How to increase male potency natural ways

how to increase male potency natural ways

At a certain age the representatives of the stronger sex often arise problems with erection. The question how to increase potency in men, is of concern to many. Infringement in the male body can become a real tragedy. Causes of erectile dysfunction can be stress, sedentary lifestyles, adoption of drugs, alcohol, smoking, poor diet, hormonal imbalance. However, you should not panic. There are many different methods of increasing the power. Help to deal with the problem that they can receive the modern means of the latest generation, as well as the time tested recipes of folk medicine.

Many men already in the mature years, want to improve your power. Modern life in a negative impact on the health of men. Permanent of enough sleep and fatigue can also be causes weakening of erection and sexual desire. The recovery of the power requires time and a certain action.

How to improve the sexual power in the home

First of all, in the fight against erectile dysfunction, you must follow some basic rules:

  • Regular sex life. Male reproductive organ requires a constant training. For any man, it is important to avoid long abstinence from sex. Ensures the health of the whole body, improves the quality of sperm and increases their number. Regular sex to prevent the further development of impotence. According to scientific studies, 2003, weekly orgasms significantly reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.
  • The prevention of the diseases that are transmitted by sexual intercourse. These infections develop suddenly and rapidly. Their presence in the male body will help you to reveal the corresponding analysis. However, not all representatives of the stronger sex regularly to the survey in the genital infections. Any ailment should be the reason to consult a doctor for the diagnosis. Since that defeat are not only exposed to the sexual organs, but also throughout the male body.
  • Adequate food must be one of the main methods in the fight against erectile dysfunction. A balanced diet contributes to an increase of the power and provides the sexual impulse. In eat products must contain a large amount of phosphorus, this element has a direct impact on the health of man and of the sexual power. You must eat food that are involved in the production of the male hormones. After phosphorus is the major essential trace element for men is zinc. He is involved in the synthesis of testosterone. Deficiency of zinc in the body leads to a deterioration of the quality of the ejaculation and cause a decrease of the power. Also eat foods must contain vitamin E. it also gives the man a high-power, and avoids the negative changes in the cells of the genital organs. A correct diet favors the rapid elimination of the problems of erection, restores the hormonal imbalance, helps to regain health in a short period of time. How to improve the weak power through diet? It is necessary to consume protein foods, honey with nuts, spices, vegetables and fruits.
  • The abstinence from alcohol. The less a man drinks alcoholic beverages, the best of his power. Many believe that a glass of wine will provide the incentive for sex. However, it is not so. For example, if you prostatitis any alcohol is absolutely contraindicated. In a situation where you do not know the exact cause of the attenuation of the power, the consumption of alcohol must exclude from your life.
  • Get rid of those extra pounds. The excess weight can also cause a decrease of the power. To slowly lose weight, begin every morning with a load. Engaging in sporting activities during the day, visit the gym.
  • A good night's sleep helps to recover the strength of the body. Chronic you get enough sleep, the exhaustion, the weakness very negative effect on erectile function in men. It is very important to sleep well and relax after work.
How to improve the sexual power in the home

How to increase male potency natural ways

Natural methods of increase of the power is directed not only to the excellent work of the sexual function, but in general, the reorganization and the strengthening of the male body. To deal with the problem of help especially designed a series of exercises. In the process trains pubic a muscle that has a direct relationship with the erection. Every day it is necessary to perform these simple exercises:

  1. the rotation of the pelvis. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, put hands on the waist. Rotate the pelvis need 10 minutes in one direction and then in the other.
  2. the step in place, up, lifting the knees and tightening your belly;
  3. bend the knees slightly, put your hands in the waist. Then, the knees are bent more strongly, after which it must be to stretch and relax the muscles of the buttocks several times;
  4. the elevation of the pelvis in a supine position;
  5. the rotation of the feet, the supine position; the exercise of the "bike";
  6. several times to stretch and relax the pubic-coccygeal muscle.

Besides exercise, it is important to eat certain foods. It increases the sexual power, provide an erection persistent of the penis. Men should on a regular basis:

  • honey;
  • the garlic raw;
  • braised in milk and carrots;
  • nuts;
  • beans;
  • chocolate.

Water as a tool for the increase of the power

Water as a tool for the increase of the power

Well help to restore the power of the daily contrast bath in the evening. They are very favorably affect the circulation of blood in the pelvis and strengthen the entire body. To perform the procedure, a bath filled with cold water and the other hot. Each tank requires immersion of the tail for a minute.

Gradually increase the temperature difference. It is important to know that in the beginning a strong thermal gradient can only do harm. You can also apply contrast showers, as an alternative to baths. In the recovery of a power that exerts a positive influence and to the sauna. In the steam bath, it is better to go two times a week and it is necessary to use a birch broom.

It is quite effective method with the application of ice. In a chiffon has to wrap the ice. The material previously folded several times. This cold pack needs to put in one or two minutes, in different parts of the body. Begin with the head; approach of ice to the skull, and then, in the region of the heart, of the after -; in the scrotum.

How to increase the power of the remedies

The folk medicine is rich in various effective recipes that help to restore erectile function. The most well-known methods:

  • Every day to eat this delicacy -; honey with chopped walnuts. The components are mixed in equal parts. The tool it is necessary to apply not less than 1 month. To get the best effect you can take of the delicacy of milk.
  • Well it helps to solve the problem of carrot cocktail with the addition of the honey. The products of beekeeping and this vegetable as carrot, it has long been considered an excellent means for recovery of men's health. Drink a cocktail requires an ode to the fourth cup three times a day.
  • To prepare the tincture of garlic and take every day 20 drops.
  • Significantly improves the power of the cabbage juice. It should be consumed every day in a small amount.
  • The decoction of the medicinal herbs, will help increase the erection. Take the flowers of basil, the leaves of walnut wood, the rhizome of radish. Then, you must boil 1 l of red wine and pour over them the grass. Finished cooking put it in a warm fabric and insist. The tool then filter and take before meals in 100 ml
  • Very effective in the treatment of impotence medicinal lungwort. The plant should be regularly add them to salads and other dishes. Also of the pulmonary take the infusion, the dry grass pour boiling water and take the tool.
  • Asparagus, infusions and decoctions of maple branches, nuts, pumpkin seeds will have to employ men with impotence problems. These tools help you to get rid of this problem.
How to increase the power of the remedies

A healthy lifestyle

The basic rule in the fight against impotence; it is a question of maintaining the healthy lifestyle. It is important to take various preventive measures, that, in old age does not reflect on the problems of intimate nature. Older men often reflect, as in the 60 years, to increase sexual potency.

For the solution you can use several different methods, starting from the financial year and up to the application of special means. Approach to help to solve the erectile dysfunction and to quickly restore the health of the men.

It is necessary to apply special massages, play sports, take long walks in the open air. You can use the best recipes of traditional medicine and the modern innovations developed by specialists to increase the power.