. For the strengthening of the masculine force in the course are all possible forms, from medications to surgical interventions. But in the first place, it is necessary to make changes in the diet, as there are products to enhance sexual potency in men.

A balanced diet is a mandatory requirement for the health of all the systems of the human body. Eat healthy food, a man receives the macro-and micro-elements, vitamin complex, amino acids, other biologically active substances, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the reproductive organs, the maintenance of the vitality and of the high level of activity.

A proper diet, the waiver of the habits and complete a physical activity guardarn of the present each time more of the manifestations of erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire, and the loss of the capacity for reproduction. Let's talk about the products that increase the sexual potency of men.

How must be android diet?

A nutritious diet not complaining of problems with the health of the men must be rich and quite varied. In it, make sure to add dishes made with products that contain large amounts of zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and other macro-and micronutrients, proteins of animal and vegetable origin, natural fats, carbohydrates and other compounds that contribute to the slight improvement of the power.

For a fast recovery and strengthening the sexual ability necessarily the fulfillment of three conditions: to abstain from alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, exercising, and eating a balanced diet. To forget the problems of impotence in the diet should include fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, dairy products and some sweets.

The food of the men should be rich in vitamins, necessary for the normal functioning of the sexual system. Especially the b group vitamins, A, E, c, and D. in Winter, when it is difficult to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, which are worth to take vitamin drugs, although it has been shown that the form of the components rather poorly digested by the body.

vitamins for the increase of the power

In addition, the diet should include provide a quick effect of aphrodisiacs, which contains a large amount of zinc, which provides the normal production of testosterone, and high quality of sperm and increase the level of the "hormone of pleasure dopamine. Also in the libido and sexual potency have a positive effect on the foods rich in antioxidants and theobromine anhydrous.

The regular consumption of useful for the power products of the help:

  • Increase the synthesis of testosterone.
  • Strengthening of the walls of the vessels and the normalization of blood supply to the sexual organs.
  • Improves the brain activity and the intensification of business in the place of the centres responsible for the libido and the sexual potency.
  • The increased production of seminal fluid.
  • Increase the libido.
  • Increase the time during which man is able to maintain sexual activity.

So, let's take a look at what the experts recommend and if there are products that increase sexual power in men in an instant.

Herbal products

Its beneficial effects on the sexual capacity of men is based on the content of the large amount of vitamins, fiber, amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, other compounds that activate the sexual activity. In addition, not less important in this sense is played by proteins of vegetable origin, although its value and yield to the animal protein. In the daily diet should include:

  • Fruits and vegetables , such as carrots, beets, cabbage, onion, garlic, spinach, citrus, pomegranates, melons, avocados, strawberries. The vegetables can be boiled or stewed, as well as to prepare salads with fresh products from the compulsory addition of other spices such as cumin, cardamom, cayenne pepper, ginger.
  • Nuts — it has been shown that the regular consumption of nuts, especially mixed with honey, it greatly improves the sexual power. They are also useful and other types of nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, pine nuts.
  • The green — some of the varieties of green leaves not only relate to the body of huge quantities required to men the power of substances, but also enter the number of powerful aphrodisiacs, able to quickly increase libido, sexual ability and stamina.
herbal products to increase your power

Extraordinarily useful parsley to the power of positive action is conditioned by the stimulation of the adrenal function, which synthesizes testosterone. In the composition of the plant includes the connection apigenin, which inhibits the transmission in the blood of the men of estrogens significantly reduce the sexual power.

In addition, the consumption of parsley contributes to the normalization of the vascularization of the urinary organs, hinders the development of stagnant phenomena and urinary problems, characteristic of prostatitis. And if little before intimacy to eat about a hundred grams of this vegetable, the power and the stability of the erection will increase significantly.

It is effective to increase the power of celery, which contains the male sex hormone. In addition, the plant is included in the number of aphrodisiacs: if you reverse an hour before the bye, the strength and speed of sexual desire you'll be amazed by them.

When the erection is much more, sexual intimacy last longer, and the orgasm will be full of bright colors. Also celery helps to improve the quality of the sperm, increasing the mobility and vitality of the sperm, by reducing the number of cells to male sex with pathologically modified by the morphology.

Foods with high protein content

Product useful for male potency should contain a large amount of protein. To maintain the health of the reproductive system and the increase of sexual ability, the man must be a regularly eat:

  • The meat — it is recommended not to fatty meat, chicken, turkey, rabbit.
  • The fish — perhaps the most useful for masculine strength are the mackerel, and flounder, as they contain a large amount of receptor involvement in the synthesis of testosterone vitamin E, and trace elements able to increase the libido. The fish should be boiled or braised.
the products with increased amount of protein to power

For the reinforcement of positive action in the masculinity of the man of flesh and fish must piss off the onion, add the garlic and the cayenne pepper, which are also known as powerful aphrodisiacs.

  • Seafood , shrimp, squid and oysters are famous for their ability to enhance sexual desire and make a man an incomparable lover. The famous Casanova said, to not get tired in bed: oysters and only oysters. The secret is in the fact that it is precisely in seafood contains a lot of selenium and zinc, without which it is not possible to a full-time job of the prostate, the production of the sufficient amount of active sperm, and high libido.
  • Dairy products , among other milk-derived products since ancient times, is famous for the sour cream to the power. It is a powerful natural aphrodisiac, rich in vitamins A, E and group b, who are directly involved in the production of testosterone. In addition, the sour cream contains a high amount of zinc, which is also required for the synthesis of a sufficient amount of the male sex hormone. The regular use of this product provides the body with the men of the magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iodine, useful, proteins and organic acids.


First place in this list, of course, deals with the honey. The honey to the sexual potency of men is something extraordinarily important, especially in combination with nuts. This is explained by the high content of b-group vitamins, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron and other micronutrients. To maintain a high power every day to eat a few tablespoons of honey, add tea, milk, and other dishes. Especially effective in the increase of the capacity of sexual acts to the honey that is obtained from the pollen of the flowers of the plants that are considered aphrodisiacs, for example, jasmine, is marjoram.

It is necessary to mention also the positive effect on the power of cocoa and black chocolate.